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  • Best facial / esthetician for extractions?

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    Best estheticians who do a really great job with extractions during facials? I’m in my mid-30s and haven’t ever gotten regular facials, but I’m looking to up my skincare game with regular facials. I would love to go to someone who does a thorough job with extractions and both gets all the gunk out and can work towards minimizing pore appearance. I live in the Claremont area of Berkeley and would prefer someone close by but would drive up to half an hour for someone great. Any recommendations welcome!

    Definitely Studio Abasi. I know many people they’ve helped with adult acne with tremendous results.

    Hey, I’m also very interested in this! Would love to find a great aesthetician in the area. Going to follow for updates. Thks 

    I really enjoyed my facial at Alexandra's Muse! Very thorough and a real treat.

    Hello!  I recently started seeing Natalie at Sundhari Spa (on Solano) for facials and I think she's very skilled and gentle.  It's a lovely little place, and Natalie's facials are soothing and relaxing but they also get the gunk out, as you wrote.  :)

    Claremont Skin Care in Rockridge!  Fonnie is so great.  

    I highly recommend Monika at Allora Skincare -  She is in the Diamond District area of Oakland.  She is amazing and super knowledgeable!

    Lynne at Face Magic in El Cerrito is fabulous!

    Sabrina at fig and clover is really good at extractions when she’s doing a facial. Recommend. 

    Natasha at Enliven Skincare in Oakland has completely transformed my skin for the better since I started seeing her regularly. I had a lot of issues postpartum with breakouts, dryness and dullness and now I get compliments on how good my skin looks. Her space is so calming and she will recommend the products you need for upkeep between appointments. I highly recommend!

    Just tried Feliz Dubois in Montclair. Like you, am not a person with a facial regime, and I'm a decade older. I was hesitant as I am sensitive to chemicals and worried my skin would look beat up after. It was a very positive experience.  It's been a couple of weeks and am looking forward to the next session!

    She's a bit further away from you - but Monastery Made in SF is amazing.

    I've always seen Athena for about 3 yrs now, but have sent many friends to her studio and they've booked with the other estheticians and had a great experience too. I had a similar mid-30s skincare overhaul (issues of aging skin and a NY > SF move that wrecked my skin) and Athena really helped me level everything up. 

    I highly recommend Supple Skincare on Solano. The space is clean, beautifully lit, tastefully decorated and they use the best products. They also do very, very thorough extractions. 

  • Esthetician using Dermalogica

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    Looking for a really wonderful esthetician in the East Bay who uses and/or sells the Dermalogica line of products. TIA!

    Skin Solutions 

    (925) 299-1035 

    3441 Mt Diablo Blvd Lafayette, CA 94549


  • Esthetician

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    Hi! I was wondering if anyone has a great recommendation for an esthetician? Thank you!

    I used to see a woman named Soizic and she was incredible.  Her number is 510-823-5933.  She is just lovely, so nurturing and really the most relaxing facial Ive ever had and my skin was like silk after.   Her products were amazing as well.  I think she moved locations closer to Lake Merritt now and got an email that she is taking appointments now and using all the current safety measures.  

    Hi! Check out Kat Dimmanno at Sol & Skin Artistry in Oakland or Vita McConnell at Allure Skin Studio in Alameda. They are both expert estheticians and lovely people.

    I love Alex at Alexandra's Muse (formally The Fix)!! She does wonderful work and is also so very kind.

    Two great recommendations! Kristy at Aloeswood in Oakland and Yolanda at Vera in SF. 

    If you're willing to travel to San Francisco, the team at Athena Ellen Esthetics is wonderful.  I've been seeing Athena and her team for the last 7 years.

    I highly recommend Shelly Gomez at Seven Seven Salon in Rockridge, near the Rockridge Library. 510-601-7776. Shelly is excellent, really knows her stuff. I've been going to her for years. Tell Rebecca Landes recommended her. 

  • Aesthetician recommendation

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    I'm almost 40 and I have never had a facial in my life. I know it's hard to believe but it's true. I don't even know what to ask for since I've never had it done. Can anyone recommend great aestheticians in Berkeley/Oakland area who can improve the way my aging skin feels and looks? Someone who is really knowledgable about treating all kinds of skin types. I searched the BPN archives but all the posts are rather old. 


