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  • Postpartum Doula Recommendations

    (5 replies)

    Hi! I am a new parent of a five-week-old baby and my wife and I are looking for a postpartum doula. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks! 

    I had a fantastic postpartum doula from "Brilliant Births | Childbirth Classes, Birth & Postpartum Doula Support, Support Groups" My doula was Stephanie.

    Lori Jaffe! My husband and I hired Lori to be our PPD in April of 2021.  Because of Covid and in general I was really nervous about bringing someone I had never met into our home, but on day one my concerns about all of that completely subsided and she fit right in. On our second day home she helped us with bottle feeding (I was doing a combo of nursing and supplementing with formula and our baby was not into the bottle ). She was so good with him and we could see how much she loves babies and children. I was so grateful to have her to text (at any time) with questions about our boy and she was very reassuring! She was also very flexible in her schedule. She also has a wide network of people and connected me to the most awesome lactation consultant. Lori has a truly gentle soul and will love your baby very much. Our boy is almost 5 mos old now and we still ask her to come and watch him when we go out for date night…and most importantly I feel 100% safe leaving our little baby with her and can really enjoy myself! Get her if you can! 

    Congratulations! Shannon Staloch is a local midwife and carried out in-home post-partum visits. We were very happy with her. Her number is 408 464 1441. 

  • My husband and I are looking to hire a baby nurse for 1-2 months after our baby is born in the fall. We're leaning towards nights only, but are open to 24/7 care depending on price and other logistics. The start date would be in early November and ideally the nurse would be able to work through the Thanksgiving/holiday season. We're hoping to find more of a NYC-style baby nurse rather than a postpartum doula. I'm having trouble finding that sort of thing in the East Bay. Any suggestions about individuals or groups that could fit the bill? 

    I highly recommend Tabu Boone ( and, 510-701-6338). She was our night nurse for both children for the first 6-8 weeks after birth. She is competent, compassionate, and reliable; we felt safe leaving our baby in her care immediately. Beyond allowing us to get much-needed rest, she was a wealth of information about postpartum health, breastfeeding, and infant care in general. I appreciated that she deferred to our preferences, but was also happy to/able to take the lead. Overall, she's a lovely person, and we have remained in touch even years later. She may offer some morning/daytime help. 

  • Newborn Nightcare ?

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    We're expecting our first baby this summer and are interested in a night doula/newborn care specialist to help us out at night.  We would love some recommendations on a good night doula/nanny if you have a good experience with yours.

    Thank you!


    RE: Newborn Nightcare ? ()

    Highest recommendations for Blandina Masalu 925-752-0918 and Linda Bradley 510-326-4312... call or text.  We had a wonderful experience with both of them.  

    RE: Newborn Nightcare ? ()

    Congratulations on the baby on the way! I cannot recommend Frances Weekes and the team at Bay Area Night Doulas ( more highly. Frances is incredibly warm and truly gifted with babies. She is also so experienced with every aspect of newborn care that I feel like she really taught me how to be a mom. And she also took such good care of me as I navigated those early first few weeks. When I became pregnant with my second child, Frances was one of the first people I told because I wanted to make sure she could be with us again. I'll be forever grateful to the universe that Frances was able to help us--in fact, I'd almost be tempted to keep having babies so that Frances would come back again.

  • Hi! We're expecting our second in early 2021, and we're looking for a night nanny to help us from 10 pm to 6 am, 3-4 nights a week, from weeks 2 through 10 (and maybe longer, depending on our needs). If you had a night nanny you loved, can you share their contact info or how you found them? If you have any tips for working with a night nanny, we'd also really appreciate it!  

    I worked with (and highly recommend) both Blandina Masalu 925-752-0918 and Linda Bradley 510-326-4312

    They have a lot of experience and can offer suggestions without being at all pushy, and are so attentive and warm.  I found both through BPN and after talking with them, called a few references. Wanted to note that Blandina is a little quiet in an interview, but she warms up right away.  

    Congrats! Denise Macko supported us when we brought our baby home last October. She is incredibly experienced and professional while still being warm and attentive. We were referred by a friend though she's also part of the East Bay Postpartum Doula Circle ( dpmacko [at] / 510-908-0398

    Denise would think of every detail—from bringing her own clean/quiet slippers to adding little blankets as a headrest for our baby's changing table, even dialing in on the ideal soft lighting—to create a soothing, supportive space for everyone in the house. I found it helpful to talk in advance about how we'd like to prioritize her attention (baby's needs, mom's recovery, coming back in for key sleep transitions, etc.) as that guided expectations and set our schedule together.

    We loved Lacy! She worked with us when our daughter was 3 weeks to 11 or 12 weeks old (2x/week). She arrived on time and slipped quietly out of our home at 6am so as not to disturb me. She brought my daughter to me for night feedings (per my request), and she did the rest. By 10 weeks my daughter was sleeping through the night, and by 11 or 12 weeks it was time to say goodbye because we clearly didn't need night help anymore. She was personable, reassuring, knowledgeable, and frequently amused me with funny anecdotes while I fed my daughter in the middle of the night... her presence and work was incredibly helpful in the early days of parenthood. Current rate is $250/night. Here's her website:

  • Night / Day Nurse for Newborns

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    Hi, we're relatively new to the Berkeley area and first time parents to be (June 2020). Trying to navigate the prep and resources we might need when baby gets here. Would appreciate people's advice on the following!

    - Do you have any night / day time nurse recommendations and insights on what we should explore, given we don't know how difficult of a sleeper our baby is? I am leaning towards finding a day-time nurse for the first few weeks since 1) we are pretty clueless 2) I'll have maternity leave for 4 months so less concerned about my sleep.

    - Are there any essential classes to help us prep for the baby (besides the standard breastfeeding and CPR classes we are already signed up for)? We're into the less is more approach:)

    - Can we wait till baby gets here to start interviewing nannies/nanny shares for when I get back to work or is that also something I should secure now?

    Thank you so much!

    Hi there, 

    I am a birth and postpartum doula and I work with new parents all the time who are in your exact position! There are a ton of resources for new parents here in the Bay area. I would recommend getting connected with a postpartum doula or agency depending on your needs and budget and setting up support for the first 2-4 weeks. They will help you adjust to your new role as parents and give you specific tools and education and emotional support that is unique to your situation.

    Often the families that I work with don't know their exact support needs after their maternity leave ends. For example, they may have intended on going back to work full-time and then decide they want to do part-time or are offered the option to work for home part-time. This changes their nanny support needs and can be hard if you have already committed to a nanny who depends on the hours you originally agreed to. So, you might want to wait to secure a nanny or at least interview people that are open to being flexible. Some parents want to interview the nanny and see how they engage with their baby, so that is one consideration. 

    Hope this helps, 


    If I have any advice for you:  get the night nurse.  I waited 2 months to do this, and even had my mom staying with me (I'm a single mom), and I can't believe I waited.  I had 6 months maternity leave, and the sleeplessness is what everyone talks about.  Unless you're expecting a 10lb baby that can sleep well from day 1, the break the night nurse gives you at night is well worth the $$$$.

    If you can find a nanny early, I would recommend having them come 2x per week.  That way they get used to you, you get a much needed break, and the baby learns the new person.  Also did this, and it was a great idea.

    Night nanny is so so worth it for sanity.  Most night nannies that you talk to will be understanding that you don't yet know what you'll need in terms of coverage and you'll set an expectation on how many days per week to start, then wind that down as you need less.  I personally would recommend Blandina Masalu and Linda Bradley, both are exceptional night nannies and a wonderful calm presence to have in your house at a time when everything feels so vulnerable. They know a ton and have so much baby experience.

    For day nanny, I did find it helpful to have someone come twice a week for a few hours.  I only arranged this after the baby was a month old, so you can wait on this to see how you feel about what daytime support you need.  I recommend Masako Yura, macoizydoula [at] and she impressed me right away with how much she knew about how to engage with a very young baby. She'll also cook nourishing Japanese food for you if you are interested! 

    No need for classes. Before you go to the hospital, try to learn how to swaddle. 

    Last -  interviewing nannies for return to work would mostly likely happen in the 2-3 months before you return to work.

  • Looking for postpartum doula

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    This is Paulina and we recently moved to North Berkeley. Our baby is due on September 27th and we are looking for a postpartum doula who can help us for some weeks after delivery and at least three days per week. Does anyone have good recommendations?

    Thanks a lot!

    RE: Looking for postpartum doula ()

    Hi Paulina, are you looking for postpartum day doula help, or night doula help? 

    For days, I worked with Masako Yura (she will also cook for you if you want, delicious Japanese meals!)  macoizydoula [at]

    For nights, I worked w/ Blandina Masalu 925-752-0918 and Linda Bradley 510-326-4312. Call or text.

    Masako, Blandina, and Linda all have lovely and calming presences, and I think that's really important for postpartum since they are in your house at a time when you may be feeling vulnerable. They also have tons of experience with newborns and good tips/tricks.

