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  • Back waxing for men

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    Does anyone know of a place that does back waxing for men? It has to be somewhere that will be super respectful and won't make him more embarrassed than he already is. It's shocking how many negative and disparaging images about back hair there are in the media. It's quite a stigma. Thanks in advance.

    I actually had my hair removal done last week at the medical office in San Francisco.  Nob Hill Medical And Aesthetics, Dr. Konstantin Bukov  4154406800.  They specialize in aesthetics Medical procedures and they have the latest BBL machine from Sciton, which does wonder for hair removal.  I've just done it recently and it was being treated like a medical procedure.  The beauty was that it was done by the male doctor, himself because this is a broad band light machine (similar to laser but latest technology out there in hair removal).  It is only allowed to be operated by the doctor or nurse practictioner.  I felt the procedure was painless, cost effective and it saved so much of my time.  I did hair removal on my legs and armpit areas.  I could tell the difference after the first treatment.  Wow result! highly recommeded.

    Hi there.  My husband has a hairy back. Hairy everything, really. Over the years we have tried everything on the spectrum from "owning it" to thousands of dollars in laser treatments--both with a physician or do-it-yourself laser products. I really don't want to even guess how much time and money he has spent!  The best thing I have found and requires little effort and time (or a professional) is a bottle of Nair.  Leave it on for the recommended time and wipe it off in the shower with a knobby cloth. He'll be good to go. You will have to keep doing it every month or so--it does grow back but it is cheap and easy and doesn't hurt like waxing would. Good luck!

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At home waxing for upper lip

April 2007

Anyone have anything to say about waxing (upper lip) at home? What products do you like? What ones to avoid? Or is waxing at home a bad idea? anonymous

I ONLY wax at home. I have sensitive skin and the few times I tried salons for waxing, I got horrible bumps and ingrown hairs. I like the Poetic Waxing kit. The wax comes in a galvanized mug that you can heat in a bain-marie on the stove. (Bain-marie means putting a pot of water on simmer and slowly warming the contents of another container, e.g., the mug, which sits in the water.) There are no strips or anything. You just put the wax on and rip it off. The kit comes with some pre-waxing skin-prep stuff, which is good, esp. the pre-waxing oil. I have very sensitive skin and can't get my skin waxed at a salon...when I do I always get irritated bumps and/or ingrown hairs. This never happens with the Poetic Waxing kit.

I use the stuff so much I bought a professional wax warmer and just put the Poetic refills in there and skip the stove warming.

You can find the Poetic Waxing kit and refills at drugstore.com and at bliss.com. Do It Yourself and Save Money and Time!

For facial waxing, I have found that the ''cold wax'' strips work really well. Sally Hansen makes them, as do other manufacturers. Way less messy and fussy than other methods. You basically get a clear plastic strip that you rub vigorously between your hands to warm (don't skimp on this step!), and then you separate it revealing the sticky inside which your rubbing has activated. Your use this to ''wax'' your face, and it works quite well. Hints: Before you start, clean your face with an astringent to remove any facial oil, and then lightly dust it with talcum powder. The powder helps the wax grip. Use your other hand to pull the skin you're waxing tight, and always pull away in the opposite direction of hair growth. Use the ''soothing oil'' they give you on the area you've done when you're totally finished. You probably won't be able to remove every single hair this way, but you'll get the vast majority, and can get the stragglers with tweezers, which is what a salon professional would do too. The box says you can use these strips for legs and bikini area as well, but I don't thin k it's worth it--for that much surface area, I'm willing to pay someone. But for face, they work really well. They do give you larger strips for legs, though, and I recommend cutting them to the size you want with scissors you don't much care for, because the goo is hard to wash off, and will mess up good scissors. Hope this helps! Oh So Furry

I have always struggled with facial hair removal. I have used the Nair Wax Strips and think that they work pretty well--you just warm them in your hand for awhile before using.

However, sometimes they work great--if it is the right temp and pulled at the right angle. Other times, they don't and it is very frustrating to have to try over and over--this usually results in losing a little bit of skin and having scabs.