    Lauren at the Fix Berkeley in South Berkeley! I've been seeing her for two years and she's amazing at tailoring the facial to specifically suit your skin's needs. Something about her facial massage techniques is extremely soothing. I always fall asleep at some point during the facial. 

    Hi There,

    I highly recommend Susan at NoFu Skin Studio: Her is her own private Skin Studio and she is fantastic. All of the products she uses is completely natural and soothing for the skin. She has been in the game for awhile, incredibly kind and most importantly, she knows/works with all types of skin and ethnicities . 

    Best wishes!

    I go to Shelley Gomez at Seven Salon in Rockridge,, she is the best. 

    I go to Kristina Holey. She’s in Berkeley a couple days a week but booked pretty far out in advance. She’s amazing and all about holistic care (including what you’re eating and what your lifestyle is) and is able to create individualized skin care protocols as well. She’s a bit pricey and the skincare products she recommends are pricey too (and local!) but well worth it in my view. 

    I found Maisha at Skin by Maisha to be great! I am over 40 and had maybe had only one or two facials before max. My entire life I thought I had oily skin. Maisha explained that my skin appeared oily because it was actually...too dry. She recommended some skincare products that I really love and have been using them for a couple years. I am not a regular facial client because, with her advice, I don't have to be, but I highly recommend her. She understands the nuances of skin. She is located in Oakland on MacArthur Blvd.

    Good luck!

    Skin by Maisha

    +1 (510) 290-6237

    Maisha is awesome. She is very knowledgeable, patient and kind. I highly recommend her.

    Hi there!  I highly recommend Tarren at Goldenseal skincare on Piedmont Ave.  She is the owner and is super knowledgeable and has all organic and plant-based products.  She is also as sweet as can be.  Her website is:  You can also see her Yelp reviews here:

    Hope you enjoy your first facial!  You won't regret it.



    I used Amy Romano before- she is reasonably priced and very good- she doesn’t push products.  I live across the bay now so it’s just too far to travel.  I don’t get facials anymore because I’m afraid I wouldn’t find anyone as good as Amy.., 

    +1 (510) 332-1889

    Hi - I love Isabelle Gerard in Montclair village. She is incredibly knowledgeable and her facials are amazing. She can also recommend what kind of product to use on a daily basis. She doesn't try to push the most expensive and glamourous name brand on you so that it is nice too. Downside is that she is super booked and only does facials weekdays.

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Amina Maich on Solano Ave in Albany. I've been seeing her for a few years now, and she has greatly improved the look and feel of my aging and changing skin. Part of her facial includes a HydraFacial, which is great! (Salons in SF charge much more for this service.) You can call/text her at: (510) 708-9985‬

    Hi, I have been going to see Lisa Tabbush at oil and water skin care. She has a cute studio in both Point Richmond and a salon in SF. She also does amazing work with brows. Her facials are so relaxing and rejuvenating - you'll glow! 

    Her number is:

    1 415 531 3054 

    Face Magic in El Cerrito,, right next to the Fat Apple's.   Ask for Lyn

    Svetlana Pascual at Simply Gorgeous Day Spa in Montclair, above Peet's. Every treatment is custom for what your skin needs.  Svetlana has done amazing things for my (now over 50) skin, and she really loves seeing results in her clients. She will recommend routines and products, but I have never found her to be pushy about selling products, she's truly more interested in the way your skin looks and feels after treatment. 

  • Newly 50, I'm in want of a Berkeley/El Cerrito/Albany based aesthetician for semi-regular facials.  I rarely wear make-up, am active outdoors, dislike big sales push on facial product and am looking for someone who not only understands middle-aged skin but appreciates it.  Any recommendations?  

    Hello! I highly recommend Eriko's Touch

    Eriko is talented and very skilled!  Her facials are really wonderful!  On top of being awesome at her work, she's lovely to get to know and doesn't push products on you.  Though if you'd like recommendations, she'll point you to really great products. 

    I LOVE Amina Maich! My mom, sister and I all see her, as well as some friends, and she gives a fabulous facial. She uses the hydrotherapy facial for part of it, but doesn't charge the crazy prices that many places in SF do. She's very knowledgable and makes product recommendations, but doesn't push them. She's on Solano Ave in Albany. Her cell is: (510) 708-9985.

