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Eyebrow shaper

Sept 2010

I'd like referrals to someone professional, who will help me to shape my eyebrows to look less scruffy, yet to look natural. Thanks anon

I highly recommend Glam & Glow in El Sobrante. Ask for Andrea & say that I referred you - they're the best! Isadora

Marilyn Jaeger Salon on College Ave in Rockridge. They do an excellent job at shaping brows. Marilyn herself is there Thursday evenings. www.marilynjaegerskincare.com/ anon

Miriam at Argania Salon on MLK (near Hearst) in Berkeley - she does great work and is a wonderful person. Bushy brows

Kathleena Gorga is a great make-up artist as well as a haircutter. Her clients include Alice Waters for Vogue. She will do a great job on your brows. Her number is 510.710.0309. She works at the relaxing Revive Salon, 1601 Hopkins Street (near Monterey Market). Good luck! Terry

Reasonably priced eyebrow wax

Oct 2009

I am seeking a reasonably priced, quality eyebrow wax, ideally in the lakeshore/grand lake area. I posted maybe a year ago with this same question and was referred to someone who is great and only charged $10, but now she has begun working at a salon and her prices have gone up. So once again, does anybody have any recommendations?

My daughter and several of her friends have been using Dierdre O'Malley for several years and they always look great. She used to be in Berkeley but now is in the South Shore shopping center in Alameda, in the Beauty Center store. We have taken friends to her who have been unhappy with previous waxings and she has made all of them happy. I can't quote her current prices but you could call her at 337-9933 to find out. She has all sorts of other related services also. Barbara

Instead of getting them waxed I get them threaded at an Indian beauty salon on University Ave. in Berkeley. It's $8 or $9 and I always get fantastic results. I go to Priya Beauty Parlor at 929 University Ave (between 7th St & 8th St) in Berkeley. (510) 848-2261. The best, best, best threader working there is a Tibetan girl named Shillu and I highly recommend her. Bollywood brows

Careful eyebrow shaping needed

Oct 2009

I am looking for someone who does a good job shaping eyebrows, paying attention to shape of the face, shape of the brow, etc. I have been going to someone at my nail place, but she is inconsistent and though well-meaning, doesn't seem to have ''the eye'' for shaping. Can anyone recommend a person in Berkeley/Oakland area who takes their time and has worked in the beauty business for a while? Also, am looking for someone who doesn't mind using tweezers/threading as I am allergic to wax. thick brows

I highly recommend Francesca at Alchemy (Colusa Circle) 558.9885. I have been going to her for years and have never been disappointed. When I have not been able to get an appointment, I've ventured on to other places (Benefit, etc.), and can attest that no one is a detailed as she. If she is too busy, try her sister, Erica, at Elixir on Hopkins in N. Berkeley: 526.1700 Dawn

I go to the Brow Lounge on College Ave in Rockridge and get my thick eyebrows threaded by a Nepalese beautician (don't remember her name). More reviews here: http://www.yelp.com/biz/the-brow-lounge-oakland Olga

Hi You should think about seeing Alresa from Cloud Nine/Brow lounge. She is the owner of both places. They are both located in Rockridge. She does an amazing job (I have been seeing her for 4 years)! Here is the website http://www.cloudninesalon.biz/ Pooja

Ask for Beth at ''Benefit Cosmetics'' on 4th street in Berkeley. She is THE best brow person. I've been going to her for years. She indeed has an eye for faces and shape/proportion, and she is very professional. She always does wax for me, so you should call to see if she will just do tweezing. I won't go anywhere else. happy brows

Benefit on 4th street anon

Alresa at Cloud 9 Salon is the best in the bay area for threading. The Salon is located at: 5495 Claremont Ave Oakland, CA 94618-1156. The phone number is: (510) 350-0634. Happy threading! sarah

I've been going to Maxi on Telegraph Ave in Berkeley for years. Ask specifically for Ellie. She takes her time, is careful, doesn't like over-plucking, and does threading and tweezing. For me she does only tweezing and always manages to get a beautiful shape. Ive tried numerous other places, and she's been the best. anon

Go to bibiskin care its in San Francisco but she is the greatest .I have been getting my eyebrows threaded all my life (since teenage) and when someone messes my eyebrows- I go to bibi. Just create an account on her website and set up your own appointment. http://www.bebeskincare.com/ If you want someone in Berkeley, ask for Shielo in Priya. pretty eyebrows