So a few weeks ago I treated myself to a professional service-- I had read here about Beth at Benefit on 4th street. I had my brows and lip done. It was great--less painful, very quick, and it is lasting a lot longer. ... worth the $25 (for both) by far! K

Yes. You can wax at home and it is so fast and easy. I use the ''Personal Touch Roll on Wax system''. You can buy it at drugstore.com. It is a kit that heats up in thirty minutes. I apply the wax with a popsicle stick (as opposed to the roll on) and use the provided strips to take it quickly off. So easy... and cheap! I have expanded to my eyebrows and chin. Professional waxing is a waste of money. Save the salon for the grey hair

I like the small strips sold at elephant pharmacy called 'parissa' -I think. Warm them between your hands, they work very well

Dec 2006

Has anyone tried a do-it-yourself product for lip waxing? I'm curious if these products work and how they might compare to the results you get from a salon. Thanks anon

I think the quality of a lip wax depends largely on the kind of wax used. An upper lip is a pretty easy place to wax but the skin there can be very sensitive. I highly reccomend Bliss Poetic Cosmetic Waxing Kit. You can find it on sephora.com for $40. It's a lifetime of gentle upper-lip waxes anon

The only problem I have had waxing my lips is that my skin reacts, and it takes a while for it to heal, so that in the end waxing is not worth it (I've tried it both at salons and at home). The most affordable way to take care of it is plucking your hair using tweezers. It's time-consuming, but if you do it on a regular basis, it's not that bad. My sister prefers to bleach it, and it works OK for her

Extended bikini waxing (not Brazilian)

Nov 2005

I am looking for a place to get a bikini wax. I hate to say I have had bad experiences in the past, but at least I am willing to try it again. I saw some mixed reviews on About Face and Body, and I tried it, and was very dissapointed. The placed didn't seem too clean and they went way to fast and missed some spots. I am willing to pay $30-$35 dollars (it's $29 at About Face and Body), but I want to have a good job done. Any suggestions? I live in the Temescal area. Tara

try Azul off of Solano Ave on Ensenada or Face Magic around the bottom of Solano Ave. Both places are extremely clean & very professional. I have had great bikini waxes at both places. They take their time to get the results you want. I have never felt rushed or embarassed to ask to them to take the line just a little more in or further out when needed. They both use a really great wax that has given me little to no blotchy rashes and ingrown hairs afterwards.

Hello, I go to Argania (MLK at Delaware in Berkeley) and I was quite satisfied with my extended bikini wax.When I called to book my bikini wax, they asked me if I wanted a standard, extended or a Brazilian.They offer all these bikini waxing services. The place is spacious and clean and staff friendly and professional. They use a thick,hard wax, the esthetician told me that it is much better for more sensitive areas to wax.I have to admit that it was a much better experience than the strip wax! They use products before and after to prepare and calm the skin. They charge $25 for a standard bikin wax, $40 for an extended and $70 for a Brazilian.I 'd reccomend the owner Miriam, a french native and trained esthetician. A very talented waxer and facialist! If you go there,tell her that Sarah G reccomended her! Good luck to you! Argania (510) 883 1832 Sarah

The best place for waxing is Marilyn Jaeger Skincare in San Francisco. www.marilynjaegerskincare.com It is located on Spruce Street near California in SF. Parking is relatively easy. Get an appointment with Marilyn and you will be 110% satisfied. She is an expert. Don't let her easy going attitude fool you - she is a master! She has a jam packed schedule because she is so incredibly good, but I have always been able to get an appointment. A.K.B.