    Hi there,

    I recently had a facial at Simply Green Day Spa in Oakland (near Lake Merritt) and it was great. I have super sensitive skin and have a hard time with a variety of products, even organic or hypo-allergenic or whatever. The spa uses Eminence Organics, which is what I use. The esthetician is middle aged herself and knows what it's like to go through this process. I recommend you give them a call and try it out:

    Soisic from Beauty Nature in Emeryville

    (510) 823-5933

    She is wonderful, you will be so pampered...go for it!

  • Teen facials

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    My 13 and 14 year olds want to get facials. One has blackheads. Looking for something not too expensive, but clean, safe, and properly licensed and experienced. Something in Oakland would be ideal. The archived recommendations are quite old, so something more recent would be great.

    I have taken both of my teens, a boy and a girls to Marika at SkinSense in Lafayette. Even though we are in Berkeley when we hop through Tilden it doesn't take too long to get there and she has parking so it is easy. She has a shorter, less expensive option for teens, which my son has done. My daughter had a regular facial. She has a nice way about her and I think the teen facial is fairly reasonable.

    I've gotten my teenage boys facials at Sole Salon in Emeryville (Bay Street).  They have periodic deals on Groupon or online deals when you buy 3-4 facials at a time.

    My 14-year-old daughter gets monthly (usually) teen facials from Svetlana at Simply Gorgeous Day Spa in Montclair.  I think teen facials are $60.  I go to Svetlana, too, for facials and waxing, she's great.  

    Evie is great! On College in Oakland.

    I love my aesthetician, Amanda, at future salon on college in Oakland. She is lovely and uses Arcona preferring natural products. 

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Dermatologist for Teen's Blackheads?

October 2005

My teenager has some large unsightly blackheads that need to be extracted. Where does one go for such a thing? He could also use some outside guidance regarding skin care (meaning not from me). I guess I should be happy he isn't picking at his face, but yeesh!
anon for his sake

My esthetitian is so good at extractions, she's not just good, she also loves it. Try her, She will take care of it. You'll save a lot of money than seen a dematologist. Here is her phone #510. 205.1028 Jade

I would try Roberta at Berkeley Facial Studio, 525-8933. Her place is very austere so he will not feel like he is going somewhere girly. Roberta is a grandmother of boys close to your son's age and I think she would be excellent at talking to him and making him feel comfortable. She is also affordable. And did I mention she is a PRO at blackheads? She is an expert at teen skin. After seeing Roberta I have been ruined for all other facialists. I would definitely send my boy to Roberta. Elizabeth e_ruebman [at] anonymous

Hi - I would take him for a facial with Francesca at Alchemy Skin Spa in North Berkeley in Walnut Square (981-9881). She is incredibly gentle, friendly and informative. She can do the extractions and then recommend a good skin care regime. I wish I had her around when I was a teenager! Good luck... anon

Facials without pain

August 2005

I need some help to find a good facialist in the Berkeley/Oakland area, one who does not induce large amounts of pain while doing a facial. I recently tried a new place, one recommended in the Berkeley Parents Network, based on a good review. It sounded like it was clean and reasonably priced, so I thought I\x92d check it out, but the facialist talked on the phone during my appointment, the glycolic peel burned my face, and the extractions hurt. I have had wonderful, soothing, healing facials in the past, on vacations in other towns like Carmel. Can someone point me in the direction of someone local who is not such a sadistic facialist? At this point, money is no object. I just need some pampering! Emeryville Mom

I highly recommend Soizic Ausmus with the Emeryville Health & Wellness Center in Emeryville. She is amazing. Her studio is small, relaxing and incredibly comfortable and quiet. I've been a number of times and I always leave feeling like I just got a full body massage. The phone # is (510) 823-5933 and it's located at 1240 Powell Street in Emeryville. Enjoy! JenB

Erika Bunnin at Elixir over by the Montery Market.She only gives extractions if needed and if asked for, and and I fall asleep every time.She only uses Aveda products which are just as effective as the more harsh chemical products with out the stinging and burning.

