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We are first time parents seeking advice about infant childcare when returning to work. We both want to resume work part time by 2 months after birth, and are considering a night nanny (2-3 weeknights) so we can get rest before workdays. Does anyone have experience with this, or recommend a specific nanny who is seeking this type of work? Thanks in advance!!

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Yes a night doula/nanny made a huge difference for me with my second baby. We just finished working with Ruby Neal and she was absolutely amazing. She maximized how much sleep I was getting and also helped teach baby to sleep in the bassinet.   My husband went back to work after 1 month and I started back at 3 months. We worked with the doula for four months. It was night and day different from my experience with my first child where I didn’t hire anyone. You can contact Ruby at rubydoula [at]  A previous client described her as “the Steph Curry of doulas” and I totally agree with that assessment.  My baby is such a great sleeper now! 

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I hope you find someone that meets your needs.  I also just wanted to suggest that you might want to remain flexible about your plan for both of you to return to work within 8 weeks of birth.  Especially if you/your partner plan to nurse the baby, even a few more weeks can make a difference, (even with the excellent California laws about lactation accommodation at work). But even if exclusive nursing isn't your intention, just recovering physically, taking time to bond, and dealing with the big changes in your routine (sleep deprivation, even with a night nanny!!) and household will be easier if you take the time you need. If it's about money or job protection, be sure you are both aware of all of your rights and options.