Eyebrow shaping for thinning eyebrows

Jan 2009

I'm hesitant to go have my eyebrows shaped or waxed, because in the past they've really made them too thin, and my brows are thinning these days, as I get older. I'd like to learn how to apply powder or liner to make them look fuller (but not fake). Where can I go to get a conservative brow shaping and some instruction? Preferably Oakland, Berkeley, Lamorinda or WC. Thanks thinning brows

I use a wonderful woman named Jana (Yana) who owns her own place in Pleasant Hill, European Touch Day Spa (925) 677-7221. She also does facials, massage, manicures and pedicures. She also has great products for skin care, especially ''anti-aging,'' but is not at all pushy. She's easy to reach and getting an appt. usually takes just a day or two. I hope you give her a try, she is from Europe and the time and attention she gives her clients is just amazing. Good luck! Jody

I have tried salons for shaping, professional cosmotologists, and a variety of makeup and was never satisfied. For nearly a near now, I have been coloring my eyebrows myself, using a dark shade of brown haircolor . I love the outcome! I buy 1 box of naturtint haircolor (from Spain) from Elephant Pharmacy, which lasts about 6 or more months. I mix equal equal parts of the color and creme in a plastic container and apply with a thin makeup brush, leaving on about 20 minutes, then removing with a paper towel. Avoid eye contact, of course! It really brings out my eyes and facial expressions. It might look a bit heavy the first day or 2 but fades after that to look very natural. Looking more expressive

You've touched on one of my favorite subjects, Eyebrows 101! Filling in brows to make them a nice, natural shape is pretty easy. You just need a good hard formula pencil like the one from Shu Uemura $22 or the Supernatural Brow Pencil by Philosophy $18. You can find them at Nordstrom, Sephora or online. Go for the color that matches your brows. Following your natural brow shape, make little wispy dashes with the pencil so it looks like natural hairs. Extend the end of the brow out and up a tiny bit, no one should notice your little trick. Very subtle. Not only will you be defying gravity, you''ll create a well defined frame for your eyes. Avoid using a soft, blobby pencil and drawing the brow on like a kid pressing with a crayon. I've been a film and TV makeup artist for 20 years and the two pencils I mentioned are the best and worth the money, I promise. Your friendly local makeup artist, Sandra

I've been going to Maxi on Telegraph Ave (at Haste) in Berkeley for years. Ask for Elie. She does threading and just tweezing, which is what I get. She shapes them really well and is very conservative about not overdoing it (which is why she tweezes very carefully and slowly instead of waxing, etc.) anon

You can go to the make-up counter at Macy's in the Broadway Shopping Center in Walnut Creek. They will shape your eyebrows. I bought a product, the name of which I can't recall right now, that was like a mascara for the eyebrows. It helps thinning eyebrows and also works like an eyebrow pencil. The whole process cost me less than $30. ARA

I love Rachel at Barberella in Berkeley (on San Pablo). She makes my brows totally natural looking, and also has a lot of experience in makeup application. (510) 548-3552 Liza

I wanted to respond to a comment made by another poster regarding using haircolor to dye her eyebrows. please be careful. that dye is made for the hair on top of our heads, not our eyebrows, and there are warnings on (at least some) of those hair color boxes that state misuse may cause blindness. better safe than sorry

Seeking aesthetician for eyebrow waxing

Jan 2009

i'm looking for a reasonably priced person to wax my eyebrows. i normally go to Benefit on fourth st, which i love, but it is expensive ($18.00) and out of the way. i live near lakeshore ave/grand ave/lake merritt so somewhere in that area would be great. i have been to some of the nail shops on grand ave because they are more reasonably priced, but i find the work to be inconsistent and rushed. i am open to other areas if necessary. any recommendations appreciated! thanks,

Try Esther Torres in Montclair. Her place is called Au Natural. 2064 Antioch Court, Suite B. Oakland 94611, 510-339-1152. I don't know her rates, but she has a wonderful work ethic. Denise

If you don't mind driving to Alameda, there's a great salon called Joanne's at 1619 Park Street, between Buena Vista and Lincoln. They provide all waxing services, plus nail & hair - full spa service. Very reasonable prices. I especially like their mani-pedi special - best I've found in years! 523-4572 pallas

