Less expensive massage places on San Pablo: any good?

I have passed by the inexpensive body and foot massage parlors on and around San Pablo Ave. for many years now and always wondered whether they were worth a shot. I am not able to afford massage at the going rate for most body workers, but my mind and body could really use it. Has anyone tried these or other places where a full body hour-long massage costs only $30 or $40?

Thanks for any reviews.

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I haven't tried them, but if you want a cheap massage (that isn't sketchy!) try the National Holistic Institute in Emeryville. Student massages are $35/hr. I've been going there for years- most of the time, the massages are great and effective. Every once in a while the student isn't so great, but it's still a very relaxing hour. 

I don't know about the places on San Pablo Ave, but I frequently go to Angel Feet Reflexology in Oakland Chinatown. I get the 1 hr foot reflexology, which includes a body massage as well, $35. They also provide 1 hour parking validation at the central parking garage in Chinatown. Try and bring cash. I've always had a great experience, check them out!


Try National Holistic Institute in Emeryville: https://booknow.appointment-plus.com/z6bp194/10

Massages are done by students, so the quality can vary, but the cost is $35, no tips are accepted. I really don't like that you cannot specify the type of massage (it's whatever they are working on that day). But if you have a strong preference, ask the receptionist if there is a way out (once I called in before my massage, found out it was shiatsu day (which I get not benefit from) and was able to reschedule to another day without penalty). I have had some good massages here and hope you do too!

I'm pretty sure all those cheapo massage places are expecting men who want a "happy ending." Steer clear. 

I go to therapeutic massage center on San Pablo (across from el cerrito natural grocery store) as often as I can afford. My massage therapist is named Mimi and although her English is not great, she is easy to communicate with and does a fantastic job. The cost is $45 for an hour and I always tip at least $20 as she so deserves it. Please note that this is considered a "therapeutic" massage so the environment is not like a spa. You can hear other people's' voices and the phone ringing etc.  It is clean and safe and an excellent massage- this coming from a very very picky person!  Highly recommended.

National Holistic Institute in Emeryville. It's a school of massage, but you can get a 50-minute massage for $35, or if you're over 55, it's only $30. It's run very professionally, they do shiatsu and Swedish, whichever the student is assigned (customers are not allowed to request massage or therapist). I've been going there for several years, and have been satisfied. Even when I get a beginner, which is evident by how challenged they are at adjusting the sheets around your body, the massage still increases blood flow to various areas of my aching body. Hope that helps!

I get massages at two places that are terrific, and in your pirce range: Pinole Family Spa in Pinole (510.478.6776) and Health Massage in El Sobrante (510.758.7970). Highly reccomend them! They both have opened within the last year.