    RE: Looking for postpartum doula ()

    I 100% recommend Michelle Puckett as a postpartum doula. She was with us 2x week after our baby was born, and we ended up extending her time with us much longer than we originally thought, because she was just so incredibly helpful. Her presence put us at ease, she was wonderful with our little lady who fought sleep to no end. I was clueless about babies and she was helpful and nonjudgmental about any and all of my questions and concerns. She was always on time, super reliable, and great at being proactive and anticipating our needs. She even made us soup a couple of times. I recommend her wholeheartedly and would absolutely work with her again if we have another kiddo a few years from now. We also live in North Berkeley. Her yelp page:

    RE: Looking for postpartum doula ()

    Hi Paulina,

    Congratulations on your upcoming baby! I have a 5 month old boy and it’s been such an amazing time. 

    I’d like to recommend a wonderful doula named Gloria Bocian. She is such a sweet woman and we’ve been lucky enough to have her take care of our little one once a week while I transition back to work. She is caring, trustworthy, knowledgeable and someone I genuinely look forward to spend time with. 

    Please reach out to her if you are still looking for someone. 

    globo156 [at] // +1 (510) 435-6968



  • Postpartum Doula Recommendations

    (2 replies)

    Hello all,

    We're expecting our first child in August and, as first-time parents, are nervous about learning the ropes (and sleeping enough). We're considering a postpartum doula (for night shifts), but are worried about cost (especially in anticipation of the costs of childcare down the road). Any advice/recommendations would be appreciated! 

    Thanks in advance!! 

    In my experience, it really depends on the kid whether you (parents) sleep well. My daughter only woke to breast feed, then we all fell right back to sleep. Infants do need to feed at night for the first few months, and if you are breast feeding no one else can really help. I don't think a nighttime doula in my house would have had anything to do. I suppose an infant who did not fall right back to sleep would need to be walked, but for us that pretty much never happened, or I would do it since I wasn't working. The only time our sleep suffered was a couple of years later during nighttime potty training. Good luck!

    Congratulations!  It's an amazing relief to have night help if it’s financially feasible for you. Makes such a difference in sanity in the early weeks when everything is overwhelming and new and the baby is waking so frequently. To limit costs, you could get help just for the first few weeks, or limit the help to a few nights a week. The going rate when I researched this in October 2018 was around $35- $50/hour.  Most night doulas work an 8 hour shift (10p to 6am or similar). One that I spoke with worked 10 hours. If you are nursing, the night doula brings the baby to you and then handles the diaper change and gets the baby back to sleep. If not nursing then you could have 8 uninterrupted hours of sleep.

    I wanted to recommend two WONDERFUL, calm, and loving night doulas who took turns helping me several nights a week with my infant from her first night home until she was about 3 months old.  Linda Bradley 510-326-4312 and Blandina Masalu 925-752-0918. Call or text. They are east-bay based, but they also will work in the city. Both can work with twins. For a single baby, Linda’s rate is $35/hour, and Blandina’s rate is $32.50/hour.

    I had found Linda originally through a BPN posting. She was busy during the time I needed help, so she brought Blandina on for the nights she wasn't available. One night Linda arrived early so I could go to an event, and when I watched her begin to do the bedtime routine... I realized I had been doing it all wrong! Baby went right to sleep with her skilled care where she typically had been struggling when I was trying to put her to bed. Blandina isn't as outgoing as Linda, but she is AMAZING with babies and is so loving, careful, and knowledgable. She had key insights into my daughter's behavior and she taught me so much about newborns.

    Night doulas will require a contract and a deposit.  Ask about the terms... if you end up needing less help than you initially anticipated, what are the consequences for the deposit? If you need more help, could she be available to do additional nights or could she bring in a second person to help?

  • We are new to Berkeley Parents Network and really excited to join this community. We are looking for a birth doula, but also interested in night support post birth. Does anyone have any experience working with the same person for both? We are lucky to live in an area where there are so many doula services out there- it is a tad hard to wrap my head around it all. With that said, I would love to hear from this community on:

    - Have any of you worked with a birth doula that also then supported you at night for 2-4 weeks following birth? If so, any recommendations? 

    - Any advice on how to navigate the doula world? Or is it really just a rabbit hole of research? 

    - Any recommendations on what birthing classes my husband and I should take? Looking to build my mom community, learn about childbirth/CPR, and lean all the 'fun' childbirth things I don't know, but need to know :)  {Loving Arms orThen Comes Baby?}

    I know you are all busy people, so thank you in advance for your help.

    A lot of the doulas in Roots of Labor Birth Collective do both birth and postpartum doula work. I can vouch for Michi Arguedas, Linda Jones, and Rebecca Orozco personally. 

    With my older child's birth, I ended up scouring review sites, BPN reviews, and personal referrals and ended up with a list of maybe 20 doulas. We narrowed it down from there and then met with three of them. My experience with the doula we chose was mixed. 

    With my current pregnancy, I had the good fortune of meeting a doula in another setting, and just liked her vibe. We met only with her, and hired her immediately. She does do postpartum doula work as well. There was another doula I had my eye on, and she is actually my doula's backup! My biggest concern was whether my doula would stick with me for the long haul that birth can often be, and I know and trust my doula will be there for me through it all. Good luck navigating all of this!

    I was asking these questions about 2 years ago and got some great support here on BPN, so I thought I'd chime in quickly with my experience (active toddler, permitting). :-)

    I worked with an incredible birth doula, but she is now in school to become a midwife (bummer, we are expecting #2 now)!  I was going down the rabbit hole of online research, but on a whim, went to the free Doula event at Then Comes Baby.  That was such a good choice. They weren't "sales-y" in their approach, and they took it more as a time to educate us about what a doula does and doesn't do.  Plus, an eye-opener for me, the roles of the various people involved in a hospital birth (we were at Alta Bates) and the difference between midwives and OBs.  We met several lovely doulas there and chose the one that felt like the right vibe, that both me and my husband felt we could work with if the S#** hit the fan, so to speak.  Going there was SO MUCH easier than what I did (digging through the interwebs) and my only regret is that I wasn't referred there sooner. They still do it and I am going to go back to that event since my doula isn't available now and I am expecting again!

    From that event, I decided to give Then Comes Baby a shot and took their prenatal yoga with Torrey (she's awesome), then I joined the 4-week birth class with Anna (another gem), and the Breastfeeding class (I forget the teachers name, but I learned a lot).  Between the yoga classes and the birth class, I really found that "mom" community you were talking about.  And, two+ years later, that's what is still going strong.  We were pretty new to Oakland when we got pregnant, and making friends there was the real game changer, for both me and my (kinda busy/ distracted/ shy) husband.

    The East Bay is awesome and has much to offer on this front. I found it a bit dizzying, honestly, for my first baby. I also heard nice things about Loving Arms, but their birth class was longer than we had time for at the time with our commutes and busy pre-baby prep.  I'm sure they're great, though! 

    We took our birth class at Birthways in Berkeley and are still friends with all the other couples 2 full years later (just went through the string of 2-year-old birthday parties :)). We found the class to be very personal and in-depth while providing a decent balance of outlining both "traditional" modern birth and "natural" birth options. We watched videos of a C-section, epidural birth, water birth, home birth, etc. While the information the instructor provided was *slightly* biased toward assumptions of parents wanting a less-interventionist birth (making sure we knew we could decline eyedrops & Vitamin K shot, discussing risks of epidural, etc.), we never felt like she was trying to push us one way or the other in our birth experience.

    We found our doulas at a Birthways "Meet the Doula" event, which I would highly recommend (it's basically doula speed-dating :)) We ended up working with Shoshana Friedman-Hawk and Lori Jaffe for our birth; they are a team who both attend prenatal and postpartum visits and then trade off on "on-call" weeks for births (all doulas have backups b/c it is impossible for 1 person to be on-call constantly -- their arrangement means that you will never have a stranger show up at your birth). Lori was the one who attended our daughter's very LONG birth (induction resulting in multiple days of labor) and she was great; coaching my husband about when he needed to take a break/nap, rubbing my back during back labor, and even taking some really beautiful pictures immediately after the birth.

    I know Lori also does postpartum work, including overnight work, though we didn't take advantage of that particular service. But I cannot recommend her highly enough as a birth doula, so I'm sure she is wonderful with postpartum as well!

    Happy to provide more info if needed -- feel free to PM me.

  • Night nurse needed for newborn

    (1 reply)

    I am looking for recommendations for a night nurse to help out a few nights per week during the first month or two after my baby is born. He is due June 10. 

    If you have worked with a night nurse who you recommend please let me know. I’d also welcome information about what they did well, what the expected tasks were, and pricing. 

    Thanks so much, Melissa 

    I would like to share out experience with a fantastic NIGHT DOULA/BABY NURSE Karina who was our lifesaver! She has much experience with babies from her background as a nurse in Poland as well as through many other caregiver jobs, and it really shows through her work. She has a very calming and nurturing demeanor, and my daughter just loved her from the beginning! We were initially planning on hiring Karina only as a night nanny but were very impressed and wished to keep her on even after my daughter was sleeping through the night as day help during the week. She helped look after my older son as well who was 2 and 3 years old during this time.