Have you ever tried the Indian art of threading? I never wax anymore, now that I've discovered threading. It's cheap and it gives a much smoother line. It's guaranteed to leave you looking like a Bollywood star! My favorite place right now is Priya Beauty Parlour on University Ave. and 9th in Berkeley. Be sure and ask for the Tibetan girl -- her name is Shillo. 510-848-2261. They charge just $8. Caveat 1 -- this salon is not a restful and beautiful place -- it's sort of grungy, but it's got a sort of cult following. Caveat 2 -- In any threading shop, be sure and insist that the technician use hand sanitizer before she touches your face. Do not be shy about doing so. Lisa in Oakland

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Eyebrow waxing for bushy eyebrows

Sept 2008

I am looking for a good eyebrow groomer. I have those type of bushy eyebrows that literally grow in four different directions with small bald spots throughout. People tell me to stop plucking, but I'm not, that's just how they grow. I paid a whopping $60 once to this person who did the most marvelous job ever, then he moved. He spent two whole hours on them. He also mentioned he worked on one other person once with eyebrows worse than mine! Can anyone relate and recommend someone? Thanks Unruly

I go to Lee at Piedmont Hairport in Oakland on Piedmont Ave near 41st. I think she's great and it's reasonable, but I used to go to 77 Maiden Lane in SF. There was a woman named Paige that used to work there (don't know if she's still there), but she might have what you need. She's extremely detailed and gentle -- she actually uses tweezers. But because of that she can really work with anything -- and the first visit is $50, but then $35 (I believe) after that. I don't know if they still do it this way, but it used to be that at the first visit she also takes a little more time and does a little lesson in how to do your own eyebrow maintenance. Browsed around for my brows too

I recommend Crystal in El Cerrito/Berkeley. She is awesome and probably won't take 2 hours--she has a good eye and has always groomed my eyebrows to suit my face. I think she charges $24; the only reason I don't go to her anymore is because my neighbor does my eyebrows for free now. She works out of Elixir salon in Berkely on Hopkins (across from Monterey Market) and in El Cerrito on San Pablo (near Safeway/Longs at Moeser). Her number is (707) 328 5693 Joanna

I have been grooming my very bushy eyebrows for years at Thornhill Salon, on Thornhill Dr. Julia, the owner is the best! And it is only $10! 510 339 1280. Beautiful Eyebrows

I am happy to share with you the name of my amazing esthetician, who is a true master when it comes to eyebrow shaping. Diana is in Walnut Creek, and well worth a trip under the tunnel. I too, have unruly brows, and no natural arch. Thanks to Diana, I actually get compliments on these brows - no lie!. She is an amazing talent, and whether it's eyebrows, or any other service, she is THE best, and very reasonable. You will love what she can do with your eyebrows. Call her for an appt - Diana 925-200-7071 Best, Amanda

Salon One in Alameda is on Park Street. I found the entire staff to be quite competent with eyebrow styling and waxing. Very inexpensive too. mystiqueek

I would like to recommend an absolutely wonderful professional waxer named Amy Romano. She is in Oakland on Redwood Road in the Lincoln Square Plaza. She is very good at her profession and has a very soft touch when it comes to waxing. I can't speak highly enough about her and refer people to her all the time because she is just that good! She can be reached at (510) 332-1889 and she is very accommodating when making appointments. Give her a try, you will love the results. andreab

Experienced Eye Brow Stylist Needed

Jan 2008

I really need a stylist to fix waxing job by another stylist. I can only travel to Oakland or South Berkeley. Thank you very much.

I HIGHLY recommend Amy Romano. She is helping me reshape my eyebrows after years of my tweezing. You can call her at: 510-332-1889, her address is 4110 Redwood Rd. Suite, 103 in Oakland. Loving my shapely eyebrows

My daughter has been going to Deirdre O'Malley to have her brows shaped for about 5 years now and she is very happy with the outcome. She has taken several of her friends there also and everyone has had good results, including at least one friend who had had a bad job done somewhere else. She is in The Beauty Center, 2973 College Ave. near Ashby, 510-849-0383. Barbara

I would recommend Julia at La Nana salon on solano Ave,Berkele/Albany area. She does work on your eye brow as she is doing a real art work and she takes her time to do a perfect job.I love what she does on my eye brow. Here is the phone# 510-525-8700 Aby

I can't recommend highly enough Deloris at Blush: A Day Spa. She was trained by Hollywood top brow folks and worked with the Hollywood and L.A. crowd before coming here. She was trained by the same person that trained the brow expert shown recently on Oprah. All this stuff aside, I can just tell you that my whole face seems prettier and clearer after my brows are done. I always had confidence in doing my own brows, but she suggested a different shape than what I had been doing for years (based on my face structure) and boy was she right. She's also just a very kind person.

