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Roots of Labor Birth Collective (RLBC) believes that everyone deserves a doula, regardless of one’s ability to pay. When you hire an RLBC doula, you are investing in the wellness of the greater Bay Area birthing community.

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Hi There...

I completely empathize with your concerns!

You can reach out to Michi Arguedas - she is an incredible woman who does post-partum care as well as being very involved with a variety of doula programs within the East Bay.

She is very knowledgeable and would be a great point of contact for you to see if there might be a post-partum doula would be be available and free to work with your family while you labor.

See her information and websites below.


Full Spectrum Doula Services & Placenta Encapsulation | 

Doula Coordinator |  ---I wish you nothing but the best.  Good luck and I hope that everything will work out in a way that feels right for you & your family.Best,

I would suggest reaching out to Roots of Labor Birth Collective which can connect you to many doulas who can probably tag team to get you the care that you need. In their line of work they already need to have back ups for birth doula support, it’s not a stretch to imagine that they could handle this for childcare (very similar to postpartum doula support).

I can vouch for Michi Arguedas and Rebecca Orozco, my amazing birth doula team who also tag teamed to provide me with postpartum support for many months after birth. They are great with my older kid as well.  

RE: Looking for postpartum doula ()

Hi! I had a great experience with several of the doulas from Roots of Labor Birth Collective but these two are my favorites:

Michi Arguedas was also my birth doula - she's amazing with babies and parents in the postpartum period. She's gentle and patient and loving, and working with her is like being enveloped in a big bubble of love that is exactly what you might need postpartum when all the hormones are raging -

Rebecca Orozco was my backup birth doula - in the postpartum period she would intuit exactly what I might need at any given moment, anticipating my hunger, baby's cues, a cup of tea, kind words of support when I felt at my lowest-

A lot of the doulas in Roots of Labor Birth Collective do both birth and postpartum doula work. I can vouch for Michi Arguedas, Linda Jones, and Rebecca Orozco personally. 

With my older child's birth, I ended up scouring review sites, BPN reviews, and personal referrals and ended up with a list of maybe 20 doulas. We narrowed it down from there and then met with three of them. My experience with the doula we chose was mixed. 

With my current pregnancy, I had the good fortune of meeting a doula in another setting, and just liked her vibe. We met only with her, and hired her immediately. She does do postpartum doula work as well. There was another doula I had my eye on, and she is actually my doula's backup! My biggest concern was whether my doula would stick with me for the long haul that birth can often be, and I know and trust my doula will be there for me through it all. Good luck navigating all of this!