    Karina gives just the right balance of both advice and respect I feel especially for new mothers. She is detail-oriented and will listen to you and do what you prefer but will also give helpful suggestions from her many years of experience with babies. She knows how tired new mothers are trying to fulfill breastfeeding duties and will really try to make your life run more smoothly. She cleaned bottles for us, did laundry, helped feed the kids meals, and even would pick up a few groceries when we were low. I would never have made it through the difficult first year of having a baby without Karina! I am sure she will do a fantastic job with anyone's family. Please contact her at 510-677-3151 or view her profile at

  • Postpartum Doula recommendations?

    (6 replies)

    My wife just delivered our LO on 11/9 and now both are home. However, it seems like all the LO does is eat and sleep and nobody can get anything done in the house. We're thinking of hiring a Doula. Any recommendations? We live in Berkeley and are both PhD students, so we're also concerned about costs. What are people's experiences in this matter? What can a doula do to help (e.g. House chores? Emotional support?)

    Hi! Congrats on your LO :)

    I gave birth to my son on 10/27, and we've had a PP doula coming to help support me since my husband went back to work last week. I have a good handle on most of the baby care at this point, so we wanted someone to do some cooking and cleaning and give me the option to take a break for a shower or nap from time to time. 

    Our doula is Masako (email macoizy [at], who was referred to us by our birth doula. She is an AMAZING cook, especially if you like Japanese food, and has done a great job keeping the kitchen clean, laundry washed and folded, and house looking tidy. Her rates are pretty reasonable, and I really appreciate having her help.

    Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

    What's LO? Anyway, you can manage without a doula if the one who gave birth sleeps when the baby sleeps, and the other one does the cooking, shopping, laundry, etc. It really doesn't take more than two people to manage with a baby, you just need to divide the work and make sure everyone gets enough sleep.

    I highly recommend Elika Aird.  She was my birth doula and an amazing prenatal yoga teacher.  She is wonderful and transitioning from birth doula to postpartum doula.  Part of her birth doula services included sessions following birth, so I have a window into what she can offer as a postpartum doula.  She was an incredible support physically and emotionally following my saughter’s Birth.  Basically, she’s an up-for-anything kind of person, amazing with babies, an incredible body worker, and connected to services in the Bay Area for new moms. Her website is

  • Hi, I'm a first-time mom of an 11-week old baby boy, and am interested in receiving assistance addressing the napping difficulties our son (who has reflux) is experiencing.  I'm hoping that a postpartum doula would be able to come to our home on a short-term basis (either for a full day or a partial day, flexible on # days per week) and provide in-person advice on how to help our son successfully nap during the daytime.  Please let me know if you have any recommendations for a postpartum doula willing to travel to Alameda who can assist us.  If there are other resources that you would recommend in lieu of working with a postpartum doula, I'd love to hear those suggestions as well. 

  • Postpartum Doulas in Berkeley

    (4 replies)

    Hi there, I am relatively new to Berkeley and I am currently expecting my first child due in Feb 2017. I was wondering if anyone had any information/recommendations on postpartum Doulas in Berkeley?

    Thank you!

    RE: Postpartum Doulas in Berkeley ()

    Laura Howells saved my sanity. She is a great multitasker and good cook.

    RE: Postpartum Doulas in Berkeley ()

    We hired Amber Pearson and she is wonderful. Great energy, very caring and knowledgable, flexible... I had a difficult birth and we contacted her after realizing we needed extra support. She has cooked, provided breastfeeding advice, watched the baby, given massages, and done the dishes for us. So great.

    RE: Postpartum Doulas in Berkeley ()

    Hello, I highly recommend Emily Flynn who was our doula for the birth of our second child in September. Emily was wonderful -- she's warm, very knowledgable, and has really good instinct about how involved to be throughout the intimate experience of delivering a baby (before, during, and after). Her website is: Feel free to message me directly if you'd like to chat further.

    Best and congrats!


Parent Reviews

It's definitely something that postpartum doulas do. I recommend reaching out to Michi Arguedas of Quetzal Doula. She was my birth and postpartum doula and supported me many months after the birth. She's also part of a doula collective so if she can't help you, she can probably refer you to someone who can. 

hi there! I think for a baby that young you may be better off hiring a doula or night nurse - something with experience caring for that particular age group. Let me know if you need any recommendations!

Have you looked at hiring a doula? We hired a postpartum doula, we used Harmony Doulas. Thet can help you with taking care of the newborn as well as the older child, and they have overnight hours.

Archived Q&A and Reviews

Looking for Maternity Nurse/Postpartum Doula

March 2014

My wife and I are expecting twin boys in May, and are looking for a postpartum doula to help us out for 3 weeks after the twins arrive, for 5 nights a week. These are our first children, and we are looking for someone who has experience with twins. Any recommendations would be most appreciated. Richard

Richard & Adele, We have twin boys (now 9.5 mo) and want to recommend Ezdora Marando through Doulas by the Bay ( who we used last summer and couldn't have been happier --- well unless we could have kept her longer!!! She brought a sense of calm with her that only a baby whisperer could provide. She came to our home from 10pm to 6am for 6 weeks and helped me do the last feeding of the evening, then I crawled into bed and she gave the boys one supplement bottle while I was able to get 6 hrs of blissful sleep. She did everything for the boys while she was with us, so while I did feed, she would prepare them to go back down and respond to their every need. She helped us get into a routine that we were able to maintain when she was not with us and beyond her stay. Even as a second time momma, her knowledge and insight was invaluable...especially given a new perspective for mothering TWINS. She provided suggestions to help with our day naps and feedings too which was a blessing as we struggled to keep the babies on one schedule...they just didn't want to sleep at the same time. She also gave me a workbook to help track each baby and their feedings, etc. Having a system and someone to talk to about the best approach for each baby was beyond comforting.

Twins are hard and being first time parents I think you are smart to get the added assistance. Best decision we ever made! Best of luck through the last couple months with your pregnancy. Ezdora Marando Ezdora9 [at] or 510-292-3497 Katharine

I can highly recommend Ezdora Marando from Doulas By the Bay. She cared for our son after his birth and was such a kind, skilled and supportive presence at a challenging time for our family. Our baby had some physical issues and needed extra care and attention. Ezdora has medical training and was willing and capable of learning his special care needs with skill and grace. She also provided very helpful feeding and sleep information. I looked forward to her arrival each evening and had to make myself go to sleep because she was so nice to talk with. Ezdora is warm and wonderful. She and her daughter Shakila work together and have a lot of experience caring for twins as well. She can be reached via her website (, at Ezdora [at], or at 510-292-3497. Please feel free to contact me via the moderator for any additional information. All the best to you and your growing family. dara dara

Seeking Nighttime Postpartum 'nurse'/doula

Jan 2014

We are seeking an experienced, professional baby 'nurse' or doula (or doula in training who needs hours for certification) with strong references to provide nighttime postpartum care after our second child's birth in late May/early June. We live in Moraga.

We are hoping to find someone great who charges something (much) less than $30/hour (8 hour shift)(we paid $150/night last time and thought that was expensive!). We are hoping to hire for 4 to 6 weeks, starting out 5-7 nights straight and then tapering to a few times a week.

If this is what you do and you can help us or know someone great who you recommend, please let us know. Many thanks. Susan

I highly recommend Shakila Marando ( She is very experienced and highly professional/reliable. And she has a wonderful way with both babies and parents! She was a lifesaver during some difficult times for us early on with our son. We worked with her and her mother (also wonderful) for nearly four months. Jessica

I would highly recommend Shakila Marando of Doulas by the Bay. I used Shakila 5 nights a week until my daughter was four months old. Put simply, Shakila is wonderful. She is extremely knowledgable, truly gifted with babies, reliable, and has a lovely demeanor. My husband and I are first time parents and Shakila made the transition so much easier. She helped me with breastfeeding, got our daughter on a good sleep schedule, allowed my husband and me to get rest and added a real sense of calm to our home. Her work is clearly her life's passion and, as a result, she is extremely dedicated to the families she works with. We learned so much from Shakila and our baby was so unbelievable content when Shakila was caring for her. My husband and I did not want to let her go and actually she worked for us a month longer than we had originally planned. I can't recommend her enough. Lauren

I highly recommend Linda Bradley JBPDOULA [at] GMAIL.COM (510) 326-4312. Her help with our baby and the transition for our two other children was such a blessing. We couldn't have done it without her. She is so wonderfully caring and has such an incredible knack for connecting to children. She is very calm and nurturing and a true baby whisperer. Our baby felt natural and connected to her instantly. We have been amazed at Linda's ability to calm our baby girl in a moment when everything we tried simply fell apart. Our house was often picked up, laundry done and with an occasional hot meal we definitely felt spoiled. judy

My husband and I had a twin girls and we were first time parent. We had no experience and did not know to care for new born, but we were fortunate to find this wonderful Postpartum doula Tabu who was fantastic and had a lot experience with new born. Tabu has a very calming, nurturing and respectful demeanor. She is very detailed and attentive, at the same time gives you advice and suggestions based on her experience and she is very flexible. We highly recommend Tabu. Please contact her at tabu [at] or (510) 701-6338.

It is with pleasure that I recommend Tabu Boone as a post-partum doula. Tabu has worked for me for 3 months as a doula and has been with us since the twins were 5 days old. I always felt we were in excellent hands with Tabu.