Try Face Magic on Pomona in Albany. Lynne, the owner, is wonderful as, I suspect, is everyone who works there. Her schedule is booked many weeks in advance, but she is worth the wait. 526-3223

A wonderful place to have a facial is at Escape Day Spa in Berkeley. It is in the alley at the top of Solano. I used to not enjoy facials because I wanted to have a relaxing and pampering experience, however, with Mena I walk out totally relaxed and glowing. Her number is 526-6720 and I find her prices reasonable. Leslie

Hi, You should try my esthetician. Her name is Soizic at Beaute Nature located in the Emeryville Health and Wellness Center at 1240 Powell Street #2A. Her telephone number is 510-823-5933. Her website is She is very gentle, she has healing hands and her facials are soothing and relaxing. She uses all natural ingredient products that are very comforting to the skin. The atmosphere is calm and quiet far away from any distractions (with no telephones!) I met Soizic through a friend who recommended her to me for the same reasons you described and I couldn't be happier. She is French and knows the classic methods for pampering. I recommend her to all my friends and to anyone who is looking for a great experience with a world-class esthetician. Cris

Hi. Jane Aasen at SkinTonix in Montclair gives the most soothing, best, pain free, facials I have ever had. Her number is 339-2287. Barbara

For many years I have felt so nurtured by Francesca Cavanaugh. I have followed her to many salons. Her new location is in Walnut Square and is called Alchemy Skin Spa francesca [at] 510-981-9881 Once again, today, I spent a short time there and her slow movements and gently touch are always rejuvenative. Sherry

Foto facials for treatment of Rosacea

June 2005

Has anyone ever used foto facial treatment for the redness of rosacea or broken blood vessels? I am considering this type of treatment, but don't know much about it. Should I consult with a Dermatologist first? How much does it cost? I have seen everything from $180 ranging to upwards of $400 for one session. Is it dangerous? What is the downtime if any? Also any recommendations of Doctors/spas to go if people think this is a good remedy? Julie

Hello - Before you try this method, you should definitely talk with Marie Veronique. She is an esthetician and has developed her own line of natural skin care. I am recommeding her to you because I have recommeded her products to several rosacea cases that have come through my office (I am an acupuncturist) and everytime her products worked.

I know she can be reached through her website http://www.m- She also lives in Berkeley so you can call her as well.

Let her know I sent you! If you have further questions, I am more than happy to answer them for you. Maureen

Hi Julie, I have rosacea myself so I know what a frustrating condition it can be.

The reason why you are seeing such a broad range of prices for a photo-facial is because there are currently several procedures out there that call themselves photo-facials: one uses LED (light emitting diode) light, another is IPL or Intensed Pulsed Light using a xenon pulsed lamp and yet another uses laser light. Most of these machines use the same wavelength of light (usually 808 nm) and sometimes infrared and ultraviolet light. The only difference amongst them is the power of and depth of light penetration into the skin.

The idea is the same for all of these machines in that the light penetrates deep into the dermis and helps rebuild damaged tissues, erase vascular damage caused and help rebuild the tissue of the skin.

The LED treatment is the most gentle and lowest in price, my esthetician Ourane Redgate does this on me and I have noticed a difference. It takes several treatments though. The IPL and laser are the most effective in a single treatment but the treatments cost more and sometimes leave you with sunburn like sensation for a few days. I think if you are trying to erase vascular damage I would go for laser or IPL. If you are looking for a more therapeutic on-going approach to your rosacea I would do the LED.

Only dermatologists can perform laser treatments, I think estheticians may be able to do IPL but I'm not sure. Good luck Tyler

I also have rosacea, and I want to strongly suggest that before you try any laser treatments, you consider Chinese medicine. 4 months ago I started seeing the pre-eminent traditional Chinese medicine skin specialist in the country. She is in San Francisco, and her name is Dr. Jialing Yu. I was in a very advanced stage of the condition, and within two days of her treatment, I was 85% better. Now, after 4 months, my skin is smooth and clear, and the small broken capillaries are slowly clearing up as well. Her treatment includes herbs, an ointment, and a facial compress, as well as some dietary restrictions (which have also helped my overall health, and I've lost 15 pounds that really had to go). She recommended against laser treatments, noting that they can cause scarring. People come from all over the country to see her -- her treatments are that effective. If you'd like to know more, please feel free to email me. Lauren

Facials in Lamorinda

Jan 2005

I am looking for a facialist in the Lamorinda area. Someone with knowledge on products as well. I have been to Changes Salon once (probably two years ago) to have a facial and it was terrible. I've looked on the website and didn't see any in the area. Thanks Carole

Iga Paczocha 925 376-5664 -- Iga is amazing and has done wonderful things with my skin. Her salon is in a funny little office building in Moraga, but don't let that fool you. She is very serious about skin care and I have seen true results after seeing her and using her recommended products. anon

