Dentists Who Take Healthy Families Insurance

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April 2012

Hello, My son is signed up for Healthy Families Delta Dental, and is ready for his first dentist visit. He is four, but with great dental genes and always agreeable to brushing his teeth everyday since he first grew teeth, so we and the doctor felt we didn't need to rush his first visit. However, he hates going to the doctor, so I'm a bit nervous about his visit going well. We live in Berkeley, but unfortunately there are no local dentist that accept HFDD. There are a few in Oakland and the suburbs, but I'd love a recommendation. As this is his first visit, I'd rather it go smoothly and not be too far a commute. Thanks! Mother of Pearly Whites

Not sure if Healthy Families have updated there Dental practices. I had to go to East Oakland to have my daughter seen. It was in the worst neighborhood ever, and the building was dilapidated. On top of that, the dentist did all the checking you in etc. The worst was that he would not let me go in with my daughter. She was 4 at the time. I had my 9 year old with me, and I had to go back and forth with him to let my older daughter go in with the younger one. She took photos of what happened in the room for me. If I didn't have my older daughter I would have walked out. There would have been no way over my dead body that a male dentist check my daughter's teeth without my presence. I did not report him, as there was nothing to report. It was definitely weird how he did things. I never went back, and my children haven't had dental screenings because he was the only dentist close to Berkeley under Healthy Families. I will keep an eye on this post to see what everyone else is saying?? I wanted to share my experience so if you ended going to the Oakland you know what to expect! HB

Hi, My kids have been using healthy families delta dental for about 3years now. I take them to Western Dental in downtown Berkeley. It has been a really good experience for the kids. I am allowed in the room with them, there customer service is good, and I am able to schedule both my kids at the same time. Sometimes the wait can be a little long to be seen, but other then that it has been a great experience. You should give them a call. Fellow HF member

We have Healthy families- Safeguard Dental and have been very happy with our dentist, located in downtown Oakland. My children see Dr. Bastiani at Oakland Dental Care, 510-444-6300 Best of luck

March 2012

My son recently qualified for Healthy Families and I chose DeltaCare because I had previously had DeltaDental and the doctor I had was great. Unfortunately there is some new policy that requires me to be with Healthy Families for 2-1/2 years before my son can qualify for DeltaDental, so we have lost our great dentist. ALL the Oakland providers that take DeltaCare have horrid online reviews! Even worse, I cannot choose a pediatric dentist directly. I must chose a generalist who would then refer me to a pediatric dentist, but not always. IF I were to go ahead and choose a DeltaCare provider, it would likely be Dental Care of Walnut Creek, who have almost all great reviews (on The dentists there are Dr. Wu and Dr. Yi.

My 2nd choice by a wide margin would be Gentle Dental on Franklin Street in Oakland. The main dentists there are Dr. Dadvand and Dr. Maoik. The Pediatric Specialist they refer to is Dr. Pearline Chang. If you have experience with taking your small child to any of these dentists, please let me know!

My other option is to choose another dental insurance provider that covers a well-recommended dentist. The other insurance options are Western Dental, Access Dental, Safeguard Dental, and Healthnet Dental. All of these plans also require that the main dentist be a generalist, who may not chose to refer out to a pediatric specialist, so I am seeking recommendations for a GENERAL dentist who is great with small children (my child is 3 years old) as well as suggestions for a great Pediatric Specialist. PLEASE do not give me random references - I need a dentist who is covered under one of the above Healthy Families insurance carriers only.

Thank you! seeking decent dentist

I took my kids to a random dentist on the list for Healthy Families Delta Dental. Horrible experience. The office was actually dirty! Then I did my homework for the entire East Bay and found the reviews went from bad to worse for the limited number of dentist who take it. Finally I got the idea to look out of the area a bit and we found Dr. Kao in Sunnyvale. It's a one hour drive but he is a very top-notch pediatric dentist and his facility and staff are incredible. He is kind and only works with kids. The office is beautiful - totally set up for kids only. It's not easy to get an appt. but he is a true gem and well worth the extra travel time for us. His number is (408) 746-3770. Satisfied with Dr. Kao in Sunnyvale