Tabu is a knowledgeable, confidant and a compassionate doula. She has been deeply committed in supporting me and my choices with the babies. She has been particularly helpful in the areas of breastfeeding and pumping (very knowledgeable). When I decided to stop nursing she was just as supportive and non-judgmental, which I greatly appreciated. Tabu has also been very helpful in sleep training the twins. She has been dedicated and supportive with my wishes. Thanks to Tabu the twins have developed healthy sleeping habits and are sleeping longer.

Finally I can't say enough about Tabu's ability to handle newborn twins. She is able to juggle both babies with ease (even when they are both crying). She is calm and soothing with the babies and it has been wonderful to watch how they respond to her warmth and caring. Contact Tabu at tabu [at], or call 510 701 6338. Cindy

Tabu Boone is a lady who worked for me as a night doula when I had a baby for the first three months. She is great; she knows what she is doing. She wakes me up to feed the baby, and assists me with the breastfeed. Tabu took care of the baby so we can get some rest and sleep. She took the baby and cares while at night and reminds me things I forgot to do for me and also for a baby. She takes extra mile doing her job, and she likes what she is doing. I can refer her to everybody, and I will hire her again when I get another baby. Her contact Info is or 510 701 6338 tabu [at] Regina

Highly Recommending Night Baby Nurse (East bay Marin And SF) Maria, helped us immensely during the first twelve weeks of out twin sons' lives, and made this exciting but stressful time enjoyable. Caring for two premature newborns was a daunting task until Maria arrived into our family to help us in every way. Not only did Maria teach us every aspect of how best to care for our premature infant sons, but she also provided helpful tips on how to organize our lives to meet the numerous simultaneous demands of twins.

As the boys matured to different stages during her stay, Maria was always advising us on how to meet their changing needs - whether it was to foster play time or to switch the type of bottle nipples we needed or everything in between. At all times, Maria was very affectionate and caring with the boys, never putting the 'chores' associated with their care ahead of their emotional needs.

In sum, 1 honestly cannot find enough superlatives to adequately capture the tremendous assistance provided to us and our sons by Maria during her stay with our family. We would recommend her highly and without reservation to any new parents, particularly parents of multiples.

Contact: Maria, 510 227-6267 Carrie

Seeking nighttime postpartum doula and cooking

Nov 2013

We are looking for a nighttime postpartum doula for 2 nights/week starting in January. In addition to nighttime support such as picking up the baby for nursing, putting the baby back to sleep, developing good baby sleep habits in the early months, etc., we would especially like someone who can cook some healthy (vegetarian) meals for us while they are here at night. If you, or someone you can recommend, might be a good fit, please respond to this post. Thanks! Anonymous

I cannot recommend Sabine Henrie-Nafaa more highly. I had the great luck to have her as a Bradley teacher and still get to see her 5 years later, although now it's as friends. She is very experienced, knowledgeable about almost everything baby and post-partum mama. She is also very respectful of different parenting styles, and especially of new parents finding their way, and a joy to be around. Babies love her. I have seen her work her magic on many an infant. She is a wonderful baker. She would have fresh, home-made, healthy, yummy, muffins for us at class. So lovely for us pregnant moms as we showed up for class! And a lovely cook to boot! You can contact her at sabineh [at] Naomi

Need a night nurse in Lafayette

Oct 2013

I'm due at the beginning of the year and we have the need for a night nurse or postpartum doula 3-5 nights a week for 3+ months. I'm looking for someone who is obviously not just great with newborns but who will be proactive while baby sleeps: cleaning pump parts, occasional laundry, maybe even cooking. I'd also like someone who will help teach good sleep habits when age appropriate. needing a good night's sleep

There placement agency in town that places Postpartum Doulas and night nurses . They are called University Sitters (they place every kind of household position). The Bay Area director is actually a former Postpartum Doula so I think she is a great resource as she knows the ins and outs of the job. The Bay Area director is based in the East Bay and she is a pleasure to work with. Her name is Lindsey O'Connell Her email: lindsey [at] Best of luck!

Referral Needed for Postpartum Doula

Oct 2013

I am interested in a postpartum doula, any recommendation will be highly appreciated. Lauren

I would like to share out experience with a fantastic NIGHT DOULA/BABY NURSE Karina who was our lifesaver! She has much experience with babies from her background as a nurse in Poland as well as through many other caregiver jobs, and it really shows through her work. She has a very calming and nurturing demeanor, and my daughter just loved her from the beginning! We were initially planning on hiring Karina only as a night nanny but were very impressed and wished to keep her on even after my daughter was sleeping through the night as day help during the week. She helped look after my older son as well who was 2 and 3 years old during this time.

Karina gives just the right balance of both advice and respect I feel especially for new mothers. She is detail-oriented and will listen to you and do what you prefer but will also give helpful suggestions from her many years of experience with babies. She knows how tired new mothers are trying to fulfill breastfeeding duties and will really try to make your life run more smoothly. She cleaned bottles for us, did laundry, helped feed the kids meals, and even would pick up a few groceries when we were low. I would never have made it through the difficult first year of having a baby without Karina! I am sure she will do a fantastic job with anyone's family. Please contact her at minekp [at] Michele

Please go to and check out our wonderful Birth and PostPartum Doula Members. I am sure you can find someone that will fit your needs, but if not, please feel free to contact me directly and I can help you further. Good luck in your search, Deanna Dawson-Jesus

Judy Lieblein jlieblein [at] Judy is truly amazing. An herbalist, incredible listener and just a general get-shit-done kind of woman. She can get all of the odds and ends that may be stressing you out in order. She even got on the phone to advocate for me with my doctor's office (among many, many above and beyond things she did). Truly awesome.

Rachel Monas r.monas [at] Rachel is a baby whisperer. Walks in your door and immediately starts picking up the pieces. Whatever they may be. She is a sweet person worthy of being around your sweet baby.

Sylvia Mumwai silmum [at] Another baby whisperer. So experienced with babies and has raised two of her own too. Funny and thoughtful. She even brought me a baby bathtub and sent me virtual flowers on mothers day. She will get your baby to sleep! Will work nights.

Annike Glaub annikaglaub [at] Infant sleep expert/consultant + postpartum doula in one. Will work nights, too. Excellent cleanliness standards. Super confident with babies. I learned a lot a lot a lot from her. New mama in Oakland

Looking for a Trustworthy Night Nurse/Nanny

March 2013

My husband and I are adopting a baby out of state and will be most likely bringing the baby home to California during the third week in March. Would you please let us know the names and numbers of very reliable, experienced and trustworthy night nurses/nannies/doulas? Thanks for the recommendations. Cynthia

We just had a wonderful experience with our night nurse nanny Karina. She helped us with our son from the day he arrived home from the hospital till he was 5 months. She has a very calm presence about her and is a pediatric nurse. It was nice to know that our son was in good hands during the night. Karina worked for us 6 nights a week and was always punctual and reliable. We were very fortunate and blessed to have her! Her e-mail address: minekp [at] elise

Night Nurse Services

Oct 2012

I am looking for night nurse recommendations to help with our newborn due in February. I've seen a lot of postpartum doula recommendations, and I don't know if they offer the same services. We had a traditional night nurse for our first child when we lived on the East Coast. I'm looking for someone to help me take care of the baby overnight (wake me up for feedings, soothe to sleep, change diapers, etc.). Any recommendations or advice is much appreciated. Thank you! zmt

Hello, yes, you can use a Night Nurse or Night Doula services. They will take care of your newborn the same way, and the hourly fee in SF bay area is $20-30. minekp

Looking for a supportive postpartum doula

July 2012

I'm looking for a post-partum doula with lots of experience; we are expecting our first child in early January and I expect we will need help a minimum of 2-3 days a week and possibly fulltime at our home in Berkeley. I'd like someone who has a sense of humor, is calm, nurturing and not too ''mother-earthy'' or understands a not-too-mother-earthy new mother and father. Thank you for any recommendations for great post-partum doulas! Christine

Hi. I'm writing to recommend our wonderful night doula, Ezdora Marando. Ezdora was with us for 12 weeks (5 nights a week!) after our twin girls were born last August. She was an absolute life saver and we could not have done it without her. She was a great calming influence on us and on the girls, always on time, and always respectful of our tiny little SF condo. We trusted her completely to care for our girls and she gave us the opportunity the get some much needed rest. Our tiny little girls began sleeping through the night at 6 months, and were happy, well rested kiddos during the day. We truly believe that Ezdora helped set us on the right track. Please feel free to contact me by email with any questions. I'm happy to give you many many more details. You can see more at her website below: 415-955-7612. Aaron

Hiring a night doula was the best thing that happened to our family after our twins were born!!! Shakila is absolutely amazing. She is an extremely positive, nurturing, and competent night doula and an all around wonderful person. She has great judgment and expertise, and will always honor what you want for your family. I completely trusted Shakila with our twins from the first night we brought them home. Our twins slept through the night at 4 months old and have continued to have great sleep habits since our time with Shakila. Besides relieving us of sleepless nights, making sure that I was taking care of myself, and helping to sleep train our kids, Shakila was a great resource for us as new parents...she helped us develop a schedule and systems that worked for our twins and us. I highly, highly recommend Shakila and her mother ( she filled in a few times) for anyone looking for some support in those first months after giving birth. I included her contact information below... 415-955-7612 Melissa

