Night nanny referrals and recommendations?

Hi! We're expecting our second in early 2021, and we're looking for a night nanny to help us from 10 pm to 6 am, 3-4 nights a week, from weeks 2 through 10 (and maybe longer, depending on our needs). If you had a night nanny you loved, can you share their contact info or how you found them? If you have any tips for working with a night nanny, we'd also really appreciate it!  

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I worked with (and highly recommend) both Blandina Masalu 925-752-0918 and Linda Bradley 510-326-4312

They have a lot of experience and can offer suggestions without being at all pushy, and are so attentive and warm.  I found both through BPN and after talking with them, called a few references. Wanted to note that Blandina is a little quiet in an interview, but she warms up right away.  

Congrats! Denise Macko supported us when we brought our baby home last October. She is incredibly experienced and professional while still being warm and attentive. We were referred by a friend though she's also part of the East Bay Postpartum Doula Circle ( dpmacko [at] / 510-908-0398

Denise would think of every detail—from bringing her own clean/quiet slippers to adding little blankets as a headrest for our baby's changing table, even dialing in on the ideal soft lighting—to create a soothing, supportive space for everyone in the house. I found it helpful to talk in advance about how we'd like to prioritize her attention (baby's needs, mom's recovery, coming back in for key sleep transitions, etc.) as that guided expectations and set our schedule together.