I am not particularily an expert on facials, but I just finished up 3 mini-facials that was a promotional deal with Marika Stokes of Skinsense in Lafayette. I thought her facials were wonderful. Her office is small and in a hard to find location, so I think she offers a very reasonable price - $70 for a facial (that I assume is 1 hour). She also offers a full range of waxing services. Her touch is very gentle, and the environment relaxing. Her number is 925-283-SKIN. Sherry

I would recommend Le Jardin Day Spa in Pleasent Hill for facials, hair cuts and coloring. I was very happy with the facialist there but I didn't ask about products. Their # is (925) 935-4247. Kristin

Nadine Farsi

Nov 2004

In the archives, there are a couple of rave reviews for Nadine Farsi @ Elixir as a facialist. But she no longer works at Elixir. Does anyone know her contact info? Thanks! jessica

Nadine is an amazing facialist and will work with you to improve your skin. I have been seeing her for a few years. You can reach her at 465-5134. Kim

June 2004

I get facials by Nadine Farsi who used to work out of Elixir on Monterey and Hopkins. I heard she no longer works at the salon. Does anybody know how to contact her? laura

nadine farsi is doing facials at her location, a clinical office at 2006 dwight way in berkeley. her telephone numbers are 510.465.5134 and 510.318.1811. she's the BEST! emily

Really good facialist

August 2004

Just moved to the East Bay, and I'm looking for a really good and reasonable facialist. I'm not talking about a fancy ''fru- fru'' type, but a clinical facial with the extractions and all! My skin usually looks best when I go every other month, so I'd like to spend $60-70 at the most. thanks! Ann

The very best facialist, hands down, is Nadine Farsi. She's relocated to offices on/around Dwight and can be reached at (510) 465-5134. Her facials are in the $80-$90 range. She is very busy but worth the wait. Her facials are thorough and exquisite. Her products are top-notch and affordable. And after years of seeing various dermatologists for skin weirdnesses, she is the one who ''cured'' me once and for all. jill

I highly highly recommend Face Magic (510) 526-3223 on Pamona off of Solano Ave. My whole family been well taken care of by Lynne (the owner) and her talented staff over the years. These days I see Amina who I adore and am thrilled to recommend. Helene

I really like Chez Asthete in Berkeley, corner of College and Alcatraz. Great little place, offers clinical and skin care services. One woman operation, reasonably priced. (510)654- 6400 margaret

I highly recommend Marywynn at Festoon Salon in Berkeley (tel. 524-2953). They have just changed the pricing structure though so am not sure if it will suit re cost. The basic facial - called monthly maintenance - is now $70. Marywynn does an excellent job, listens well, and works to come up with a regimen that suits your skin. Of course, it helps to buy the good skin products, so that's another cost, but you can ask her for cheaper options. SM

Hi Ann, I have a wonderful Aesthetician I recommend highly, her name is Amy Romano at Natural Expressions, in the Montclair village district of Oakland, a cute village just off highway 13, in the Oakland hills. Best regards, Sorrel

I can recommend an aesthetician: Giorgia Neidorf. She has her office in her home and is warm and professional. She charges $75 for an 1 1/2 hour facial with extractions. Her email is giojoe1 AT Phone is 510-558-9719 Stephani

I would definatly reccomend Francesca Cavanaugh at Elixir in Berkeley. She has the most relaxing gentle touch. She doesnt work often but is absolutly worth the wait.

Shelley Rosenfeld at Conscious Skin and Body Care offeres a great facial. She's a licensed esthetican and certified message therapist. In her treatments, she provides a nurturing, peaceful experience where her clients can enjoy the ultimate in relaxation. Her therapequtic treatments focus on restoring you to your optimum skin health. A detailed skin consultation precedes each treatment.