Alison Dexter is a breath of fresh air - a postpartum Doula who has raised 4 children of her own. Alison has a low-key, warm personality, and she is hard-working and easy-going at the same time. Most importantly, she's easy to have around (helpful for someone who will be spending a lot of time in close proximity). Really, a lovely person, with a beautiful English accent - my babies are grown up, or I'd hire her myself! I know her because our children used to go to school together. Her email is alisondxtr [at] Another Mama

I HIGHLY recommend Michelle Macarai from Juno Wellness as a post-partum doula. When she came over I felt like the whole world was lifted off my shoulders. She's so good at adapting to different parenting styles. I was worried someone might be judgemental coming into my house at such a vulnerable time, but she was perfect. She's helpful physically, mentally, with baby, and around the house. Call her NOW! brooke

I cannot recommend Lindsay Corwin enough. I've been working with her for 2 months as I brought home my new baby boy. Recently I raised her hours because of how valuable her help has been. My older daughter is crazy about her as well. Lindsay does a fantastic job working with our family. She balances providing great information with being flexible and working to understand our needs and values as well. I feel totally safe having her in our house and really enjoy having her around. She's completely reliable and trustworthy as well as knowledgable and truly loves her role. She's helped us get much needed sleep, helped us through very difficult weeks of colic, and has been very supportive as I've had to go back to work. Her contact info is 925-212-9160, and website is : If you have questions, feel free to contact me directly. joanna

Post Partum Doula / Mother's Helper for 2nd baby

July 2012

Hi BPN! I am expecting a second child within a few weeks. Our original plans for help fell through, so I am looking for recommendations on post partum doula or mother's helpers who can focus on with cooking, laundry, light housecleaning (e.g. dishes). Any recommendations in the Berkeley area? Thank you, Christine

I HIGHLY recommend Michelle Macarai from Juno Wellness as a post-partum doula. When she came I felt like the whole world was lifted off my shoulders every time she came over. She's so good at adapting to different parenting styles and is SO helpful physically, mentally, with baby, and around the house. Call her NOW!

San Francisco Doulas (incl. post-partum)

March 2012

Hi, I'm expecting in August and am looking for recommendations for a San Francisco-based doula - hopefully one who could work with me before, during, and also after I give birth. I'd prefer someone with experience. I am planning on a hospital birth; it's important my doula will be able to support me whatever my choices might be re: traditional and nontraditional care (I suspect I will rely on a combination of both, and want a doula who will be fully on board with this). I did check existing postings on this topic - but all the recent recommendations are for east-bay-based and/or new/student practitioners. Thanks for any help!

We had a great experience with Renata Provost. She is very open minded and respectful of your choices. I am quite sure that she goes all over the bay. Her website is Anon

Post-partum doula who is also a cook

Aug 2011

I'm looking for a post-partum doula with lots of experience who is also a delicious cook. We are expecting our second in mid-February and will be looking for help about 2-3 part time days a week. Someone who is calm, nurturing, easy with babies and also enjoys cooking fresh omnivore meals is just the person we are looking for. She need also be game to run errands and other basic mommy helper stuff which means having a car is a must.

I would like to recommend Shakila Marando (email doulasbythebay [at] as a postpartum doula. Firstly, we interviewed several doulas and as soon as we interviewed Shakila we knew she was the one we wanted to work with. We have since worked with a few other doulas on the side (because we wanted to go to 7 nights of coverage) and can say hands down that Shakila is the best. Shakila is a wonderfully positive person who is a pleasure to interact with. She is extremely competent with infants. She can soothe and settle a baby better than anyone I know. She has great advice and also works with our needs and follows our directions. For example, I was having trouble with breastfeeding because our son preferred the bottle. She volunteered to go to a super slow premie flow nipple at night (making her job harder) so that he would breastfeed better in the morning. Shakila has worked with us for 5 months now and has been a true partner in getting our son to sleep through the night. She has worked with us to drop the night feedings, to get him to self soothe, and to get him out of the swaddle, none of which came very easily. Because of Shakila our son has developed good sleep habits without anything like cry-it-out. Shakila is also very helpful when Zack is sleeping. She tidies the kitchen and folds the clothes etc. We love Shakila and I'm pretty sure that she loves our son. Caroline

May 2011

We are looking for a night nurse or a night doula to come and help us at night with our newborn. I have been struggling with some issues and the nurse told me I need more sleep. I looked at the archives and found some references, but I wonder if I can get some more recent recommendations? Also has anyone used the organization 'San Francisco Night Doulas' and if so, do you recommend them? We live on the East Bay. Thanks! --desperately needing sleep

After my daughter was born my husband had to travel quite a bit for work. We hired Ann Regan to come over for the evenings so that I could take a break and get to bed early - it made a huge difference. She was very caring, knowledgeable, and punctual. She was great with our baby - attentive and tuned in to her needs. Ann can be reached by phone at 510.847.9743 or email anndoula [at] She does nights as well as days/evenings. She is a certified doula with DONA and Trustline certified. Stephanie

Oct 2010

I am seeking an experienced postpartum doula in the East Bay or San francisco area.I need a doula who can also educate me with baby soothing techniques, breastfeeding issues, sleeping issues etc... I would appreciate any recommendations from mothers who have had good experience with their doulas.Thanks East Bay mom

I've had two wonderful experiences (8/04 & 8/09) with Anne Delp. She draws from a wealth of knowledge and made us all feel very well supported. Call her 510-557-8029. Check her out here: doula lover

I highly recommend Carol Shattuck-Rice. She helped us after the birth of our son. She was wonderful with us as new mother and father, as well as with our son. She saved the day in helping me with figuring out how to nurse son (good position and latch etc.), was very knowledgable and helpful re: newborn care (taught us to swaddle, helped me bathe him, trim his nails, etc.), and loaned good books (baby as well as fun reads) etc. Good luck! Laura

I would like to wholeheartedly recommend Stacia Biltekoff as a postpartum doula. We were so thrilled with her support during our daughter's birth that we continued to work with her postpartum. Stacia was a tremendous help during the early days, when my husband went back to work and I was home alone with the baby. She held and soothed my daughter so I could shower and nap, helped out around the house, and was a great source of information and encouragement. Stacia is on the board of Birthways, and knows an incredible amount about pregnancy, birth, and postpartum concerns. Plus, she's a mom too, so she gets it on an intuitive, emotional level. I think arranging for the support of a postpartum doula is great gift to yourself, and I encourage you to get in touch with Stacia - she's utterly fabulous. Congratulations, and good luck! 510) 543-8411

When I found myself unexpectedly pregnant last febuary I turned to a neighbor(Francine Madrid) of mine who worked as a doula and Mom of two for some advice. She encouraged me through my pregnancy, and made me more confident through her ''Birthing from within'' class she does with her partner Sadie Cooper. My partner and I both felt more confident, and as ready as one can be for such a major life change. Sadie and Francine are both very down to earth, giving, nurturing, and fun. Plus, they loved to feed us a wholesome brunch at every class! I would highly recommend Francine Madrid of for her doula services, massage, and child birth classes. We now have a healthy little baby boy, and if he could he'd thank her too. gina

An excellent postpartum doula in Berkeley is Sabine Henrie, 510-843-2091. Gentle, compassionate and wonderfully knowledgeable doula with lots of experience. Happy Mom

March 2010

My sister-in-law needs to have a c-section for the birth of her twins, and they are in a bit of a panic right now. I would love to recommend a postpartum doula or baby nurse for them. I would appreciate any recent recommendations! However, they don't really understand what a postpartum doula or baby nurse does, if you could explain how you were helped and why you were glad to have one, that would be helpful, too. They live in Berkeley. Thank you! - new Auntie

Jennifer Starling was wonderful to everyone in our family including our dogs after the birth of our younger son. She is a clear communicator and extremely grounded. She also used to be a preschool teacher so she's great with older siblings as well as newborns. Her number is 510-827-5781. Best wishes with your upcoming adventure! Lisa

Feb 2010

I am expecting our second child in late April and am looking for recommendations for a night nurse. For our daughter, who's almost 3, we had a wonderful woman who came to thouse between 10pm and 6am 3 nights a week until my little girl was about 7 weeks old. She woke me to feed my daughter, but took care of changing her, soothing her and I think went miles towards establishing amazing sleep habits early on. She also eventually took one of the feedings so I could get more than 3 hours of sleep at a stretch! Do you have any recommendations on a wonderfully caring person who provides similar services? Ideally, the cost of those services also wouldn't bankrupt us ($20/hr)! Stacy

We found a great night nurse, Shakila Marando, for our baby girl's first three months. She came to our house around 11pm (she's flexible) and stayed until 6 am. During that time she slept in the baby's room to feed her, change her, and generally comfort her. It was bliss, and her rates are reasonable. You can reach Shakila at marandoshakila [at] anon

