Night nanny recommendations?

Hi.  We've just had our second boy and now have a 5-week-old and a 21-month-old.  We're finally realizing that two is disproportionately more tiring than one, which we had been told but didn't quite believe, and we'd like to find a night nanny -- something like 10 hours a night, 4 days a week.  We haven't had great success on so far.  Does anyone have a recommendation of a night nanny they loved?

(We're two dads, so no breast feeding is involved.)


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We love our night doula, but we have her for another 2 months. I asked her for a recommendation and her friend might be available. My hope is that great people know great people :)

marciafcb [at]
Marcia Gomez

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We just finished a six week contract with Nicole and her alternate Daysi - both of whom we would highly recommend. DM for contact info if you’re interested, good luck! 

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Judith is wonderful though she may already be booked. We used her in the fourth trimester with our current 4.5 month old and I miss her so much. She’s calm, flexible, reliable, and a lovely human. Her number is +1 (209) 597-9466. 

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So happy to recommend ours! A true Mary Poppins. 

Josephine Masabala: jmasabala at; 510-484-5085

Best $$ we have spent on baby #1 and have already scheduled her for baby #2. She's professional, capable, friendly, and knows babies. 

Here's some I've previously written when recommending her. 

Josephine is clearly a professional -- totally calm, in charge (in a good way), and very caring of our daughter (our first child) which made me feel very reassured. She would also help fold and put away baby laundry, and clean any baby-related dishes such as bottles. She was simply "on it." She was always on time, relaxed, and ready to go. She clearly loves kids and has relationships with babies she cared for who are now all grown (she's going to their weddings this year and next!).