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Good threader for a newbie

May 2007

I'm looking for a place to try eyebrow threading for the first time. Waxing and tweezing are not for me (I have a week of irritated skin). The archives are quite outdated (2.5 years old) and was hoping for some advice on a good place and threader for a newbie. Thanks in advance. Shauna

There are two places that I have passed but have never been to. I am curious about them though... They are both on University Ave in Berkeley. One is closer to the top between Martin Luther King and Grant (I think-or the block above that) and the other is way down on University, I think, below San Pablo on the north side of the street. Good luck! painful eye-brow-plucker
Try Alresa at Cloud Nine Salon on Claremont in Oakland. She is wonderful! I go to her for all of my waxing/threading needs. www.cloudninesalon.biz 350-0634 Lisa
I have been getting my brows threaded for several years and I can tell you it's absolutely the greatest. Threading has been around for over 1,000 years and some of the world's most beautiful women in India and the Middle East(including Bollywood stars) swear by it.

I adore threading and I'm convinced it gives the most beautiful brows at a fraction of the cost of waxing. It does hurt -- so take an aspirin 30 minutes beforehand -- but it is very fast and really makes you look like a Bollywood movie star.

Also, since the twisted thread is drawn across the skin, it only pulls out one row of hairs at a time, making an ugly mistake less likely (waxing pulls out a whole clump of hair at one time, and if they make a mistake you're screwed). It's cheap, too -- most places charge $7 or $8. You will be in and out in 10 minutes.

I go to two places -- in Fremont, Beauty Plus, in the same plaza as Naz8 Cinemas, does amazing work for just $7. It's on Paseo Padre at Mowry, 510-505-9161. This is my favorite threading place and it is completely worth the drive to Fremont!

In Berkeley, I recommend Riya Beauty Parlour on Durant at Telegraph. They too charge $7 last time I checked. 510-540-6325. There is a second Riya salon, on University Ave., but that one is poorly run and I have had bad experiences there so I do NOT recommend that location. Email me if you want any more info on threading. It's really great and once you try it you'll never want to do anything else on your brows. Lisa T

Place that does both threading and waxing?

Jan 2007

Trying to find good place in Oakland, preferably, that does waxing and threading both. I just had the best one done in LA for a wedding and would love to continue this closer to home here. PLease let me know if you have a good rec for one here in the east bay (weekend hours are good too). Thanks anon

The closest good place to Oakland is Riya's, an Indian place on Durant at Telegraph. However my favorite place to go is all the way in Fremont -- more info is on my Yelp posting about it here: http://www.yelp.com/biz/au9izyzdc_HS35snPnCqIw?hrid=YL2mgXdXqqBBldpl-5LclQ Lisa

Inexpensive eyebrow threading?

Oct 2006

Does anyone know of an inexpensive place to get eyebrows threaded? Preferably in the East Bay/Berkeley area. anon

Riya Beauty Parlour does eyebrow threading. They do a great job and their price list is on their website too ($8 for eyebrows). http://www.riyabeautyparlor.com/ GB
I go to Riya Beauty in Berkeley. The address is 2433 Durant Unit C. It's a tiny place; they also do manicures and pedicures. You don't need an appointment, but here is their number if you want more info: (510) 540-6325. I've been getting my brows threaded there about a year and they do a good job. I get compliments on them all the time! crystal
I'm glad you asked about threading, because lots of folks have never heard of it and it truly produces the most graceful and beautiful brow line at around $7 per session (a FRACTION of what you'd pay at a ritzy ''eyebrow sculpting'' session at a salon). I get my brows threaded at two places in the East Bay -- in downtown Berkeley, there is Riya's at 2433 Durant, 510-540-6325 (though I don't recommend Riya's second location on University Ave.); and in Fremont, a salon in the same Gateway Plaza as Naz8 Cinemas on Paseo Padre Parkway. You can also try the yellow pages listings on Sulekha.com for Indian beauty salons. Once you try threading you will never go back! Lisa T
The only place I've found that does eyebrow threading in sf bay area is cinta salon in san francisco. I'll be curious to see the other responses. I'd love to find something in berkeley/oakland or lamorinda hairy brows
I love going to Threads in Dublin in the Holiday Inn Express on Dublin Blvd by Hopyard. They have done wnders for my eyebrows and facial hair It costs 10 for brows and facial hair. Here's their website http://www.threadsbeautybar.com/ Amy

Where to get threading done in the East Bay

Dec 2004

In terms of eyebrow grooming, I've tried all the methods out there --- waxing, plucking and threading (the East Indian method using a ''magic'' thread). For me, there is no comparison -- threading is by far the best. Unfortunately, since I've moved here from Chicago, I have not found anyone in the Bay Area that does eyebrow threading. Does anyone know of someone in the East Bay that does eyebrow threading that you can recommend? Thanks very much. Mary

I go to Riya Beauty Parlour (510/540-6325, 2433 Durant Ave., Berkeley) They are located in the little alley near Yogurt Park. Helena
I go to a fantastic place for eyebrow threading. It's Riya Salon, in Berkeley. It's in the ''alley'' between Bancroft and Durant, half a block below Telegraph. About 3 doors from Yogourt Park. All the women working there do threading, but Chandran is the best(I think I've mis-spelled her name. It means ''gold'') threading fan
I have been using Nina in Berkeley for four years for threading, and she's the best person I've found (and I've tried many, believe me). She works in different places (usually at a salon at University and Shattuck), so best way to find her is at 510- 410-1020. She works limited hours and can be difficult to get appointments with. anon
I have had my eyebrows threaded at a little shop on the edge of campus. I don't remember the name but it is in the breezeway that runs between Yogurt Park on Durant and Neds Bookstore on Bancroft. There are only 2 salon type businesses in that breezeway so you should be able to find it easily. sr
Yes! Threading is wonderful for removing facial hair and does not agitate the skin. I have a great person in Berkeley. Her name is Nina and her number is 510-410-1020. Teresa
Hi. I just happened to discover threading when I walked in for a waxing- now converting to threading too. It is in El Sobrante- Little Mermaid Salon, the owner does threading as well as many other services and she was quite good and reasonably priced. The only drawback was sitting back in a salon chair because she does not have a separate table to lie on and it's not private in case that matters. I'll post again if I find the #. Chris
Try Riya Beauty Salon in the alley way between Bancroft and Durant in downtown Berkeley. It is the same alley way that Yogurt Park is in, just west of Telegraph. Eyebrow threading costs $8, I believe. I usually walk-in without an appointment and never have to wait too long. They validate for the parking garage (the one with the big orange beams across the building) across the street.

I have had 3 different people there thread my eyebrows. I think the owner of the salon is the best, but the other two women are fine. Hurts MUCH less than waxing, as you know, but the results aren't always as precise. They also have other salon services such as facials, manicures, pedicures and henna. Anita

I can't remember the name of the place, but there's a little salon at the corner of Claremont and Hudson that does threading.