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Good and affordable lash and brow tints?

Oct 2007

I live in Albany, and am looking for a good place to get my lashes tinted and my brows waxed and tinted. I don't want to pay too much, as I end up needing to go every three or four weeks, but also need to find someone who will spend the time to get the tint all the way out on the tips of my lashes. There are some recommendations on this site already, but they're years old. Anyone? blondie

You should try La Nana salon$spa on solano ave in Berkeley. They do a very good job and the price is reasonable. I think is $40 for both(lash and brow). I have seen Elise and Julia there to do my lashes and brow and i have always been happy. Here is the phone# 510-525-8700 Lynda.M

For a fabulous affordable lash tint and brow wax and tint, try Benefit on Fourth Street in Berkeley. They have a good deal, $38 (plus tip) for a ''Trio'', which includes all of the above. You have to be OK with sitting in a chair in the store for your services rather than having a private room, but I have found them to be the best deal with the best results around. If you want them to spend a little extra time and attention, I would suggest scheduling something during a slow time rather than walking in, as they can get busy. All the women are nice to talk to, and most are moms as well. Also, are you sure you really need all three services each time? I find that my lash and eyebrow tints last more like 5-6 weeks, whereas I often want to come in for another eyebrow wax sooner. Sometimes I tough it out, or sometimes I just pop in for the eyebrow wax in between the Trio visits. I also make sure not to wash my lashes or brows for at least twelve hours after; like with hair dye it helps to retain the color. georgous eyes in Berkeley

Lucia Lee does a great job tinting lashes and has done mine for many years. She paints the tint on very thick and uses a special kind of tint that seems to last longer than what other people use. Her prices are also very lower than anyone else. She has a pretty flexible schedule and works from her home. She lives in Berkeley near Ashby and MLK. Her business is called Lucia Health and Beauty and her phone number is: 510.205.1028 email: lucia [at] luciahb.com another blondie

I got to Benefit Cosmetics on 4th Street for lash tints. I think they do a good job, however I only go every 3-4 months. It's about $15 (and I leave a nice tip on top of that). I know they do waxing, brows, too. susan

Sraddha at Lucia's health and beauty, they are a home based business. very affordable price and use the best products. eyelash tint at $17, brow tint at $15, call her at 510.205.1028. www.luciahb.com Jade

I would highly recommend Erin Wong. She works out of a studio in the Glenview neighborhood in Oakland and is wonderful. She is professional, warm and highly skilled. I've been getting my lashes tinted by her for over a year and look forward to seeing her each month. She is also very affordable. Her phone number is 510-482-4012. Mary

I recommend Alresa at Cloud Nine on Claremont Avenue near Hudson Street. It's just off Hwy 24 on Claremont. It's a tiny place but she's careful, takes the time required and does great job. 510.350.0634 Tell her Susan B. sent you! Susan B

I would highly recommend Marlen Arechiga European Skin Care at 600 San Pablo Ave, 525-1070. My mom, sister and I have all been getting facials, brow/lash tint, waxing, etc. from Marlen for years, she is like part of the family, lovely and warm, does a fantastic job. Enjoy! anon

Someone near Walnut Creek to touch up my eyebrows

April 2006

Hello... I am looking for someone to touch up eyebrows I had permanently enhanced three years ago. As I understand it, fading happens over time, but I have no contact with the woman who originally did the work to have her touch them up. Any referrals would be appreciated and if you could tell me approximately what you paid that'd be great! Karen

Check out Yolanda at LeMor Permanent Cosmetics in Walnut Creek (925-934-6020, www.lemormpi.com). I had 'bald' spot in one of my eyebrows filled in about 9 months ago and she matched the color perfectly. anon

Yoshi's in Antioch! She's very good..I just got my eyebrows done not too long ago and I'm very pleased with it. Here's her info. Yoshi's Electrology & Permanent Make-Up 1104 Buchannan Road, Suite B2B Antioch, Ca 94509 925.754.7764 I believe she only opens Thurs-Sun. Hope this helps! Jane

Want to color white hairs in my eyebrows

Dec 2005

I have reached that point in my life where the white hairs are ferociously invading my eyebrows. Is there someone in the East Bay who is accomplished at eyebrow dyeing or tinting? I am not even sure what it is called. I don't think I am ready to plunge into permanent color, but would like to have renewably brown brows. Thanks much anon

Try Francesca at Alchemy Skin Spa in Berkeley. I have been going to her for several years for other services. She is really good and has created the most relaxing environment. It's like a mini retreat everytime I go. Her site is: http://www.alchemyskinspa.com/. She lists brow color for $12. anne

Benefit on 4th Street, they do a great job with brows, but you will need to make an appointment, they are always busy. anon

I would recommend Keter Salon on 4th street in Berkeley. There is a girl there who does it, it takes about 30 or 40 minutes I think . Really nice people at that salon. aalbini