Feb 2010

I would like a recommendation for a warm and nurturing postpartum doula.I need someone who can help a mother with basic needs such as changing,washing baby clothes,bringing baby to nurse at night, sterilize bottles....doing whatever is needed to give a mother rest and piece of mind.I would also appreciate if she can assist with breast feeding and sleeping issues.Thanks richmond mom

I enthusiastically suggest you use Mary Ellen Escalanate as your postpartum doula. She is a mother of 7, a very experienced labor doula, and a postpartum doula for 3-4 years. Mary Ellen was my postpartum doula in 2006 for an extended period, due to health problems I had at the time. She offered a wealth of parenting and child care information, loaned me books, kept my house neat, provided me with emotional support and encouragement and was a calm, oraganized, pleasant presence in my home. I can't imagine how I would have managed without her. Contact her at (707) 246-5720 or escalante7 [at] Mary Ellen lives in Benicia, but travels all over the Bay area. Very grateful mom

i want to recommend shakila marando as a postpartum doula. marandoshakila [at], her cell # 510-672-6406

i didn't use an overnight person with my first child, but when i was planning for the second i decided that i wanted to get a few good nights' rest guaranteed each week so that i could have the energy to handle my toddler as well as an infant!

i am so so glad i found shakila. i trusted her immediately with our son. she is calm and caring, super sweet and totally competent. she is a lovely tanzanian woman, she has two young children of her own. she takes great care of our son who loves her (i didn't think i would have her for longer than 2-3 months, but we got addicted, and therefore our son is old enough now to know and love her).

she feeds, changes, bathes, burps, soothes and puts the baby to sleep. she even cleans our kitchen while we all sleep! now he sleeps on his own but shakila occasionally babysits and he gets so happy when she walks in the door. julie

While you have already gotten some names, I wanted to add another because I think so very highly of her. Carol Shattuck-Rice is just amazing. She is so knowledgeable and kind and calm. She came to take care of me and my third child in 2005. I felt that I would need an extra set of hands... she was SO much more. She taught me new things and integrated beautifully into our family set- up. I was so excited to get to hire her again when my sweet surprise came along in 2009. And I learned new things from her again! I even have family close by, but having Carol is the best! Her contact number is 527-7210. She is also a trainer of doulas. Marjorie

We just had a great experience with postpartum doula Catherine Lamm. She was extremely gentle and patient with my fussy baby girl, and had some very good insight into her behavior. Catherine helped us in the daytime and to our delight, our 4-year-old daughter took to her right away. Catherine also assisted with light housekeeping, cooking, etc. She's available for overnights as well. Catherine is very experienced as a postpartum doula, a foster parent to medically fragile infants, and a mother. She can be contacted at catherinelamm [at] or 510-755-3020. realized I need a postpartum doula for the next 18 years!

2007 - 2009 Recommendations

Dec 2008

I am looking for someone to help me with my 6 week old baby. Right now my baby eats for a short time then falls asleep on the breast. When I try to put him down, he cries, and then I feed him again. I want to be able to read his cues and cries better, and want some assistance on some gentle ways to put him down for a nap. I don't need advice on the importance of slings and carrying him all day...I am looking for someone who leans more towards attachment parenting, but who understands the importance of a mom needing some time to do things, and not being a ''binky with legs'', and the importance of a baby not getting too in the habit of falling asleep at the breast. I definitely will not let him cry it out. So any recommendations for someone who might be able to help me and who shares my philosophy (mostly attachment, but wanting baby to sleep on his own for naps) and someone who can help me figure out how to get him to feed for longer, and how to interpret his cries and cues ! more effectively. I've read so many books (Baby Whisperer, Happiest Baby on the Block, No Cry Sleep Solution) and feel overwhelmed by the many different suggestions...Thanks! Oakland Mom

I can relate to being a human pacifier. I have a 5 year old daughter who was the same exact way. I also have a 17 month old daughter, who thankfully things are going better with. I too practice along the lines of attachment parenting, so we co-sleep and I also practice child-led weaning. When I made this decision with my 5 year old, I had no idea it would mean we'd be a nursing team for 5 years! I too read book after book trying to find solutions for my daughter who would prefer I take a nap with her and allow her to be latched on using me as a pacifier for her entire nap and through most of the night! The one thing I can tell you is every child is different, what works for one may not work for the next.

Knowing first hand, that some children are not ''text-book friendly'' and you can try everything under the sun with much disappointment, I have at least one suggestion that is directly tailored to your childs needs. I suggest you keep a diary/log of your babies daily activities: the time he wakes up; nurses; voids; naps; bathes; goes to bed, etc. This is actually easier than it sounds, especially once you get into a habit. It doesn't have to be detailed just simple entries. On days that he sleeps better, try to include notes/entries of what you've eaten as well. This practice can be helpful in so many ways as your child grows, it can help you recognize symptoms to illness, some people include entries of milestones as well, so you can also look at it as a type of journal. Once you have a pattern of your babies sleep patterns, you can start nursing your baby at least 1 hour before he typically falls asleep, this should help you read his cues too. It might be that he is falling asleep at the breast because he is more interested in sleeping at that time. If you try nursing him during the hour prior to his usual nap time, he may stay awake long enough to get a full nursing and fall asleep with a fuller tummy, and hopefully sleep longer. I have some other suggestions that I can share as well, but I think the above is probably one of the most helpful things you can do. I hope it helps! Sarah

August 2008

I am looking for a postpartum doula to help me out during September, primarily the first 2 weeks in September. I am 39 years old and my baby is due at the end of August. I live near the Mormon Temple in Oakland, near Lincoln Avenue. I need to find a doula who is sensitive to allergy/asthma issues since I've been having lots of asthma issues due to the pregnancy. Thanks much for any recommendations. Danielle

I highly recommend Sabine Henrie as a post-partum doula. She has amazing experience, is very conscientious and knowledgeable. You can contact her at SabineH [at] or by phone 510-843-2091. Happy with Doula

Nicky Tilsner of Cornerstone Academy of Doula Training & Childbirth Ed. can help you find a good postpartum doula. She can be reached at 510-689-8116 or online good luck D. Simone, Midwife

I can't speak to her availability, but Jen Spool offers wonderful postpartum doula services. She can be reached at 510-463-7266. anon

March 2008

I would like reccomendations for a mom/baby nurse that you used post c-section birth. (The family member that was going to help out cannot, so while my husband is taking care of our toddler, I want some extra help in the hosptial.) I had amazing nursing care at Alta Bates post my first c-section but also had my husband. This time I am seeking a ''night nurse'' type of person. Pleaes let me know of any good or bad experiences you had with either nurses/doulas etc, what worked, what did not work, if you would do things differently. I am primarily concerned about the nights in the hospital but may have the person continue when I return home. Any and all reccomendations welcome.

I absolutely loved Sabine Henri. She was a wonderful post-partum doula after my c-section in November. Her number is 510 843-2091. catherine

Nov 2007

Hi. We don't have much family help nearby, and we are expecting bundle of joy #2 in March. I'm wondering if anyone has a recommendation for a baby nurse that they could pass along? We are thinking of hiring someone for the first 6 to 8 weeks. How much does something like this cost? Thank you so much. Michelle

Tomi Knutson is an amazing post partum doula with a lot of experience. Her telephone # is 510-502-5799. Good luck with your second! anon

If by ''Baby Nurse'' you mean a postpartum doula, I have many recommendations! I am a birth doula & have facilitated groups for pregnant women & new moms & many of my clients/participants have had great experiences with them.
Tomi J. Knutson Birth & Post-partum Doula and Body Worker dancingdoulabirthservices [at] (510) 502-5799 Emily Ross (510) 224-7255 emilybrookeross [at] Linda Jones-Mixon (510) 917-2783 fst6wks [at] Carol Shattuck-Rice (510) 506-5383 carolshattuck-rice [at] Jenny Goyne (510) 685-4009 jgoyne [at] Peggy Hinkle (510) 504-9413 peggyhinkle [at] Beth Hammond (925) 330-4567 jb-hammo [at] Joan Taylor (510) 482-8927 jthealing [at] 
Best of luck! I'd be happy to make more referrals for you. Virginia Duplessis, MSW, CD (DONA) vduplessis [at]

Nov 2007

I just had a baby last month, and I am looking for a postpartum doula. Ellen Levitt was recommended to me. Does anybody have any experience working with her? anon

Wow. I didn't realize Ellen was back in the area. She is amazing. She was my midwife for both of my home births (daughters are now 5 and 8), and I couldn't recommend a more warm, loving, caring, and very dependable person. She is incredibly knowledgeable - we had a few challenges and she made us feel very supported. She had good relationships with many medical professionals, and always came back to us with great advice. You can't go wrong. Feel free to contact me with any further questions. -Dara dara

Ellen Levitt did postpartum care for me and my two babies (one born at 36 weeks) and I recommend her highly. She is warm, compassionate, responsible, extremely well-informed (as a retired homebirth midwife), and totally gets the situation of new motherhood from personal and professional experience. She delights in babies and their parents, and helped me appreciate my new arrivals even more than I did on my own. I don't know what your doula arrangement would include, but Ellen is also a fabulous cook. Edith

