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  • Microblading recommendations

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    Has any of you had your eyebrows microbladed? My eyebrows are a MESS and I need to find a reliable place with skilled professionals since it's a permanent procedure. Any recommendations are much appreciated.  

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    I am 62, and did microblading two years ago. I love it! I highly recommend Enhanced by Amelia in Walnut Creek. Phone number 925 899-5449.  This was the first time I had done anything that is even semi-permanent.  Amy is a perfectionist and is great with recommending colors. I need to see her for a touch up because the color does fade over time. Five stars!

  • Microblading

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    As a teen in the 90’s, I plucked my eyebrows to the point where they now won’t grow back evenly. After years of waxing/shaping/filling in with pencils, I’m fed up with the morning routine and ready to wake up and go. I’ve been considering  microblading for some time but have been hesitant to pull the trigger because I’m not sure how my brows would look in 5-10+ years. After all, this  is essentially a tattoo. I’m finally ready to move forward and seeking recommendations. I live in Oakland but willing to drive anywhere in the east bay or even San Francisco for the procedure and touch ups.


    Hi there, I too have had this issue, and had microblading done twice on my brows. The first time I researched the best place in San Francisco. I paid an arm and a leg and would not recommend them. The healing process was a nightmare and i looked horrible for 2 weeks while they healed. The second place I went to is in Alameda and called Brow and Line and it was a fraction of the cost of the first place and I received much better results. The healing process was smooth and almost not noticeable. The procedure is not pain-free. In fact, for me it was very painful, but it is worth it. I don't have to draw my brows in daily and worry about them sweating off at the gym or rubbing off elsewhere.  Hope this helps! 

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Eyebrow tattoo

July 2008

I'm tired of having to pencil in my thinning, disappearing brows once or twice a day. Does anyone know anything about eyebrow tattoos - effectiveness, attractiveness, price? Any danger or downsides? Advice and recommendations appreciated! Thanks.

A few years ago I had a mole removed from my eyebrow. It created a bald spot which I got filled in with permanent makeup (ie tattoo). I went to Yolanda of LeMor Permanent Cosmetics (925-934-6020) out in Walnut Creek. I thought she did a good job of matching a color to my existing eyebrow hair. My understanding is that you have to have it redone every few years but it has been nearly 3 years for me and I think my spot looks good.

As far as safety, Yolanda can talk to you about that. My understanding is the pigment that she uses for eyebrows is very unlikely to cause a reaction where as the pigment that is used for lips could cause a reaction in some people. Good luck! anon

Feb. 2004

Hi! I had my eyebrows tattooed a few years ago and now it's beginning to fade. I didn't really like the place I went to so I was wondering if anyone out there has had their eyebrows done and can recommend a good place for me. Thank you in advan anon

If you ever go to the Palm Springs area the very best one is ''New Age Glamour'' in palm desert. I have been going to them for about 5 years and continually get compliments when I mention that my Eyebrows are done that they look so natural no one would know. My beautician says she has seen many eyebrows done and still says mine stand out by far as the best she has ever seen. Costs are cheaper in Palm Desert than here. In this area I used Lisa Bruce For tattoo coverup for scars. Lisa was or may still be the President for the permanent makeup association, or whatever it is Called. Lisa Bruce is located in Albany at 1225 Marin 510-527-2376. Look at her books of photos of people she has done To see how she does the eyebrows. New age glamour does Janet Jackson and other showbusiness people. Best wishes.

Try Yoland LeMore in Walnut Creek. I had mine done, twice actually, I think the fading is just something that happens after a few years. Anyway, she does good work and teaches permanent makeup tattooing. Good Luck sharon

Permanent Eyeliner

June 2002

I am thinking about having permanent eyeliner tatooed on my eyes, but understandable, I am very apprehensive. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good person and place to go have it done? Has anyone had any bad experiences with it? vain mom

I have not had any permanent cosmetics done, but the woman I go to for electrolysis does permanent cosmetics and she is great - so friendly and professional. She was President of the Society For Professional Permanent Cosmetics. Her name is Lisa Bruce. Her office is on Marin Ave in Albany and her phone number is 527- 2376. Good Luck! Katrine

A metal is used in the permanent eyeliner. Please note that if you have permanent eyeliner you may not be able to have an MRI later. I'll have to check on whether or not you can or if the risk of damage to your eyes/eyelids is considered too high. Certainly, it would make the images unreadable close to your eyes. It may move the eyeliner a little, causing irritation to your eyelids and possibly ruining your eyeliner. Just thought you might want to consider this point before going ahead with the procedure. Sue

I know a licensed cosmotologist who does permament make up and she does wonderful work. I haven't personally had permanent make up done but a lot of my friends have gone to her and love it. I do have my eye lashes and brows tinted by her and am very pleased with that service. Her name is Sherri Pezzola and the number to reach her is 510-262-9566. sr

I had permanent eyeliner put on by Laura Bruce, on Marin in Albany. I found her to be helpful and professional. I am happy with the tops of my eyelids, but have had trouble getting the bottom liner to stay. Part of this is because I like to wear it on the inside of the eyelid, instead of right below the lower lashes. I don't think you would have the problem if you put it below the lashes. Both upper and lower, although it's been a little over a year, still itch on occasion. No one, not even my eye doctor, had heard of this happening. Laura has been willing to go over my lower liner more if I desire, but I haven't gotten up the courage to try it a third time. The pain was not as bad as I anticipated, though it's hard to look into the light with your eye open and anticipate the action. The actual tatooing is probably 10-20 minutes per eye, though it takes longer. The first night, there was quite a bit of swelling. If I remember correctly, the cost was between $400-500 for the whole procedure. Good luck, whatever your decision. Anon

I have had the eyeliner, eyebrows and lipliner done. I started out with the eyebrows (about five years ago)to see if I would like it and the following year did the eyeliner and subsequently have also had the lipliner done. They are a trememdous savings of time. I have mine done in Palm Desert (Palm Springs) at New Age Glamour. They do a great job and are much cheaper than in this area. The only drawback is that it is not a one time thing. As time goes on it begins to fade and you can either put the makeup back on or get a touchup. I highly recommend it. jh

I have no personal experience with permanent eye liner, but the skin person I went to in Tiburon does. I can't remember if she had just had it done herself, or if she actually applies it to others. I would trust her completely. I have used her for facials and electroysis. She was well worth the trip from the east bay to Tiburon. Hope this is of some help. Judy at Features 415 435-6831