Seeking Night Nanny/Postpartum Doula in Oct. 2022

We're expecting our second child in early October and we're looking for a postpartum doula/night nanny to help us from 10pm to 6am (hours flexible) for 4-5 nights a week, starting when we get home from the hospital. We are located in San Leandro. If you had a postpartum doula/night nanny you loved and is available starting in October we would love to get their contract information. Thank you!!!

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We loved our night nurse! Try Hope at +1 (310) 208-9545. Feel free to message me for more info. 

Will always recommend her - Briana Smith

worked with her finally, and she is family now. She was a wonderful doula and made my wife and I happy and extremely well-rested new parents. Truly a gem to have if you plan on breastfeeding too, non-judgmental, warm, quiet, nice chats. 

not sure of her availability, definitely worth asking. If not, she’s able to assist in finding you one. :)