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Outdoor Massage Oct 9, 2020 (7 responses below)
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  • Outdoor Massage

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    Does anyone know of a place offering outdoor massages? (it is much much needed... hahaha) Thanks so much! 

    RE: Outdoor Massage ()

    woodhouse day spa in walnut creek!

    RE: Outdoor Massage ()

    Cavallo Point is offering them -- they are doing a great job with it, but it's quite a splurge!

    If you have your own outdoor space, there is also an app called Soothe that is now offering at-home outdoor massages. I've also used an app called Zeel that is probably doing something similar.

    RE: Outdoor Massage ()

    You’ll have to drive to Freestone (going to Bodega Bay) where Osmosis offers a variety of services inclusive of outdoor massage. It’s an extraordinary place if you’ve never been and I highly recommend it. Periodically they offer great packages that include an outdoor hammock garden with sound therapy. It’s one of the Bay Area’s best kept secrets. Enjoy!

  • Lafayette Park or Claremont for a spa day?

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    I would love to gift my mom a weekend away to thank her for helping with my son in the past year, but it looks like the scheduling may be too hard. Instead, I'm thinking of a spa day closer to home and it look like our East Bay options are either Lafayette Park or the Fairmont Spa at the Claremont. If you've been to both can you recommend which you'd choose as a alternative to truly getting away? She works in San Francisco, so going into the city would negate the relaxation factor for her!  She'd probably want a massage and facial, a meal, and some lounging time in a hot tub. Thank you!

    What a wonderful way to treat your mom!  I've been to both, and it probably depends on what you're looking for.  

    Lafayette Park:  Had a great facial, pool is nice and relaxing (also a hot tub and sauna), service was good.  Weekends appear to get very crowded at the pool and there were no lounge chairs available after 11a.  

    Fairmont Spa at the Claremont:  Had a great facial and massage.  Larger and even more amenities.  Expensive!

    For myself, I'd prefer to re-visit Lafayette Park - although I probably would not do so again on the weekend (at least during summer) to avoid the over-crowding at the pool.  I thought the Fairmont was a bit too expensive once you factor in parking, poolside snack/drink/meal, and gratuity.  I actually found Lafayette Park to be a very nice value.  But if cost were not a factor at all, I'd probably choose to spend the day at the Fairmont since it's closer and has more amenities.

    What a great idea! I would go for the Claremont over Lafayette Park having been to both in the past few years. I thought the services at Lafayette Park were great (massage and facial) but the facility is really limited - the common area inside the spa is a small windowless room, the pool is shared with the hotel guests and is just okay. Claremont Spa has great services too and a much nicer facility. I'd definitely return there before the Lafayette one.

    The Fairmont is my go-to for a luxurious mini-vacation. The atmosphere and amenities really help you feel refreshed and rejuvenated, as if you just returned from a long weekend in the country. Just a note that the Fairmont includes parking validation and spa gratuities, so even though it's more expensive it's the total package.

  • Hi All,

    I have been going to the communal baths at Kabuki Springs for ages upon ages and I love it, but the drive from the East Bay into the city and back again has been really negating some of the relaxing benefits of the experience.  I tried to find something similar in the East Bay on Yelp, but had no luck.  Any recommendations that aren't super fancy/expensive? I'm looking for a chill environment that's clothing optional and women only.  Some places that haven't worked for me are The Claremont (too fancy/expensive) and Piedmont Springs (don't want chlorine).

    Thank you!

    I love the Korean spa in San Leandro...but it is a different kind of experience... worth to try it!

    PSY Health town

    Nothing like a scrub massage to feel like a million bucks... but a little weird..You can always relax around without any treatments, if you are around the area with water, you need to be without clothes..

