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Thinning Eyebrows - what to do?

May 2011

Am fifty something and my once bushy brows have been thinning the past few years but now down 50% and am not looking forward to this continued trend. Doctor has ruled out thyroid as a cause. Am post menopause and am wondering if this is to be expected. Am trying Latisse with minimal results. Has anyone else found a way to revive thinning brows? Alternatively, does anyone have recommendations on where I can take diy ''eyebrow'' drawing lessons. Signed, Browless (and not liking it)

I've recently been diagnosed by my Dermotologist with something called Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia, maybe something you'd like to look into. One eyebrow has basically disappeared in the past year or so and I have some hair loss right on my forehead hairline. Not fun and I'm very self conscious. I'm looking into getting permannet make up for my brow(s). Good luck! browless too
I think it looks nicest when you just brush your eyebrows with a dry mascara brush and not too dark. ''Drawn'' eyes always look weird up close. Sorry I am clueless about how to stop the hair loss... Good wishes to you!
You can tattoo your eyebrows. I did this a couple of years ago (but not in the Bay Area) and it made a huge difference to me. In fact I would like to touch mine up, but haven't started to search for a technician in the area. I paid $150 which I've heard is inexpensive for the procedure. I love not having to pencil them in every morning and most people don't know that they are tattooed. There is also permanent eye liner but it looked too painful for me, however, the eyebrow area was tolerable......if you find someone, please post it here. tattooed

Latisse for dwindling eyebrows?

Jan 2010

Looking for people who have used Latisse and their experiences with it and if they recommend it. I'd like to try it on my eyebrows, which were once quite bushy and have now dwindled away. Latisse sounds easy enough to use but wonder if there are any side effects to worry about. Fifty-something

I've used Latisse on my eyelashes for several months with great results. For that use, the possible side effects are irritation, allergic reaction, darkening of the skin and iris, and undesired hair growth (doesn't happen to everyone). My eyelids itch sometimes, but not too badly. As you may know, the drug is used to treat glaucoma, so it decreases eye pressure, but that is not really a problem. I wasn't aware that it is being used to increase eyebrow growth--Latisse is only FDA approved for the upper lashes; but an internet search shows that it is used ''off-label'' for eyebrows--but you may not get a physician to recommend this. I would suspect that the side effects for this use would be irritation, allergy, hyperpigmentation, and hair growth in undesired locations. And since the drug is not marketed for eyebrows, there may be other side effects that we don't know about since they haven't been reported. Also, I've seen recommendations for Rogaine use to encourage eyebrow growth. Love my eyelashes
This drug was originally developed to treat glaucoma; it turned out to have the side effect of making your lashes thicker. My mother, who has glaucoma, uses it. I asked her what she thought about the thicker lashes, and she said: ''I consider this side effect a plague. Some of the new or longer eyelashes apparently grow in the wrong direction and cause me much discomfort. I have to keep plucking out eyelashes until I succeed in removing the ones that are bothering me.'' My eyelashes may not be thick, but at least they don't grow into my eyes
I would say go for it. You are very unlikely to have problems with it. It has an excellent track record as Lumigan, a glaucoma treatment, when it is instilled in the eye. Lumigan uses the same active ingredient as Latisse. Latisse as an eyelash treatment is brushed on the eyelid and has minimal side effects, mostly redness and irritation for some people. Some people are freaked out about the medicine's ability to possibly change eye pigment, but generally those people do not seem very knowledgeable about the science behind the drug and the research and exaggerate that side effect. You won't even be applying it close to the eyeball (relatively) but on the brow.

I have been using it for my eyelashes, not brows. My side effects have been limited to a little redness and irritation. Since the drug is applied at night no one sees the redness, and the irritation is so minor. My lashes look great. I'm thrilled with it. My only complaint is that it's expensive. Liza

Thinning eyebrows - still nursing

Nov 2009

Wondering if anyone has experienced their eyebrows thinning and any suggestions to stop the thinning and regrow hair. I'm still nursing a 13 month old and so I guess hormones may be playing a part but it seems odd to me. Thanks! anon

This is my mom's idea & I've used it too, albeit to remove tension around eyebrows area when I get headaches. But I think it will work to promote hair growth in the eyebrow area. Do massage with coconut oil (dab a little coconut oil on your finger tips & massage softly in horizontal directions (10 - 20 movements). Coconut oil is NOT harmful but do avoid contact with eyes. Because at room temperature it's liquid & solidifies at cold temperatures. So when it's liquid, it can trickle down to your eyes. You can get it easily in small sizes at any Indian grocery stores (my recommended brand is Parachute company). Indians have long been using coconut oil for massaging scalp, and hair treatment to promote hair growth and since it is completely natural there are no fears of side effects. savvy mom