Best facial / esthetician for extractions?

Best estheticians who do a really great job with extractions during facials? I’m in my mid-30s and haven’t ever gotten regular facials, but I’m looking to up my skincare game with regular facials. I would love to go to someone who does a thorough job with extractions and both gets all the gunk out and can work towards minimizing pore appearance. I live in the Claremont area of Berkeley and would prefer someone close by but would drive up to half an hour for someone great. Any recommendations welcome!

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Definitely Studio Abasi. I know many people they’ve helped with adult acne with tremendous results.

Hey, I’m also very interested in this! Would love to find a great aesthetician in the area. Going to follow for updates. Thks 

I really enjoyed my facial at Alexandra's Muse! Very thorough and a real treat.

Hello!  I recently started seeing Natalie at Sundhari Spa (on Solano) for facials and I think she's very skilled and gentle.  It's a lovely little place, and Natalie's facials are soothing and relaxing but they also get the gunk out, as you wrote.  :)

Claremont Skin Care in Rockridge!  Fonnie is so great.  

I highly recommend Monika at Allora Skincare -  She is in the Diamond District area of Oakland.  She is amazing and super knowledgeable!

Lynne at Face Magic in El Cerrito is fabulous!

Sabrina at fig and clover is really good at extractions when she’s doing a facial. Recommend. 

Natasha at Enliven Skincare in Oakland has completely transformed my skin for the better since I started seeing her regularly. I had a lot of issues postpartum with breakouts, dryness and dullness and now I get compliments on how good my skin looks. Her space is so calming and she will recommend the products you need for upkeep between appointments. I highly recommend!

Just tried Feliz Dubois in Montclair. Like you, am not a person with a facial regime, and I'm a decade older. I was hesitant as I am sensitive to chemicals and worried my skin would look beat up after. It was a very positive experience.  It's been a couple of weeks and am looking forward to the next session!

She's a bit further away from you - but Monastery Made in SF is amazing.

I've always seen Athena for about 3 yrs now, but have sent many friends to her studio and they've booked with the other estheticians and had a great experience too. I had a similar mid-30s skincare overhaul (issues of aging skin and a NY > SF move that wrecked my skin) and Athena really helped me level everything up. 

I highly recommend Supple Skincare on Solano. The space is clean, beautifully lit, tastefully decorated and they use the best products. They also do very, very thorough extractions.