So depending on your time--she provides a 30 minute express skin care treatment or a 60 minute aromatherapy skin care or a 75 minute Facial for the Soul (with La Stone Therapy) or go for the 2 hour Ultimate Combo!
Shelley's phone is 551-8834 2515 Santa Clara Ave #103 Alameda, Ca 94501

I want to recommend Roberta at the Berkeley Facial Studio located at 746 Gilman at 4th Street, Berkeley, Telephone No. 525-8933. Roberta is very good and thorough in her work. As well as a great facial (with extractions), she includes a mini hand and neck massage. Her prices are great: $47.00 for a facial, $10.00 for an eyebrow wax. If you pay up front for a series of five for any of her services, you get the 5th one free. She also offers hair removal of every place but your head and tints brows and lashes - all at very reasonable prices. Try her out. I've been going to her for several years and find her personality and flexibility in scheduling appointments a breath of fresh air. Trisha

I think Erica Bunnin at Elixir is a wonderful facialist.I just had a facial with her the other day and fell asleep!She is very gentle and gives a foot massage,hand massage, scalp massage AND a neck and shoulder rub!This was way more like a spa treatment then just a facial. thumbes up to Erica!

Estheticians & Epicuren products

July 2004

Hi - I realize there are lots of current and past recommendations regarding great estheticians, but I haven't seen any recommendations for facials using Epicuren products. Does anyone have any recommendations for someone who uses that line? Thanks in advance! rachel

I have been using the Epicuren products for more than 2 years now, and I have been going to Beate Comment for the Epicuren facials. Her SPA is located in downtown SF at 450 Sutter St., Suite 2342. Her phone is 415-393-1490. Beate is very knowlegable to the Epicuren products, and she is a wonderful person.

Great facial in Berkeley/Oakland?

June 2004

I've looked through the archives but was wondering if someone could give me a more current recommendation for where I could get a great facial in Berkeley/Albany/Oakland. Dr. Hauschka products would be a huge plus. Also, I'd like to try and keep it under $100. Thanks! needs rejuvenation

Shelley Rosenfeld of Conscious Skin and Body Care gives a wonderful facial and is a calming presence. She's got a lot of skin care ideas too. Her phone is 551-8834 Rebecca

I would highly recommend a facial with Soizic Ausmus- by far the best I have ever had. She's French-trained and her European-style treatments are designed for your skin type and any special needs you would like to address. She use Yon-ka skincare products which are incredible! She has a website: Her office/salon is located in the Emeryville Health and Wellness Center at 1240 Powell. A facial will run you around $80+ but she gives a discount for first time customers. sandra

Light photo facial for sun spots?

Oct 2003

My 20th year reunion is coming up next June and I want to look less weathered than I already am(I'm 38 yrs old). I'm interested in fading the sun spots and large freckles on my face. Has anyone had experience with a facial that uses light and if so, could you recommend a doctor? Thank you! tired of sun spots

This is not exactly what you asked for, but in case you are open to other options I would highly recommend topical bleaching cream for sunspots! I had HUGE brown spots on both cheeks, thanks to many years of lifeguarding and sunworshipping, and they were literally gone in 2 weeks! I used a combination of retin-A cream about every other night, and the bleaching cream (prescription--I think it was called Eldoquin Forte). My skin looked great--younger, clearer, just all around better--and NO sun spots! I had to stop using them when I got pregnant and have not gone back to them since, though I need to for wrinkle control--but still no sun spots! Of course I now wear sunscreen every day. But be aware that these creams make you more sun- sensitive, so you have to do your best to stay out of the sun and be religious about sunscreen--the first few times I slipped up and got lazy about it I could see the sun spots starting to reappear. Believe me, that was all I needed to see to convince me to stick with the sunscreen, and my sunbathing days are long gone! Ask your dermatologist--I saw Greta Clarke in Berkeley and she was great--except that she will not send in the insurance claims for you.

Facial for whiteheads

July 2003

I am looking for a good beautician that can remove deep ''white heads'' (need to work with a needle). Anyone has a recommendation? What is the common range of prices for such a treatment? Thanks! Yo

I would reccomend Nadine Farsi at Elixir Salon. She is undoubtedly the best in town, and well worth the two or three month initial wait (once you are on a regular schedule with Nadine, you can book your next appointment at the end of your last). As a hairstylist who has worked in many salons I have experienced many different kinds of facial. Nadine is very serious in her on-going study of the skin, is incredibly knowledgeable, and I have never sent a client to her who has not been amazed by her. She is very thorough. The facial lasts one and one-half hours. Even though her extractions are so thorough there is no pain and your skin will not be red or disturbed after the facial. She also has also incorporated head and foot massage into her facial. Sublime! Her price is eighty five dollars per treatment, which seemed like an indulgence to me when I started to see her (for hyper- pigmentation due to pregnancy and adult acne) but I now feel that is a small price to pay for the results (and relaxation)I receive. Tina

I would recommend the staff at Elixir Salon on Hopkins Street in North Berkeley. It is a charming and intimate space and everyone there is expert, tasteful and friendly. Nadine Farsi is an exceptional facialist at Elixir and is well worth the initial wait. The number is 510 526-1700.