Her salon is located right off of the Sonoma square, so I know it'll be a drive, but even if you only have her do them every once in awhile it's worth it. You can even make it a self-care day in Sonoma. Blush: a day spa. 561 Broadway Street, Suite C. Sonoma, 1.800.929.7723. Hope it helps - sister

Eyebrow specialist needed for shaping heavy brows

April 2007

I have had electrolysis on my very heavy eyebrows to a point where they are reasonable. However, they now need to be shaped and I am reluctant to have the electrolyicist do that. Can anyone recommend someone talented in shaping eyebrows, especially thick ones? I have had lots of waxers take way too much off in the past, and I want someone who won't go overboard. I would prefer the East Bay but would go to SF for this as well if need be. anon

My daughter has been going to Deirdre O'Malley for several years and is very happy with her brow shaping. She has also brought several of her friends there and Deirdre has done a great job for all of them. She is in the Beauty Center on College at Ashby, 2973 College Ave, Berkeley. 510-849-0383 Tell her Nicole recommended you. Barbara S

BeneFit on Fourth Street. Super convenient. Done in less than 15 minutes. I felt like I had a complete make-over because the brows made that much of a difference. New Mommy Looking Less Tired!

you need not search any further for a perfect esthetician. rachel at barberella in berkeley, on san pablo at dwight, is the best i've ever had. i've been going to her for years. i even followed her when she left Benefits on 4th street to go to barberella. she's great for all-over waxing. when it comes to eyebrows, she listens. if anything, i have to ask her to take a little more off from time to time. i cannot recommend her enough. YM

You should try Ahi at La Belle spa in Albany for shaping your eyebrow.She does a very good job with mine and she is very sweet.Here is her number:510-525-8700 Rose

Try my eyebrow specialist. She does great job for eyebrow. I find her on tribe.net. She has so many good recommandations for doing good eyebrows. Her website is www.luciahb.com Butterfly

I'd recommend Rachel at Barbarella Salon in Berkeley on San Pablo at Dwight. It's a really cool place with super nice people. satisfied customer

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2004 & Earlier

Eyebrow waxing for teen daughter

Dec 2004

Any suggestions for eyebrow waxing in N. Berkeley or Albany or El Cerrito? How much does it cost? Is it painful? How long does skin stay red? How long does it last? How long do you have to let the hair grow so it will work? (My 13-year-old daughter wants to get rid of the center of a unibrow.) Thanks

In response to recommendations wanted for eyebrow waxing, try Roberta at Berkeley Facial Studio. She charges $10.00 or if you sign up for a series of 5, you can get a discount from that price. Call for an appointment: 525-8933. Her studio is at 746 Gilman (at 4th), Berkeley. Roberta has been giving me facials and brow waxes for years. She has a delightful personality and does a beautiful job. Her facials are very reasonable, too. trisha

I go to Face Magic on Pomona ave in Albany for eyebrow waxing. It costs....maybe $20.00 or a tad more. They do a great job. Yes, it hurts...waxing hurts, but only for a second or two and it lasts, for me, a month or 2. My skin is usually red for afew hours after so you don't want to do it on the way to a party or prom!! I like waxing cause it's quick and easy. Hurts a lot less than tweezing, and at my age (51) I can't see well enough to tweeze properly without my glasses. anon

Rachel at Benifit! She is awesome and I think its like 17!? I give her a few dollars tip too though. Also she is so sweet and would be more than happy to get rid of a unibrow! She listens well and is gentle. Make sure to say its her first time. It hurts, but only for a second. She puts oil down on thie skin first to make it not hurt as much, and at the end she puts on cooling gel. Make an appointment and expect to be red that day or maybe two days since it's her first time... Good luck! Dani

I go to Festoon in North Berkeley and like either of the women who do waxing. I have very thick brows and don't go as often as I should, so it's a bit painful, but it's quick. The skin around my brows is pink and sensitive for a couple of hours afterwards. I usually go every 8-10 weeks but really should go every 6 weeks. I think I pay around $25. Kim

I suggest Benefit on Fourth Street in Berkeley. There is some pain involved, but it goes away very quickly. Good luck. anon

I recommend Benefit on Fourth St. I've been having my brows waxed there once a month for years and it's fast (10 minutes), not as painful as plucking (ouch) and get's rid of the unibrow. The redness generally is gone by the end of the day. It costs about $15, tip not included. It's a great way to improve your face without surgery or too much expense. I think it's appropriate for teens with heavy brows.