I highly recommend Annahita at 2976 Adeline in Berkeley (at Ashby). The prices may have been updated, but an extended bikini line is $20, and a full leg is $35. The number is 510-666-0600. I've had waxing done by several different people, and I've liked this place the best. Kara

Bikini/Brazilian wax in WC/Lamorinda

Sept 2005

Can anybody recommend a place in the Walnut Creek/Lamorinda area where I can get a Brazilian bikini wax? I've checked the archives (both advice wanted and recommendations), and couldn't find any place specific to this area. anon

Natalie & Adele at Entourage in Orinda are both fabulous! I believe the cost is around $75.00 for a Brazilian wax and $30.00 for a regular bikini wax. Entourage is located at 2 Theatre Square in Orinda. and their tel. no is: 925-254-9721. Joy

Hello, The best Brazillian/bikini waxing in the bay area if not the whole country can be found in Walnut Creek at Ourane Estethics, 925-360-5320 or www.ourane.com She is the best out there! tjp

I use Natalie at Entourage Spa in Orinda for regular bikini waxes. She's quick, as painfree as possible and a great person. Entourage can also do wonderful facials, massages and nails. Their number is 925-254-9121. Robin

I go to Ourane at Ourane Esthetics for bikini waxing. She is careful and does a great job. Her phone number is 925-360-5320. She is in Walnut Creek. ama

Bikini Waxing Lowdown

Apr 2005

I think I'm finally ready to have a professional binkini wax done - just enough to look good in a swimsuit - but I would like to know what to expect, given the body parts involved. So tell me, those of you who have done it, what do I need to know? Do you wear underwear during the procedure, and are there underwear selection criteria to be aware of? Any other tips and tricks you have learned from experience? Getting ready for summer

I don't think there's much to know about bikini waxing, except that you should go to reputable person to have it done. Yes, I wear underwear when I go and have never worn any particular type of underwear. Also, I find it hurts more when I have my period and it hurt a lot more when I was pregnant! I go to Beth at Benefit on 4th Street in Berkeley. She is great. Anon

Hi, I recently got my first bikini wax and I'd be happy to share my experience.

First, I go to a salon at the bottom of Solano Ave, about half a block up from the Albany movie theater. I can't remember what the salon is called, but the number there is 510-528-5528 it's reasonably priced -usually $15 per wax but occasionally $20- and the women who work there work very quickly and professionally.

I usually just wear regular underwear and they tie it in order to earily reach where they need to wax. Last time I was there, though, the woman asked if I was ok with taking my underwear off. I'm an extremely modest person but I didn't mind because the women there are so easy going. It does hurt, for sure, but not as much as I had expected. They'll take off as much or as little as you want, just be clear with them.

I hope I've helped - when I got my first wax I became a convert and have been going ever since. Good luck! anon

To prepare for a bikini waxing. Don't go out to the sun 24 hours before and after the service. No hot bath or swiming. it's better that you take the shower the night before your appointment. You can also take a ibpufen 20 mins before the service to eliminate the pain. you can check out this website for more information about waxing. This is a very good place to get waxed. www.luciahb.com or Call 510.205.1028 Jade

I've been waxing for years and although it hurts (like a slap) it's the best way for me to stay nicely groomed. My advice, is to make an appointment with someone who was recommended to you, not just a random stranger. I usually go to About Face & Body on College at Ashby. If you walk in they charge less than if you make an appointment, but you may have to wait. Also, they have two services, a regular and an extended bikini wax (oh, and Brazilian, but I've never had a Brazilian). Make sure they don't charge you for an extended, unless of course, you're really hairy and they need to wax your upper thighs. Yes, you wear your normal underwear. The waxer may ask you to hold onto the side of your panties so she doesn't get wax on them. You can pull them up to indicate how far in to go. The waxer will probably not speak English well, but they've done this a million times so don't be nervous. They'll put on some baby powder, then the wax, then the cloth strip, then they'll pull it off - FAST! She'll work her way down and may ask you to prop your leg up on the wall, with your knee bent so she can get all the hair around the area. Afterward, she'll ask you if it looks ok, spray on some rubbing alcohol or something from a squirt bottle (could even be water, I've never asked) onto the area and she'll make sure all the wax is off. And you're done. The whole thing probably doesn't take mroe than 10 minutes. Good luck. You'll be glad you did it. Andrea

Bikini waxing---not a big deal. The thing to remember is that the waxers do this all the time and have seen EVERYTHING. If you only want a little bit waxed, go ahead and wear underwear.