Where to get a great facial?

Aug 2003

Would appreciate any suggestions about a place/person to get a great facial. I reviewed the previous recommendations but they are a bit dated. I would also appreciate approx price if you happen to know. Thanks!

I would highly recommend Florence Krasnick at the Skin Care Salon, 5273 College Ave.(at Broadway) in Oakland. She helped clear up my skin in a way nothing ever has. She is very experienced and can tackle difficult skin care problems. She is also a very nice person. The facials seem very reasonable, they range from $55 to $75 depending on the treatment. She also does lash and brow tints, manicures and pedicures, and waxing. She is great at those delicate bikini line waxes. I have been very pleased with the products she recommends for my skin as well. Susan W.

Face Magic on Pomona just off of Solano ave in Albany is a great place for facials. The person I've seen there is Manuel. I believe he is the owner though I think there are a few other people who do facials there too. He is kind, gentle, knowledgable and really wonderful. I treated myself to a facial and hot stone massage for my 50th bd in January and it was heavenly. I've been there a few times and always see him. It takes maybe an hour or can get different things done...eyebrow waxing, foot or shoulder massage, different kinds of masks, etc. Prices seem to vary from around $80.00 and up. Have fun. June

I highly recommend Carina (Skin Care by Carina). Her phone number is 336-1402. She is located at 5014 Woodminster Lane. This is a little area near Montclair - close to Joaquim Miller Rd. She does a GREAT job and is priced btw 50 and 60 dollars It is worth it as she is thorough - plan to be there a hour+. You can mention my name if you call her. Marcella

I highly recommend Celeste Lott. She's at the Amethyst Salon in Alameda. Her direct # is (510) 366-1514. She does a wonderful facial and also has other services available (waxing, massage, etc.). Even if you're not in Alameda (I'm not), she's worth the trip! Very reasonable rates, too. Debbie

Hi- See Chris (female) at Changes Salon in Walnut Creek. She knows her stuff and made me look gorgeous right before my wedding. My skin glowed for a week after her treatment. I have many friends who see her and all agree that she is the best. I think I paid 80-bucks for a facial. You can check out their website though for exact pricing. glowin' gal

Two good options for facials: White Rose Skin Care on College at Claremont Ave. Both facialists there are terrific. Natural Expressions in Montclair has a very good facialist. both are good bets, and close by. i can't remember the exact price for either, but i think they run about $65-75. enjoy anon

I've been getting great facials from a woman named Inca. She used to be at a salon on College Ave. in Berkeley, but recently opened her own salon in El Cerrito. It's called Escape, 234- 7800. Elena

I want to highly recommend Diane Leslie for facials. What you will get is not an ordinary facial. She uses Dr. Hauschka's products, which are just about the most pure and best products there are for your skin. The experience is a total heaven for your senses. Each cream and lotion has its own distinct and delicious fragrance. Diane is also a certified massage therapist, which you can feel in her sensitive touch. The session is about 2 hours and cost is $125. Diane can be reached at 510 220-2130. Yvonne

Feb 2003

I found an amazing, inexpensive, clean place for facials and waxing- Annahita, at the corner of Adeline and Ashby near the BART station. The woman who runs it is wonderful. 666-0600. Reena

Dr. N.V. Perricone products?

March 2002

Hi Has anyone had any experience with Dr. N.V. Perricone (author of ''The Wrinkle Cure'') products? Thanks!

My sister is an aesthetician back east and highly recommends these products. I use them as does one of my sisters-in-law and each of us has received compliments on our skin since we started using them.