You can spend anywhere from $7 to $18. All of these are in Berkeley: Sharp Nails on San Pablo in Berkeley (at Gilman) has very inexpensive waxing, but maybe not great for a first timer. Your daughter might enjoy Festoon, which is a pricier salon on MLK (at Rose). Just about any full- service salon does waxing. Surfaces and Azul (both off Solano) also offer waxing. Benefit on 4th Street is another option but the waxing is done in public (not a private room), so if your daughter is shy it's not a great option. A good salon will put a cooling ointment or gel on the waxed area which will tone down the red. Redness can last up to a half hour or so; I don't have very sensitive skin so it might last longer on someone with sensitive skin. I've had my brows waxed for a long time, so it doesn't hurt (to me, it feels like a zipper being pulled along my brow) but others have said it does hurt them. For the first time, I'd probably try Festoon (even tho they're pricey) as they use a softer wax than most places do. You can ask the waxer if she can apply light pressure right after removing the wax. This is really the number one thing you can do to transform your face--in a good way! Forget makeup, etc. Having your brows done totally opens up your eyes and over (long) time the hair grows back less and less so that unibrow will one day be gone. Anon

Eyebrow waxing usually costs about $20, plus a tip (I tip 20%). I will let three people touch my brows: Crystal, at Darin David Salon on Solano, and Beth and Bonnie, both at Benefit on 4th Street in Berkeley. An unskilled eyebrow waxer can really mess up your brows, so you shouldn't go to just anyone! I do not consider a brow waxing painful, but I have been waxing my brows for many, many years. I think people do find it painful on the first few tries, although for me the area between the brows is much less sensitive than the area beneath the arch. I usually wait 2-3 weeks between waxes, but if the hair is really short, they can use tweezers (which is a bit more painful and time- consuming). It does cause redness, and sometimes blemishes, for me. My redness goes away in about an hour, but it depends on how fair- or sensitive-skinned you are. If you go to Crystal, Beth or Bonnie, they will tell you what to do because they are waxing experts! Good luck. Noel

Waxing for Men's Brows

June 2004

My hubby's brows have been growing somewhat crazy and bushy over the last year, and all my tweezing/snipping is getting exhausting! He would be willing to get them professionally waxed, but is interested in a place that is low-key, and not too crowded (which rules out Benefit, where I get mine done). Anyone know a place that has experience with waxing men's brows, preferably in a discreet environment? Is this weird (he wanted me to ask that!)??
The Handsome Unibrow's Wife :)

The uni-brow specialist is Susan Parks. Her phone number is 865-0900. Her website is hair-be-gone.com. She can turn a hairy man HUNKY permanently. Rebecca

Try Zahras at Hilltop mall. She has a back room that you can request to use. If that isn't close when you call around ask if they use private rooms. Surfaces in Berkeley I think may do that. Good luck b3rk

There is not a thing wierd about a man wanting to wax his eyebrows or anything else, and Amy Romano at Natural Expressions will have him feeling the same way. She is the only esthetician in a small shop. Her room is right off the waiting area so he won't be wandering through some huge salon past gals getting their hair and nails done. She is great and does have male clients. I highly recommend her. Lip, Brow and Brazilian Experienced

Face Magic on Pomona Street off of Solano avenue in Albany does mens brow waxing. 526-3223 The person I always see there is a man named Manuel. There are a few other estheticians there too (women) but I've only seen Manuel. It's a nice looking and quiet place. Never crowded when I've been there. He tells me that men come all the time for facials and waxing. hve fun, June

Entourage salon in Orinda has a private back room for waxing. I don't know if they have experience waxing men's brows, but they do a nice job cutting my husband's hair. (For the record, I don't think it's weird.) Pam

Hi, Not sure what location you are looking for but Tashana Master at Master Waxing Studio on Central Ave. in Alameda is wonderful. She does have male clients and it's her own studio so you would likely only see the next client, no crowds. She's really great at what she does and she's a really nice person too! Good luck, Kristie

Your husband might want to try Diedra at Beauty Center at 2973 College Avenue, 845-2485. She has a room in the back where she does the waxing so it's pretty discreet, and she's very good. anon

Where to get Eyebrows Waxed

Jan 2002

I'm looking for a place for eyebrow waxing. I tried About Face and Body in Rockridge a couple of times, and both times I got rashes (which I didn't get from more expensive places not in the Bay Area). I called the Claremont Hotel Spa and they have a minimum of 50 minutes and charge a small fortune. Any suggestions, preferably in the Oakland/Berkeley area?