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40th Birthday Splurge

March 2008

I'm turning 40 in May and want to treat myself to a ''day at the spa''. I'm thinking some sort of wrap, massage, manicure thing - and I'm not going to worry about the cost - I really want something special. Has anyone had a day like this they'd recommend? I'm happy to travel into SF if that's where this kind of thing is found. Thanks in advance! Ready to be pampered

You don't need to go far, and even with an extra $20 in top of the package of massages, wraps, haircut, pedicure, manicure you can enjoy all the facilities they have (swimming pool, gym, pilates classes etc) and you will agree this is a beautiful place to splurge ''The Claremont Resort and Spa'' Happy 40Th. anon

I really like Re:Fresh spa in San Francisco. It's on a dicey part of Post Street but inside it's beautiful. You can schedule several treatments and then relax in the sauna or steam bath or just sit sipping tea and reading magazines between treatments. I've had wraps and body scrubs there -- both good -- and I think the best pedicure I've ever had. Wish I could go there more than once or twice a year! Ann

If cost is not an issue - then I highly recomend going to Claremont Resort and Spa in Berkeley. It was a beautiful experience. My best friend and I decided to bring in the new year by splurging on ourselves. I did the Lavendar Therapy Massage (1hr) and then the facial massage (45min) but even before that we were in the hot tub and the sauna, sipping on cucumber water and lemon water, there was also juices, tea, coffee and fresh fruit in the sitting area where you can relax and read or mingle with others. The staff was friendly and nice, afterwards @ the Claremont we had lunch in Jordans, the view was great. Have fun and enjoy - were planning another day @ the spa again. . . Yolanda

The Kabuki Hot Springs in SF has a really nice treatment that involves flowers, candles, being slathered with yogurt and stuff, with a massage and a bath. I did this for my daughter when she turned 13, she really liked it. It's nice to bring a friend who can do a regular massage (if expense is an issue) and then hangout in the communal bath together afterwards. Or just both get a massage and then go into the communal baths together. Sunday is women-only. In Japantown, there are many nice places to eat also. Happy Birthday! anon

Spa treatment close to home for husbands birthday

Jan. 2004

My husbands birthday is coming up and I would like to take him for a spa treatment without having to go to Napa or Sonoma County. I want him to also receive a pedicure and manicure at a responsible price. We leave in San Leandro. rocquel

Recommendations received:

  • The Claremont Spa Berkeley

    More advice:


    How about the Claremont in Oakland? There's also a spa in downtown Mill Valley next to Jenny Low's chinese restaurant. Or the good 'ole standby - Nordstrom's in San Francisco. Patty
    Take a look at Piedmont Springs, on Piedmont Ave. My husband and I have gone there several times. They have a full range of spa services, including massage, skin treatments, hot tubs and saunas. And they also do a non-polish manicure and pedicure, which I have never had but sounds perfect for a man. It is not a ''girly'' place, so your husband should feel comfortable there. They have a web site; I can't think of the URL offhand, but if you search on ''piedmont springs spa oakland'' you should find it. Catherine
    My girlfriends and I spent a night and had treatments at the Purple Orchid Inn in Livermore. It was pricey but enjoyable and seemed like a great romantic overnight get-away. I think the website is Good luck Tiffany
    In San Leandro you have the Healing Hut and Effleurage, both in the downtown area. You could go up to Piedmont Springs for hot tubs as well. Depends on what you want besides massage. Sophie

    Day Spas

    March 2003

    Looking for recommendations for a day spa, within 1.5 hrs. drive of Berkeley. Would love a package (facial, massage, manicure) for under $200. Am I dreaming? Anyone familiar with Azul spa right here in Berkeley? Thanks!

    Recommendations received:

    Try Kelly Ann's Spa in Pleasant Hill on Gregory Lane. It is quite an experience and the prices are within your budget Angela

    Azul is a wonderful day spa for women off of Salano Ave. in Albany. It feels like magic in there. You can relax the day away in a white bathrobe, sitting on cushy white chairs, reading, while drinking good tea, after getting out of their steamy sauna, between baths/facials/massages. It's worth a whole day--perhaps plan something like a massage in the morning and a facial in the afternoon and just relax there in between. Heaven! anonymous
    Indian Springs in Calistoga (Click here for the review.)
    Last Mother's Day, I was given a gift certificate for a haircut, facial and massage at Sole Salon on College at Ashby. I believe there was a $120 special for this. It was all lovely -the haircut was of very high caliber , the massage was a full hour and soooo blissful, the facial even helped me indentify some skin problems. They use Aveda products and the people are really nice. You can guess what I'm hinting for this year... Katia