At Festoon (MLK @ Rose) they're very professional, and I've had much better experiences there than at About Face and Body (College @ Alcatraz). At Festoon, they'll have you show them what kind of line you want by moving aside your underwear to the line you want. Or, you can wear the bathing suit under your clothes when you go in, and just tell them that's what you want. They're great there! wax advisor

I usually wear a thong. They pull it aside a bit - and sometimes have me hold it. Also, it's a little sticky afterward if they don't get it all off - so wear pants you can wash rather than dry clean. Happy waxing!

I had the whole area waxed one time, and silly me, I went from au naturel to full wax. I didn't know I was supposed to trim my pubes prior to the appointment, and was embarrassed when the aesthetician was disgusted and handed me scissors to complete the task before she'd work on me.

BTW, I was REALLY sensitive to ripping the hair off in that region. Far more so than for legs/brows.

I didn't notice this in the archives, so here goes:

**Don't ingest caffeine a day prior to your visit. I hear it makes you more sensitive **Take an aspiriin or ibuprofen about an hour prior to the appointment.

**Trim your pubes to a reasonable length.

**Wear a skimpy thong backwards, to cover your privates, but to come in far so the gal can get enough hair. (not a thong with a tiny string in the back, but one with a strip) **Do try to relax during. The more tense you are, the more you will notice pain.

I don't think it's wrong to be nude, but some of us are probably a little private and don't want a stranger 1 foot from and staring at our crotch. :) The gal I had used a draping sheet over the parts she wasn't working on at that moment. Would have been far easier if I'd just worn a skimpy thong. Ali

I'm a BPM and an Esthetician of 8 years. Below is some basic waxing information for you. I'd be happy to offer 10% off any services to BPN Members at my studio, Alchemy - 981.9881. Whatever you decide to do, I wanted you to know most client's say that while bikini waxing isn't a day at the beach, 99% of the time the aniticapation was much worse than the actual treatment. Good luck!

Waxing FAQ

What is waxing? It's the removal of unwanted facial and body hair by the root. Warm wax, the consistency of honey, is applied over the hair to be removed. A cotton strip is pressed over the wax, then the strip, wax and hair are removed together in a quick pull.

Does it hurt? It's most uncomfortable at first since it's a new sensation. Any discomfort dissipates quickly and decreases with regular treatments, as less hair is removed each time. Caffeine, menstruation and pregnancy increase skin sensitivity.

How long does it last? Hair typically grows back several weeks after your treatment. For best results waxing should be repeated every 4-8 weeks, although once a year before your warm-weather vacation is fine, too!

How long does my hair need to be? 1/4''-1/2'' long, or at least 3 weeks growth. If too short, hair won't come out. If too long, hair will break and the service will be less comfortable. I suggest either shaving three weeks before your appointment, or trimming bikini line hair just prior to your appointment.

Will my hair grow back thicker? No, but after removing hair lightened by the sun darker re-growth may appear thicker. Often hair grows in sparser after regular treatments and since waxing removes hair by the root, a soft new hair with a fine tip grows in, eliminating razor stubble.

Is waxing okay for everybody? It's fine for most everyone, but isn't appropriate for those on certain medications such as Retinoids and Accutane, or for people with diabetes or particular skin conditions. If this is the case for you, I'll be happy to discuss other options.

What about ingrown hairs? Most people experience some, since as a new hair grows in it may become trapped under the surface of the skin causing slight irritation. Exfoliating regularly helps. To remove ingrown hairs, rub ice over irritated areas to draw hair to the surface of the skin, then gently remove with disinfected.

After Care: If possible, avoid sun, chlorine, steam, hot water, deodorant and scrubs for about 12 hours after waxing. Some redness, small spots or bumps are normal and should subside within a few hours. A cool, damp towel may be applied to the skin, especially on the bikini line and upper lip or for persistent irritation. Apply sunscreen to areas that will be exposed after waxing.

P.S. You can wear an older pair of panties that if you like, just in case a little wax gets on the edges. Francesca

One more thing I wanted to add about the bikini waxing--I do usually get a Brazilian--and either you take off your underwear and go nude, or put on these little paper underpants (which you then get to hold out of the way). And it hurts a lot more the first time than the subsequent times!

