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This is Paulina and we recently moved to North Berkeley. Our baby is due on September 27th and we are looking for a postpartum doula who can help us for some weeks after delivery and at least three days per week. Does anyone have good recommendations?

Thanks a lot!

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Hi Paulina, are you looking for postpartum day doula help, or night doula help? 

For days, I worked with Masako Yura (she will also cook for you if you want, delicious Japanese meals!)  macoizydoula [at] gmail.com

For nights, I worked w/ Blandina Masalu 925-752-0918 and Linda Bradley 510-326-4312. Call or text.

Masako, Blandina, and Linda all have lovely and calming presences, and I think that's really important for postpartum since they are in your house at a time when you may be feeling vulnerable. They also have tons of experience with newborns and good tips/tricks.

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I 100% recommend Michelle Puckett as a postpartum doula. She was with us 2x week after our baby was born, and we ended up extending her time with us much longer than we originally thought, because she was just so incredibly helpful. Her presence put us at ease, she was wonderful with our little lady who fought sleep to no end. I was clueless about babies and she was helpful and nonjudgmental about any and all of my questions and concerns. She was always on time, super reliable, and great at being proactive and anticipating our needs. She even made us soup a couple of times. I recommend her wholeheartedly and would absolutely work with her again if we have another kiddo a few years from now. We also live in North Berkeley. Her yelp page:  https://www.yelp.com/biz/creatrix-doula-care-oakland

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Hi Paulina,

Congratulations on your upcoming baby! I have a 5 month old boy and it’s been such an amazing time. 

I’d like to recommend a wonderful doula named Gloria Bocian. She is such a sweet woman and we’ve been lucky enough to have her take care of our little one once a week while I transition back to work. She is caring, trustworthy, knowledgeable and someone I genuinely look forward to spend time with. 

Please reach out to her if you are still looking for someone. 

globo156 [at] gmail.com // +1 (510) 435-6968



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Hi! I had a great experience with several of the doulas from Roots of Labor Birth Collective but these two are my favorites:

Michi Arguedas was also my birth doula - she's amazing with babies and parents in the postpartum period. She's gentle and patient and loving, and working with her is like being enveloped in a big bubble of love that is exactly what you might need postpartum when all the hormones are raging - https://quetzaldoula.com/

Rebecca Orozco was my backup birth doula - in the postpartum period she would intuit exactly what I might need at any given moment, anticipating my hunger, baby's cues, a cup of tea, kind words of support when I felt at my lowest- https://doulamatch.net/profile/14533/rebecca-orozco