Facial & products for breakout 8/01

August 2001

I looked on the web site but all the info was from 1999 so I thought I would post the question again looking for a great facial (East bay or SF) and ideally someone who can diagnose my current breakout situation and help me with a line of skin care products. Ideally this person would use natural products that are reasonably priced. Anyone know such a person? Thanks! Hadley

I've tried all the salons in the North Berkeley area and I think the very best by far is Face and Body Magic on Solano, west of San Pablo Ave. Lynn Williams is the owner and you should go to see her. She has her own line of organic, but affordable, skin care products. And she knows lots of great secrets for keeping your skin nice. I've had awful acne all my life, due to a hormone disorder called PCOS, and since going to her my skin has been fine! Colleen

If you're looking for someone to assist you with your skin, I go to Cat Murphy's Skin Care Salon in Sausalito. She's on Bridgeway which is the main street. She's very nice and professional and enjoys what she does. She also stays current on the new developments in skin care. At the first visit, you fill out a questionnaire and then she consults with you to find out what your skin care goals are. She also has a new location in Sonoma. I've been going to her for over 5 years and she's done wonders for my skin. She has two facial rooms and when she's doing the facial, the surrounding is very tranquil. She plays that soft ocean music so you have no choice but to fall asleep. I've been very pleased with her and my skin. She sells skin care products and she has her own skin care line that she also sells. In terms of her prices, once you check out her website, which lists the products she sells and their prices, you can determine if the prices are what you're looking for. (If she asks who recommended her, tell her Cheryl Davis. Unfortunately, I won't get a discount.) Her website is Good Luck. Cheryl

Aveda has a salon behind the Elmwood Theater with some fabulous products. Despite their expense, i am still using the face cream as it gives such good results. At one time I got a wonderful deal through some mail coupons: a full body massage plus a facial. Even at full price, though, i was very impressed with their professionalism. Nori

I've been going to Deborah Ferrari for many years for excellent facials. I began seeing her when she owned her own shop in Montclair and I've folllowed her to Danville since I've never found anyone better. She now works at Jero'l located at 300 Hartz Ave. in Danville, which only takes about 30 minutes from Oakland. The phone number is 925-820-6099. Please tell her I recommended her! Lee

I go to an absolutely wonderful woman in Berkeley at 2006 Dwight way at Milvia. Face Value is not a salon, it is in a suite with very pleasant and private rooms. Diane (the owner) uses these fantastic products from Australia that are 100% natural ingredients, and she will take exquisite care of your skin. She also gives you a good neck and shoulder massage during the facial. I have been going to her for over 10 years. The only negative thing is that she is so popular that you have to wait a few weeks for an appointment sometimes. I hope you will try her, she's the best. Her number is 841-7546. Marianne

facialist (esthetician) and skin care recommendation: I recommend Giorgia Neidorfin North Berkeley. She has a peaceful home office with all the necessary accoutrements and equiptment. Her facials feel luxurious and she's resonably priced. She does sell a line of natural skin product. Her phone # is 510/558-9719 stephani

I just had the most wonderful facial from an esthetician named Marion Henderson who is at Cinta Salon in the city on Grant, near Market--easy to get to on BART. The facial lasted well over an hour, included back massage and several phases of facial cleansing and treatments. I still notice the effects of cleaner, clearer skin 10 days later. I don't know about the products, which are Declore (?) a French line, as she did not press me to buy anything, also a welcome change from some facials I've had. They are all natural, and aromatherapy oriented I think. The best things about it were her thoroughness and her skill at giving the facial. The price is around $80. Kathy

I highly recommend Diane Euser at Face Value in Berkeley. (European Aromatherapy Skincare). My husband and I have been going to her for several years and are very pleased with both her service and the line of products that she carries. She is located at 2006 Dwight Way and her number is 841-7546. She's quite popular so it's sometimes difficult getting an appointment. But it's worth the wait! Shoshana --

1999 reviews


Roberta at Berkeley Facials on Gilman and 4th does very good facials at reasonalbe prices - 510 525-8933

Shelly at Alexander Pope on College Ave in Rockridge does great facials, is very well educated about skin care and is pretty reasonably priced.

I love Trisha Rissman 526-1700 X 3. Have gone to her for years. She has a new, beautiful salon on Hopkins Street across from Magnani and Berkeley Fish.

Try About Face and Body on Alcatraz near College. -- Desiree

Isabelle Girard Salon in Montclair -- 339-6615; she is one of the best at skin, waxing, beauty in general, in the East Bay. Mary

Vine street Salon in Berkeley is fantastic. Nadine is really wonderful with brows and facials. She charges $50 for a 2hr facial treatment. Brows I think are $12. It is not easy to get onto her schedule. You may have to wait a few weeks but it is well worth the wait. Good luck. Lorena

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