However, I recently relocated to Oakland from SF, and rather than driving back to the city to get a bikini wax I thought I would try somewhere on this side of the bridge. I tried About Face & Body after hearing good things on the list, but I wasn't as happy as I had been before--let's just say ''fast'' isn't always better.

Not to go into too much detail, but if the person doing the waxing does small sections at a time, it is better (in my experience) because they don't have to go over the same section more than once. Make sure to speak up if that happens--going over the same section of skin over and over to get the hair off HURTS, and my skin kept hurting for a day or so.

(Also, smaller sections=less breakage=you don't have to go back as soon because all the hair came out by the roots!) And if you have a bad experience, try a different place before you give up on it entirely, and know that each time, it hurts less & less as the hairs get weaker. anon

I did not see the first post on this metter. But I finally found a great place to have a Brazilian wax Azul Spa Whith Rose. The best thing about it is the kind of wax they use. It hurts much less (it still hurts) and last longer, because it does not break the hair it takes it from the rout. Happy Hairless

Brazilian Wax for Men

Nov 2004

Any suggestions on where my husband can get a good brazilian wax? We're looking for a salon that is both comfortable performing this procedure on men and experienced performing this procedure on men.

Try the Bella Pelle salon in San Francisco (in a building across from Nieman Marcus). I got my own Brazilian there and the woman who did it said she has plenty of hetero male clients who do the same. She was very discreet and friendly and it was not at all awkward! Don't have the number handy but I'm sure you can Google it. Good luck - have a shot or two before you go! Been Waxed

If your husband wants to reduce body hair, laser hair removal may be the way to go. It is less painful than waxing and it is permanent. Waxing will remove all the hair in one treatment, but it grows back. Laser requires several treatments at 5 week intervals to achieve maximum hair reduction, but the follicles treated no longer grow hair.

In my office, we are using the Coherent Gentlelase, the most effective hair removal laser currently available. The RN who works with us is very comfortable treating men and has over 6 years experience in laser hair removal. The patients are very comfortable with her. Feel free to call the office if we may answer any questions.
Elizabeth Lee, MD Plastic Surgery 510 704-2170 www.artfulsurgery.com

Brazilian Wax in SF

July 2004

I would like to give a friend a gift of a Brazilian Wax. She lives in SF. Does anyone have any recommendations? A

Call Flying Beauticians in San Francisco at 415-391-8929 and ask for Nona. She owns the salon with her mother and has been written up in Allure and Elle as the best person to go to in SF for the Brazilian bikini wax. I go to her for facials and eyebrows and she is fabulous. Suzy

The place I use is Bella Pelle on Geary St., Across from Neimans. Rachel does a great job. They have the numbing cream there if need be. Great place!!! Carole

I've had Brazilians from two places in SF -- Marilyn Jaeger skincare by Laurel Heights and International Orange on Filmore. Marilyn Jaeger is more ''thorough'' -- they actually have you turn over on your stomach to get you from every angle. So it is a better Brazilian, in my opinion. but I do ocassionally go to International Orange for the ''spa'' experience. It is a very relaxing atmosphere, and if you go early you can hang out and read magazines in a fluffy robe and eat fruit. They're both about $50 for a Bwax. it's been a while and have been meaning to get one myself

Shelly at Bellapelle in SF is the best waxer in the world! I've been going to her for almost two years and have had a wonderful experience each time. She is very nice and makes you feel really comfortable. She also does a really good job. She is far more thorough than some of the other waxers recommended on the website (I've been to a bunch of places in the bay area). Jackie

I like the Union Street Apothocary. It's not fancy but it's comfy and the people there are really nice (crucial for something as up-close-and-personal as a Brazilian.) anon

Place to get a FULL bikini wax

August 2003

Hi, I'm looking for a place that gives a FULL bikini wax . I've seen previous recommendations for a brazilian wax at Face and Body in Berkeley. But I was wondering if they do The Full Bikini Wax? Or does anyone know of a place that does the Full Bikini Wax in the east bay. THanks jul

About Face and Body on the corner of Alcatraz and College has three types of bikini waxes:

(1) Line Bikini, which takes off any hair that would show if you were to wear a regular bikini,
(2) Extended Line Bikini, which leaves you with a strip of hair, and
(3) Brazilian Bikini, which removes all the hair.