Try Festoon Salon (corner of Rose and MLK in Berkeley). Ask for Laura. A brow wax is $17 and worth every penny. Yvette

I go to Francesca at Elixir on Hopkins (down from Monterrey Market). She does a great job waxing as well as facials. Eyebrow wax is $15 (I think). You can reach her at 510.526.1700. Amy

i have had facials and waxing done at ambiance salon on delaware, down near 4th street shopping area- i can't remember the name of the woman- but i think they are pretty good. also BENEFIT on 4th street is o.k. you might want to try to find out which waxes make you break out. jessica

I have a recommendation for the eyebrow waxing. I go to Beth at Benefit on 4th street in Berkeley. She is great and I never got a rash. She charges $13.00 and it is wise to make an appointment. Hope this helps. Bridget

Benefit on 4th street is reasonable, and they do a great job. Julie

I really like Benefit Cosmetics on Fourth Street in Berkeley. It's very easy to get an appointment and I've always been pleased with the result. I can't recall the cost, but I think it's something like $12 or $14. Anita

I use Francesca at Elxir on Hopkins, in Berkeley. She is very gentle, very kind and professional, plus the ambiance is wonderful. DebNic

I've had great results with a woman named Amy Hill, at the Natural Expressions day spa in Montclair Village. Number is 338-0464. She's done my brows about three times and I've gotten exactly what I wanted; a basic clean up that leaves my brows in a very natural shape. She listens and will do what you want. She charges $15. I go every couple of months as I can easily maintain them myself in between. She also gives a great facial! Good luck. Carolyn

I've liked the people at Ambiance, a tiny day spa on Fifth Street near Hearst in Berkeley. Both Eliza and Jeannie have been gentle, friendly, and the cost for waxing was much less than the Claremont or some waxing salons I've tried in the city. Ann S.

Elizabeth Arden, Post Street, San Francisco. Ask for Raquel. She is not the cheapest, but she is the best. As far as rashes and waxing.sometimes that cannot be avoided. Waxing really does irritate the follicle. A good esthetician will minimize the irritation, but may not be able to avoid it completely. Leslie

I just had mine done by a woman named Candy at Azul Spa on Ensenada off Solano Ave in Berkeley. I liked my brows better after I had them done in San Francisco but she did a good job. You can't beat Azul for the price, location and atmosphere. They have some really great people there and the ceiling is beautiful. Claremont is over rated as far as I am concerned! Dana

Try the HairTaylor salon in Montclair, and ask for Odessa. She charges about $30 (?) for color and wax, so wax alone is probably even less. She does a nice job, too. anon, please

I go to a place in Oakland (Crystal Nails) on 109th and MacArthur, it is not a classy place Claremont but the lady MeMe is excellent and they are very economical.

I have been going to Festoon Salon in N. Berkeley for eyebrow waxing. It costs $17. I have dry sensitive skin and haven't had a problem with rashes or anything else (though there is some redness for an hour afterwards). I never had my eybrows waxed until about 3 months ago, nor have I plucked in about 30 years. So I was a little scared. But I found I didn't mind it at all, and now after 4 trips I kind of look forward to it. They also do wonderful facials.

I have a GREAT woman who does my brows. She no longer waxes because she finds it to be too irritating to her clients' skin. She tweezes and also favors that because she can be more precise. She does a beautiful job (I have actually gotten compliments on my brows!) She also tints mine as they are very light. She has been at a salon in Oakland but is now working from her home in Pleasant Hill. I think it is worth the drive. Her name is Bettye George. Phone number 925-787-1241. She offers other services like special occasion makeup and stuff but is not pushy at all about those services. Terry

I think this may be the least expensive of the recommendations I've seen on this subject so far and they do a great job: Mayfair Hair and Nails on upper Solano Ave. I pay $10 and that includes tip! Historically I was a real weenie about even plucking my brows because it seemed too painful, but after the first waxing at Mayfair, I converted! Tonylisa2

Plucking, not waxing for eyebrows

May 2002

Does anyone know a good salonist in the East Bay who will do an eyebrow arch by plucking instead of waxing? I know someone in San Francisco, but would like something closer to home.

I go to Nadine Farsi who is now at the Elixir Salon on Hopkins across from Monterey Market. She just plucks eyebrows, no wax. She's great and is also very knowledgable about makeup and skin. She has a long waiting list but I've squeezed in by calling and asking for a cancellation time. Andrea