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Bushy 60 Year- Old Eyebrows

Sept 2010

I'm an aging Baby Boomer who has never plucked/waxed/threaded my eyebrows -- nor have I worn make-up since I was in high school in the sixties. I have been thinking lately that it wouldn't hurt to spruce up my look a bit. I've seen people have makeovers on TV shows like Oprah and What Not To Wear, but I'd like to know if it's physically possible -- without spending a zillion dollars, to at least get shapely eyebrows at my age. I know this post is halfway between Advice and Recommendations, but I'd like a little of both. I'd like to know the experiences of older women who have had an eyebrow and/or make-up ''makeover'' and at the same time I'd like to know who you might recommend to help me.

By the way, one of the reasons I have stayed away from cosmetics is because I am highly sensitive to scents and chemicals. Any products I use must be absolutely pure (if there is such a thing!). Ready for a change

I don't wear make-up either, but have always plucked my eyebrows. I've noticed with aging that the hairs are longer. Now I push the brow hair up and then down and clip the really long hairs with cuticle scissors. Makes for a nicer look on me. Less bushy
Yes, I too have recently realized I need to pay attention to the eyebrows, and I have some advice for you.

1. Go on and watch some how-to videos about eyebrow shaping. There are lots of them. I've learned a LOT from 20-somethings on youtube showing how to do makeup.

2. If you don't already have one, get one of those lighted magnifying makeup mirrors. You need to be able to see.

3. Invest in some good tweezers and scissors. I got mine on Amazon. Tweezerman. I love my little tiny extremely sharp eyebrow scissors!

4. You need some sort of eyebrow brush. There are the spiral ones like for mascara, and the miniature toothbrush looking ones, and even tiny combs. These are all cheap on Amazon, so you can try more than one kind.

5. You might need an eyebrow pencil to fill in gaps. It took me a long time to find just the right one, so don't give up - keep looking. Try Clinique at Bancroft Clothing.

6. Last but not least: Do not drink and pluck! It takes several weeks growth to correct those mistakes, as I know from first-hand experience!

Have fun! 57-yo with improving eyebrows

Macys has a wonderful Brow Bar. It will change your life! Reenie
If you're sensitive, I'd recommend threading. It's a bit painful but for me, I don't have the same reaction I have when I get waxed. As someone who struggles with hair issues, I have tried many methods. I found a wonderful threader at Polish on Piedmont Ave in Oakland. Her name is Dumi. She is very gentle and quick and very sweet. I do a combination of threading and waxing because I can't handle the pain of threading on my upper lip. As far as the results, groomed eyebrows look better. I didn't do eyebrows for years and now I just find I look better when they aren't all crazy. I'm not in my 60s but I'm at a point in life when I have to pay attention to that. I also have rosacea and very senstive skin and I love the Physiodermie products they sell. My skin does not react and feels great. I also really like the Bare Essentials makeup. Feels like I'm not wearing anything and the zinc in the makeup is good for my skin. I hate makeup as well, but with the redness in my skin and all that, I just look better when I'm fully groomed. Tell Dumi someone on Berkeley Parents recommended you. The wax at Polish is very good as well so if you want to try it there, I'd say do it. There are too many places that do waxing that are just HORRIBLE so never go without a recommendation. Trust me on this. keep lookin good
I recently went to Ashby Nails (across from the Bart station on Ashby). I asked that they just clean up my brows and I specified that I didn't want my brows reduced to thin lines (as they'd done about a year ago when I'd been less specific), This time they did a beautiful job!!!!! And I am over 60 with sensitive skin. Signed: amma
You and I have the opposite problem; At 48 y.o. I have NO eyebrows, they've gone blone as when I was a toddler. I go to Benefit Cosmetics on 4th St. where their faboo eyebrow/lash professionals do amazing things with my non- existant brows. On the flip side (yours), they can wax them into a nice shapely brow, pluck extras and trim them. They can tint them, if you have gray, and yes, You CAN have beautiful brows! It's not particularly expensive, and results last between 4 - 6 weeks, sometimes longer. I've had not skin problems with tinting/waxing there, and I do have very sensitive skin. There can be some irritation from the waxing part, though. Benefit will also help you with makeup, but these are young women who tend to get a little heavy handed w/ the makeup at times.

I highly recommend Benefit, but I do know that there are many high-end salons (I also love the Claremont Spa -- they have wonderful aestheticians) that use natural products and have highly skilled aestheticians that can tame your brows and give you a nice make-over.

Make sure whoever you see, that you let them know that you've not worn makeup in forever and want to go as natural looking as possible -- otherwise you'll end up feeling like a Drag Queen. Nothing wrong with being a Drag Queen, but that's a whole 'nother thing. Beautiful Brows are Important!