Regular prices are (1) $21, (2) $26, and (3) $62. If you get a series card, or walk in without an appointment, the prices are (1) $17, (2) $21, and (3) $50. These are prices that I have from a recent pamphlet. I doubt that they have changed. kath

I highly recommend Carina (Skin Care by Carina). Her phone number is 336-1402. She is located at 5014 Woodminster Lane. This is a little area near Montclair - close to Joaquim Miller Rd. She does the Brazilian Bikini Wax - her specialty! You can mention my name if you call her. Marcella

Im not quite sure what you mean by a FUll bikini wax, my understanding of a brazillian wax was that it was EVERYTHING. For any waxing i recomend Bellisima day spa, the some what new place on shattuck south of Ashby. Monique is who i have had wax me and she is really great, very good prices too. cris

I don't know about the East Bay, but if you want to take a trip over here to San Francisco, I HIGHLY recommend Union Street Apothocary. I was skeptical when the reviews I read online said that it didn't really hurt. Believe it or not, it really didn't. The woman who does them there is so skilled and makes you feel very comfortable about the whole thing. Good Luck! Ivy

You can get a full Brazilian wax at Ambiance, a nice little spa just off of 5th Street in Berkeley. In SF, the Union Street Apothocary does them.

In a previous post, I mentioned Inca at Escape Salon (#234-7800) in El Cerrito regarding a facial. I know she also does FULL bikini waxing (though I believe they still call it a Brazilian wax) and though I have no personal experience, a good friend who has had one done there was very pleased. Elena

Bikini Wax in Monclair/Rockridge

March 2003

Can anyone recommend a good place for a bikini wax in the Montclair/Rockridge area? I've searched the archives and there was nothing... I don't really want to go to the Claremont and pay $65 for it, but I want someone who knows what she's doing. Thanks!

I've been to About FAce and Body on College at Alcatraz. It was not a bad experience and definitely not $65 although I don't recall what it did cost. Anon.

I have been going to About Face and Body for several years now. They are on College and Alcatraz. If you buy a series card a bikini wax averages out to about $15.00 I think. They are very clean, fast and professional. Karen

ANNAHITA salon in Berkeley on Adeline near Ashby. She has great prices and is REALLY good for all types of waxing and facials, and very friendly. No nails. 666-0600. anon

Try About Face and Body (510) 428-2600 located at College/Alcatraz. It's not exactly Rockridge, but pretty close. Kym

For the BEST bikini wax (or any wax) in the Bay Area, go to Odessa at the Hair Tailor in Montclair (339-3700). Anon

In Berkeley at 4th Street, Benefit is excellent. About Face on College in Rockridge is quite good as well. Both are reasonably priced. Amy

I have been very happy with the waxes I have gotten from Amy at Natural Expressions, on La Salle in Montclair Village. She is very professional and very nice, too. Not sure if it is in your price range (the nicer salons tend to be a bit pricey), but it is worth checking out. martha

Try Natural Expressions in Montclair for waxing, facials, massage, hair, etc. They are reasonably priced and do a great job. Re the Claremont--there is a labor dispute at the hotel and employees are asking the community to boycott the hotel until the employees are given a decent wage and better working conditions. So yet another reason not to spend money there! client of natural expressions

The best place to go, and the cheapest that I know of in Rockridge, is About Face and Body on College. If you do ''drop in'' (instead of making an appt ahead of time), it's even cheaper (I think it's still about 15-20$). The nice thing is, if you show up as a drop-in and no one is available to do your waxing right away, they will schedule you for a time later that day, just like making an appointment. I've never had a problem getting in, and am always pleased with the cleanliness of the place, and how professional they are. It's clear that each time I go, I'm getting an esthetician that knows what she's doing. --JL

Lee at Piedmont Hairport on Piedmont Avenue is wonderful. She is also very nice and quick, and only $20 (plus I tip $5). I usually walk-in, but they do prefer appointments. anonymous

