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Hello BPN!

I'm hoping someone might have a recommendation for serious deep tissue massage bodywork around the East Bay. I've tried a few therapists Berkeley who specialized in Swedish and deep tissue but it ended up being more for relaxation, which is great, but not my desperate need at the moment. 

I'm pretty active and work out daily, in addition to taking care of our small children. Doing it all with back pain from pregnancies, lots of tension, tons of knots and some chronic pain from sports years ago, is getting to be a struggle. I'd really would like to start seeing a massage therapist regularly and start fixing some things! Hoping someone might know of anyone who could help. Thank you kindly in advance!

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You absolutely want Berkeley Deep Sports Massage - located on San Pablo near Ashby. The time during the massage may not be the most pleasant, but they'll get those knots and work on relaxing the chronic tension and pain. I'd also recommend checking out the book The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook - it combined with a theracane, a lacrosse ball, and the occasional massage have helped me a LOT over the past few years.

Joanne Cosgrove is great:

She used to work in a physical therapy office and can identify sources of pain and fix them through massage. She has been pretty life changing for me. 

I absolutely love Adelle Hintz who is working out of Ginko Chiropractic which is just across from Alta Bates. Knows the human body, applies the right amount of pressure and will focus on areas you request (and not waste time on areas you don’t care about). She is amazing!

I highly recommend a no frills therapeutic massage place on San Pablo in el cerrito across from the el cerrito natural grocery store. They have recently changed names. However- the women who work there are amazingly strong and intuitive. I have never had a bad experience there. They charge an incredibly low price of $50 hourly and I always tip at least $20. The downside is that  you can sometimes hear other clients getting  massages but they are so good I don’t care. 

Thank you all so much for the recommendations!!