Ellen Levitt was the midwife who helped welcome our first child into the world, and we adored her (7 years ago) and still do! Ellen is utterly competent, grounded, and warm, and her longtime experience with homebirth gives her a thorough understanding of what a postpartum mama needs, even if the mama isn't able to articulate it clearly herself. I'd say you'd be blessed to have Ellen's gentle spirit around during such an important transition. dleto

2004 - 2006 Recommendations

Dec 2006

i will need a post-partum doula in june. i want someone who is warm and nurturing and someone who doesn't have an agenda. i'm open to any ideas but i want it to be a dialogue. i hear that some post-partum doulas cook as well. that would be a bonus. any recommendations would be appreciated anon

Three years ago Amy Meyer, an RN, was just starting out as a doula and she was just what I needed. A mother of three, without an agenda, gentle, super smart and loving! She ''suggested'' I nap, emptied my dish washer, made me food, sorted through some boxes (for some reason this task seemed urgent to me at the time) and played with my 3 year old. Hopefully she is still at this email address: amymeyer[at] LSG

We worked with Stacia Biltekoff, and I bet she is the doula for you! She is awesome with babies, and great to be around. Her contact info is staciadoula[at] Happy Stacia client

I just wrote an unsolicited reccomendation for my post-partum doula, Mandi Dean, last week. It was a long and glowing reccomendation and I think you should be able to find it in the recent BPN archives. Mandi is beyond wonderful. Her e-mail is: sweetpea02360[at] Marianna

Warm, nuruting post partum doula, no agenda: Jenny Goyne. I was looking for precisely same as you and found it in Jenny. I can't say enough good things. I didn't ask her to ''cook'' per se but she made sure I was always fed and hydrated and even shopped for what I wanted (she makes a mean turkey and avocado sandwich). Here is what I have for her: jgoyne[at]; emilyandbrian

There was a request for a post-partum doula, and perhaps for one who might know how to cook. I have a perfect idea for you, a friend of mine who is the most empathetic person I know, a chef, and a doula who enjoys post partum the most. Her name is Michele Bloom, and her number is 559 8989. She lives in Berkeley, and I would trust her with any concern! She was the first adult my kindergarten son ever agreed to be with , without me. frieda

Oct 2006

I'm looking for a current recommendation for a post-partum doula. I've checked the archives and the latest information is from 2004. I don't need a doula at the hospital since I am having a c-section (alta bates), but would like a doula after the baby is born. I have a 9 year old with special needs, so it's been a long time since I cared for a newborn. Thank you! a worried mom

For the doula requests--- I wanted to recommend Michele Bloom, a doula (both for birth and post-partum) and mom of 2 boys in elementary school with my kids. Michele is one of the very most empathetic people I have ever known in my life! She is knowledgeable and intuitive and just wonderful with kids,as well as with us parents. I just recommend her so much!! My phone is in case you have preliminary questions. Frieda

I also had a planned C Section and pre-arranged a doula to help me. I used Jenny Goyne who is based in Berkeley. She was terrific and I would gladly talk to you more about what I liked about her as well as my search (I talked to several before selecting her). At the time she was slightly more affordable than her peers which was great although I don't know whether that's still the case. Based on my experience, I think she would be great with your 9-year old. She's an incredibly gentle, warm and compassionate person. And she has a real knack for figuring out what help you need. Again, feel free to contact me if you like. It's a highly personal decision. Best to you. emilyandbrian

I'd call Stacia Biltekoff . She was my doula a year and a half ago for the birth of my daughter, and has since started doing post-partum doula work. In her post-partum visits with me (as part of her birth doula services) she was amazing and really helped me settle in to live with a newborn. Good luck! Sofia

June 2006

My husband and I are looking for someone to help us during the first week or two after we bring our baby home. We already have a toddler and really want to make this as smooth a transition as possible for everyone. I am not completely sure as to what kind of help we will need! Possibly someone to stay the first few nights? And then someone to come in during the day. Maybe do some cooking? Please weigh in with any advice or suggestions as to where, when and how much help we should really plan for! We have no family here to help out this time, so it will pretty much just be my husband and I trying to manage! And of course I am looking for names and numbers of doulas you recommend. Thanks. RK

We worked with Jennifer Starling (jenstarling [at] and Treesa McLean (treesa.mclean[at], and both were excellent. They truly saved our lives. Both do both day and nighttime work. How much help to plan for? As much as you can possbily afford! We found nighttime help to be especially useful for us, and having someone there the night we got home from the hospital was a huge relief. Good luck!

Carolynn Melchert is an angel of compassion and has decades of experience as a mother and doula. Ann

I used a Postpartum Doula when my 2nd was born. Her main job was to make sure that my needs were taken care of. She cleaned, she did laundry, she made sure I had eaten and had slept, she helped me with nursing, she was great! I felt pampered even in my state of total exhaustion. She wasn't a ''nanny,'' though, it wasn't her job to watch my kids, although she did carry the baby in the sling while I slept, and my husband took care of our older child. I used Paula Santi, she's at doulapaulasanti[at] and she's fabulous!!! Jill

Sept 2005

I'm a first time mom-to-be and am looking for a post partum doula to help me out in October. Has anyone recently worked with someone they like, and does anyone know what the range of possible prices and services generally is? I don't know what the baby will be like yet so I'm not sure what kind of support I'll need. thanks much in advance. cc

Hi! I would like to recommend our postpartum doula Ann Regan Haynes! She was wonderful!!! We were first time parents last October, 2004 and it was the best investment we made. She helped me in those early critcal days with breast feeding positions and information. And I know that with the inital difficulties I experienced latching our baby girl on correctly that without that personal help at our home I would have given up. I was having back and neck pains, as well as tenderness and soreness of the nipples. But having the right coaching made all the difference! I am still breastfeeding our almost one year old daughter today.

It was also important to have the extra help at nights those first weeks. I remember so clearly the fourth night home, the baby was crying all night and we just didn't know what to do. She had been so sweet and calm prior to that night. I was exhusted and my husband stayed up all night walking her--but we knew we could make it since Ann was coming in the next night.

The most amazing thing was when Ann came in the next night, not only could we rest but she understood what was agiating our baby and calmed her right away. We started calling her the ''Baby Whispher''. It was amazing to have our sweet baby girl back again. Ann helped to keep us on track and was a valuable resource for ideas and suggestions.

We were fortunate to have Ann with us for quite a lot of the first four months, as a gift from the grandparents. She taught us so much, especially how to listen and engage our baby, as well as baby massage which was great! The massages helped with everything from digestion, sleep, developing strength and coordination, to a generally happier baby. In our case, our baby started teething very early at three months and the massages helped a lot with the pain. We still give her massages, especially my husband and you can really see the enjoyment in our baby's face as well as in her body language.

email: anndoula at

We had talked with other doulas at the time, but found Ann's experience, recommendations, and rates to be very reasonable for the berkeley bay area. We hope to have another baby in a few years and will definitely want Ann again! We were able to enjoy the newborn stage of our baby because we weren't super stressed out all the time. I would highly recommend having some help for at least a few nights, more if that is an option. Best of luck in your new baby! Lucie

My childbirth instructor Sabine Henrie is doing post-partum doula work. Though she was not my doula I would highly recommend her. She's patient, sensitive, caring, and very knowledgeable. sabineh at Sierra

Sept 2004

I am seeking some postpartum support for the end of August. Many of the postings for doula recommendations are outdated. If you have had a great experience with a postpartum doula, I would love any information. I am in the east bay. Thanks!

I want to recommend Ann Haynes as an outstanding postpartum doula. An is warm, caring, knowledgable and experienced in all aspects of perinatal care. She helped me and my husband through 2 days of labor: then assisted me with breastfeeding, baby care and bathing, taught me to massage my beautiful little girl, and made delicious meals for us. She cared for me like my own mother who could not be with me at this important time. Ann helped me so much with my transition to motherhood! I highly recommend Ann and you can contact me if you have any questions. Senay

I have a great postpartum Doula - her name is Ann Haynes. She worked with me about 3 nights per week for the first 5 weeks of my son's life. He is now 4 months old. She was caring, knowledgeable and very easy to have around. Also, she is certified in infant massage which is a bonus! I have only good things to say about her - and I really don't think I would have survived those first weeks without her help. If you are interested, you can call her or e-mail her directly @: anndoula AT Hope this information helps. koebels

I would like to recommend Ann Haynes as a wonderful Doula (both birth and postpartum). She attended the birth of my daughter 3 months ago and helped make it a wonderful experience!! Ann is a very warm, loving person and has a very calm demeanor that is very comforting while in labor. My husband and I met with Ann several times before the birth so she really got to know us. During these meetings, we discussed my expectations for the type of birth I would like. We also discussed different birthing positions and what, in particular, I felt comfortable with. Ann stayed with me throughout the entire labor. My labor was about 14 hours long (5 of which was pushing)and she stayed with me, gave me massages, and encouraged me the whole way through. I cannot say enough good things about her. We have also had the luxury of seeing her in action taking care of the baby. She is even more warm and loving with children. She has a special type of interaction with children and I trust her full heartedly with my kids. If you would like to contact Ann Haynes directly her contact information is: anndoula at Feel free to also email me if you would like more information. Anita