Try Lee at Piedmont Hairport on Piedmont Ave. She's fast and skilled. anonymous

I've gotten great facials from Laura Cooksey at Face Reality and know she does waxing, as well. She's in Piedmont. She charges $25 for a Bikini wax and $75 for a Brazilian. You can contact Laura at facereality AT hotmail.com. Elisa

Benefit Cosmetics on 4th Street in Berkeley does waxing of all types. I think they charge about $18-25 for a bikini waxing and everyone I've used there knows what they are doing. anon

Try Azul Spa on Solano in Berkeley/Albany. Its not in Montclair but they do an *excellent* bikini wax that does not cost a fortune - nor is it too painful.

Note from Myriam: Thanks to the other folks who recommended about face and body.

Brazilian Bikini Wax

Sept. 2002

I'm looking for a place that does Brazilian bikini waxes, preferably in the East Bay. I've never had any waxing done to my ''nether regions'' so I'm a bit trepidatious. How much does something like that cost? Is it worth it? I read a story in salon.com years ago (see http://www.salon.com/health/feature/1999/09/03/bikini/) and I have been intrigued ever since. Any recommendations and/or advice greatly appreciated.

''About Face and Body'' on the corner of Alcatraz and College in Berkeley. Nice environment, sensitive staff, nice job, reasonably priced. One suggestion that I learned too late: Good bet to take aspirin or Advil before the waxing. Brazilian is distinctly more painful than typical bikini wax. But worth it. Good luck.

I have used Zary for facials, massage therapy, and waxing. She is fantastic! While I don't and wouldn't have a Brazilian wax (I think some hair ''down there'' is good and necessary,and I have heard that the growing-in stage can be a prickly affair), I do have my bikini line and legs waxed, and she does a quick, relatively painless job of it. She uses high-end waxes and knows to use powder (a lot of places don't) so as to have greater purchase on those elusive hairs. She also puts some nice stuff on the waxed part afterward so as to diminish swelling, etc. She also doesn't use great hunkin' strips of material so as to save time.

Zary is trained in Europe as an aesthetistician, and is the best I have been to, and I have been to some ''shee-shee'' spas/hotels in my lifetime. I also think that her prices are more reasonable because she works out of her Berkeley apartment. The friends I have sent to her are thrilled with her as well.

Her phone number is 510-841-4860; you might need to use my name (Danna) as she is working out of her home. Good luck.

For bikini waxing, call Beth at Benefit on Fourth Street. She is fabulous. Just tell her what you want and see if she'll do the full Brazilian. Ouch. Anon.

Basically, you want to go to someone who does this all the time, or it will be time-consuming and extra painful. Unfortunately many salons in Berkely and Oakland don't have a lot of call for Brazillians, so either it takes about 40 minutes or they charge upwards of 75.00! I have been to several different salons in the East Bay and find that About Face and Body (on college at Alcatraz) is the best value for your dollar. If you make an appointment it costs 56.00 and takes about 15 minutes. They will also let you ''walk-in'' for 40.00, but be prepared to wait in a line. They do Brazillians all the time, it was quick and pretty painless. I would definitely go there if it is your first. I brought my sister there for her first one and they were great. Be sure you tell them that you've never had one before so they can let you know what to do to prepare. Good luck and remember to breathe. satisfied customer

I know they do the Brazilian Bikini Wax at About Face and Body which is on the corner of College Ave and Alcatraz in Berkeley. I have never had one done, so I can't speak to the experience. At About Face and Body they will give you a 40% discount for ''walk-in'' appointments. Unless you are there when they open up at 10:30a.m., this means you might actually have to wait a couple of hours. What I usually do is to either show up first thing in the morning or call and ask what their walk-in schedule looks like. I think a Brazilian wax is about $49 there - I'm not sure if that is before or after the 40% discount, but is is significantly more expensive than just a regular bikini wax. Daphne

I recently went to the deKroon Salon in San Francisco (on Grant Street) for my first Brazillian Wax and had a very positive experience. The aesthetician, Stephanie, was very good, quick (took 10 minutes) and friendly. I felt very comfortable with her. It cost me $45. Anonymous