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As a doula myself, I have very high standards haha. Tabitha Ames was my doula for both babies, and I can't recommend her enough. ( I'm happy to get on the phone and share my experiences with her. She also offers childbirth and breastfeeding education.

As far as navigating the doula world, there are SO MANY doulas now! Which is great, because that means there is a doula that will be a good fit for every family. Word of mouth, yelp, and even checking with your OB or Pediatrician for names they've heard or worked with is a good way to start. 

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Dec 2013

RE: East Bay Doula who will labor in Mountain View?

I can recommend Tabitha Ames as a great Doula in the East Bay. She was just what my husband and I needed during our birth. With her help, I delivered my 10 lb 4 oz baby with no drugs or interventions despite the doctor repeatedly trying to push her own agenda about speeding things up (my labor was only 5 hours long???). She was professional, flexible, knowledgeable, helpful and able to be there for what we needed as the need arose (instead of coming with her own idea about how things are 'supposed to' go). And she left her own children on Christmas Day for the birth (dedication)! I know she also helps train other doulas, so if she is booked maybe she has a good recommendation for you. Here's her contact: Tabitha Ames BS, CCCE, CLD, CPD, CLE CAPPA Faculty, Northern California Childbirth Educator Trainer BirthWays Vice President BirthWays Meet the Doulas Night Coordinator (925) 360-0817 Sarah C