How to find occasional babysitting for an infant?


New dad here with a six week old. I've been on parental leave, but am going back to work in a week and thinking about ways to make sure my partner is supported / we get time for us every now and then. Is babysitting / daycare for infants this young something that people do, and if so, anything I should keep in mind when planning this? For example, I'm considering hiring someone for a few hours every other week for a date night.

Recommendations, tips?  I live in Richmond.


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I do not recommend daycare’s but possibly having a nanny with regular hours who specialize in infant care. Keep in mind this is the bay area and it is not cheap to find an experienced nanny. 
Make sure that  they are trustline Certified with infant CPR training. 

hi there! I think for a baby that young you may be better off hiring a doula or night nurse - something with experience caring for that particular age group. Let me know if you need any recommendations!

It's definitely something that postpartum doulas do. I recommend reaching out to Michi Arguedas of Quetzal Doula. She was my birth and postpartum doula and supported me many months after the birth. She's also part of a doula collective so if she can't help you, she can probably refer you to someone who can.