Care for older baby while I’m in labor - no family in the area

Hi! I’m looking for some advice on what to do when I go into labor with my 2nd baby this December. Our son will only be 14 months old at the time and our current part time nanny isn’t available to be “on-call” for round the clock care as she has another job outside of nannying. I also found it difficult to approach the subject with any potential candidates given that someone might have to rapidly clear their schedule at a moments notice once I go into labor. We would be willing to potentially pay someone to be “on call” given that we would be taking up their time - maybe work 9-5 on those days until I go into labor and then more around the clock care for 2 or 3 days until we get home from the hospital? But not sure what is the best method here and wanted to see if anyone else has been in the same situation? 

We don’t have family in the area and though my in-laws offered to come during this time they are not great with kids - I really don’t want them being the sole provider for my son (possibly just at night as he usually sleeps through the night now, but even then I have some reservations). What did those of you do who didn’t have family in the area? We are somewhat new to the Bay Area and feel it’s a lot to ask of friends given our 1st babe is so young. 

Please help stop my nightmare where I am in labor and my first born is screaming because he’s awake in the hospital room with us at 2 am with all the noises and lights. 

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