I had Ann Haynes as my Childbirth Doula and she also helped us out with post-partum baby care. She is fantastic. I selected her card from the corkboard in Waddle and Swaddle, completely randomly. I couldn't be happier. She is a very gentle soul and listened carefully to every concern. She is primarily responsible for me chosing to have a natural birth (what an experience). I couldn't recommend her more highly. She can be reached at: anndoula [at] Erin

July 2004

I'm looking for a post partum Doula in or willing to go to Contra Costa County to help me for a couple of weeks after the birth of my second child in early December. Thanks! Tracey

Hi...I would like to recommend Beth Hammond. I conduct workshops for new mothers of twins, and she has worked for many of my clients. Karen

Jan 2004

Hello everyone, We are looking for a doula (to help with delivery) and a ''postpartum doula'' or ''baby nurse'' for the first 2 weeks. I hear so many different terms! :) I have read all of the postings for recommendations, but am looking for more recent referrals for San Francisco. I would like someone who is of course incredibly competent and knowledgeable, but who is also very compassionate and nurturing. Any recommendations for doulas/baby nurses who work in San Francisco would be so greatly appreciated. Thank you so much- Cindy

I have posted this before: Joan Taylor was our doula for birth and post-partum. She was fantastic -- Joan has many years experience as a doula (she also has a yoga background, and has a grown son). To put it simply, she absolutely saved me in my labor. I went into labor at 33 weeks, and my husband and I had only met with Joan in our interview with her (and had taken no birthing classes yet). Because the Drs were attempting to stop my labor, I was directed to be on ''bed rest'' (e.g. I was not allowed to get up, or move, at all). Joan arrived at the hospital and helped me to go from 0 to 7 centimeters in about 4 hours, only being able to use my breath and my voice (as the Dr's were dealing with other emergencies, and no one was available to come by and check me -- Joan pushed to get the Dr's to come, and when they finally did my baby's foot was in the birth canal and I had an emergency C-section). I could not have survived that labor without her -- she was able to help me to use what I had available, to work with my body -- it was AMAZING. Additionally, she did postpartum work with us when my premature baby finally came home from the hospital a month later (and he came home small, and on a heart monitor). Our family was under an incredible amount of stress, and she helped support me through my own healing, helped me with breast feeding, helped us eat/organize/sleep, and helped us to find ways to maximize the contact and love we were able to give to our son. She also really loved our son and encouraged us to see how strong he was and how great he was developing (at 9 mos he is doing super now). She really was essential to our survival. She's a wonderful person to spend time with, is extremely compassionate, and also has excellent advice and counsel for a birthing mom, or a new mom. She actually lives in Oakland, but she has worked in San Francisco. I would call her! (510) 482 8927 or (510) 390 1737 vh

Look no further than Esther Gallagher. She rocks. She does both delivery and postpartum, and in fact prefers to do both for the continuity of care. She's completely about taking care of the mommy (and to some extent the daddy) so mommy can figure out about taking care of the baby. She saved me from having a C- section; she got my breast-feeding started smoothly; she whipped unhelpful visiting family members into shape (if you don't like them forthright, you won't like Esther); she helped me and my husband through the stress of sleepless new parenting. Her number is 415-821-4490. heidi

2003 & Earlier

April 2003

have looked at the website recommendations for postpartum doulas, and find that they generally describe people available to help with daytime care, including cooking, light cleaning, and some baby-holding. Has anyone hired a *night nurse* instead -- someone whose only job is to take care of the baby at night so you can rest, bringing the baby to you only for feedings? If so, I'd love to hear some recommendations (or anti-recommendations), and to know how this worked out for you. Thanks!

It can be very difficult to uncover resources postpartum. On my site, I have a section called Community Resources and I try to keep it up to date for the East Bay. This is the link to a section on Postpartum Care, including night nurses.

I can give you some feedback about some of these people but would prefer to do it privately. Sherry Reinhardt sherryr AT
[editor note] website above updated March 2005

We have a night nurse, and I can't recommend it highly enough. Getting enough sleep is so important to me, and our nurses (we have two that trade off nights) are incredible. They settle the baby when she's fussy, feed her from a bottle if I've pumped, change her diapers/clothes when needed, and generally give her lots of love and attention. Mine have brought a huge library of parenting/baby books for me to look at, and have even suggested chapters/articles on subjects that I might be interested in. They keep a nighttime log of when she eats, when her diapers are changed, if/when she was fussy, so that I can keep tabs on everything. They are available to do laundry and cleaning when the baby is asleep, too. In general, very flexible regarding timing (coming early some nights so that my husband and I could go out) and duties. Best of all, they are incredibly caring people, who have been a real joy to know. Their names are Katy Remley and Christina Bernard, and they work through Bay Area Baby Nurses and Doulas. Good luck ellensfraser

December 2002

I am due with my first baby on January 8, 2003 and am looking for a post-partum doula to help out a couple of hours a day for a few weeks. I am hoping for help on a range of things, such as giving my baby his or her first bath, breastfeeding tips, and laundry. I have consulted the website, but there are only 2 recommendations and they are over 4 years old. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks for your help. Sharon

We had our first baby in June 2002 - Treesa McLean was both our labor doula and postpartum doula. She is incredible!!! Treesa has tons of experience - she has been a doula for many years. Among the many descriptives I would use for Treesa - she is extremely knowledgable, calm, kind, and caring. She has a great sense of humor and is as accomodating as possible within the constraints of her busy schedule. She is extremely responsive and can be paged. She assisted me when my milk came in (she's a wealth of knowledge in treating sore breasts and positioning the baby for maximum comfort and latching), taught me how to use the medela breast pump, taught us how to give the baby a bath, reassured us that ''everything was going OK'' (HUGE for new inexperienced parents!!)after we came home from the hospital, made sure we had fresh healthy hot meals, and answered questions too numerous to list. I recommend Treesa without hesitation. Ruth

I would highly recommend Lucia Maya as your post-partem doula. She came recommended to me by a trusted source and when I called her references, they were excellent. Lucia is an incredibly warm, caring, competant and intuitive woman. She's been raising children of her own and has a great deal of experience working with post-partem mothers (she also runs a new mothers' group). Lucia is the kind of person that you like immediately and who will come into your home and do exactly what you want her to do with few if any questions asked. If you're too busy to outline things for her, she'll look around and dive in (including making lunch for you when you are too busy to stop and eat). I found her to be an incredibly helpful, gentle and positive presence for both me and my new baby (my baby absolutely loves Lucia). Her contact information is below. Lucia Maya luciamaya24 at Rita

Birthways is a wonderful resourse for finding labor and postpartum doulas, as well as other birth services. You can check out their Web site at; while you aren't getting a recommendation directly from a parent, you can call several of those listed and get a feeling for them over the phone, in addition to getting references. Congratulations and good luck! Laria Pippen, Postpartum Doula threepippens at

My friend Samantha does pre and post doula work. I'm not sure what her availability is, but if you can get her, you'll thank your lucky stars. She's the kind of gal who you want to say ''Oh my goodness, Stop! You're doing too much!'' to, but you won't because you're so pleased with all that's getting done. (She also does work as an organizer.) She's a great cook, a good listener, and a kind soul. Contact her at lezelda at Graham's mom

Oct 2001

I am expecting in December and want to hire a baby nurse for the first two weeks after the birth. This is something we did in New York with our twins and having our baby nurse at the house was a godsend. The basic duties were to take care of all of the baby's needs in terms of changing, washing blankets and clothes, bringing the baby to me to nurse at night (she sleeps in the room with the baby), and if not nursing, sterilize bottles and feed the baby. It is very common to have someone like this in New York, so much that there are agencies solely dedicated to providing baby nurses. I have not seen anything like that publicized in California but wonder if I am just not looking in the right place. Does anyone know of an agency that provides baby nurses or a baby nurse who works on her own in the Bay area? Shannon

... I know others who have hired Lucia Meager as a post partum doula (cooking, cleaning, holding baby, doing whatever is needed to give mother rest and peace of mind) and were grateful that they had Lucia in their lives after the baby was born....

March 2001

I highly recommend Jeanne Racik as a Labor Support/Postpartum Doula....

I would like to recommend Lisa Moon for a post partum doula. Lisa has worked with my son, a fussy premature newborn (now 9 weeks old) and has truly helped us understand his needs....

Oct 1998

After I had my baby I would have been lost without the woman I found through Alta Bates maternity ward nurse recommendations -- they all raved about Carol Egan and she proved to be everything they said she was. I was on bedrest because of a complicated C-section and she took care of my baby (who was preemie), the house, the meals, all errands, you name it and she did it. She was great. She is extremely reliable and has a 6 year old that she raised alone so she really knows about infants. I hope all goes well for you and your family. Linda

I used Linda Jones-Mixon. She is unbelievably wonderful. She is kind, gentle and has a great sense of humor. I recommend her without hesitation to all who ask and know 3 or 4 who have used and loved her as well. I will be using her for my second child due in April. Linda