The pediatric dentists at La Clinica de La Raza are truly excellent. My son started off at a fancy pediatric dentist but when we discovered he had multiple cavities we applied for Healthy Families! La Clinica has facilities in Fruitvale and at Children's Hospital; we've gone to the Fruitvale clinic for the past couple years because a client of mine was a dentist there, but now we're thinking of transferring over to Children's Hospital because it's more convenient. La Clinica is strictly no frills but they have really dedicated and superlative practitioners. I don't think it matters who you see; they're all wonderful. My son has had five fillings, cleanings, flouride treatments, and sealant put on his molars there. Hopefully now we can avoid more dental work in the future (except preventative)! Anna

Dec 2011

My son is currently a patient of Discovery Pediatric Dentistry in San Francisco. We had seen Dr. Fred Haberlin--who we loved--however he is not practicing regularly anymore, and we are seeking a pediatric dentist or dentist who sees children (my son is 5) in the East Bay that accepts Healthy Families Delta Dental plan. Thanks for your input! Peace, Erin

We are also on Healthy Families and it took a while to find a great dentist for our kids. We are very happy with Dr. Bastani at 1700 Broadway in Oakland. Phone: (510) 444-6300. Best of luck. Really happy with this dentist for my kids

Dec 2011

I have recently moved to the East Bay (Kensington) and my kids receive health insurance through Healthy Families. I need to select a new dental insurance carrier (covered by Healthy Families) as well as a new dentist. My insurance options are: Access Dental .. Delta Dental .. Deltacare .. Safeguard Dental .. Western Dental ..
I am looking for a recommendation for both insurance and a dentist that will see Healthy Families patients. Thanks! Cindi

Hi, For dental offices that see healthy families insurance holders and children you can try Brookside Community Health Center in San Pablo, Eastmont Wellness Center in Oakland and you can also dial 211 on your phone and ask them for resources. Good luck, Vanessa

July 2011

I am looking for a great dentist that accepts Healthy Families Dental Insurance for an 8yr. old! In Berkeley or Oakland preferably. There are some postings regarding this but they are from 2009! Any input would be much appreciated. Thanks!

I believe the dental clinic that is held at Oakland's Children's Hospital takes Healthy Family clients The clinic is lovely too. Cathey

June 2009

I am looking for a good children's dentist who accepts Healthy Families. J.

When we had Healthy Families, we went to Dr. Marienella Carter , 400 30th St., Oakland, 625-0600. She's not just a pediatric dentist, takes all ages. We still use her although we no longer have Healthy Families. anon

April 2009

We are hoping to get insurance coverage for our daughter through the Healthy Families program and want to know if anyone has any recommendations for dentists who take the following insurance plans: Access Dental. Premier Access Dental, or the SafeGuard Dental plans?? (preferably if possible in West CCCounty). Thanks.....

My kids have done very well with Dr. Lopez , office on Telegraph near Ashby. She has great assistants and other dentists to complete her practice. My daughter, now 12, went thru maybe 4 other scary dentists before Vivian when her teeth became broken and all -- and both my kids have stayed with Dr. Vivian Lopez all these years. I think she even sees some college students who haven't yet left home.

Point being: she is smart, observant, socially savvy, and talked me thru an emergency one Sunday nite even before she was our actual doctor. She was so patient and thorough and asked all the right questions. I cannot say enough good things about her!!! I wish I had her phone number handy, but look her up online or in the phone book. Or call me and by tomorrow I will find her number!

You'll be pleased. Plus her office waiting room has a bunch of old typewriters, which kids find fascinating! And books and journals. And balloons and prizes after all those scary procedures. She and her whole practice are just terrific.

FR ( mother of a 12 and 9 year old)

October 2008

Help! My daughter's dentist of six years, has just announced that she will no longer be accepting Healthy Families insurance. Anyone have a recommendation for a dentist that they like, who will? andrea

August 2008

My daughter is insured through Healthy Families, which has been really great for doctors, but I have struggled to find her a good dentist. I was recently notified that the dentist I had found her has stopped accepting her insurance. Could anyone recommend a dentist that accepts Delta Dental Healthy Families Insurance that they like? Unfortunately for us, this is different from just Delta Dental alone. Thanks. john

My daughter has Healthy Families Delta Dental too. I looked everywhere, had an unpleasant experience with the only dentist I could find in Oakland/ Berkeley and finally found a great practice in San Francisco. Haeberlein, Fred DDS-Pediatric Dentistry - (415) 441-7766 1700 California St #200 San Francisco, CA 94109 All of the docs my daughter have seen there are sweet and wonderful. They sing to her while they work on her teeth! They have seen it all and have so much patience. They let me hold her hand and explain everything really well. The place is clean and nice, lots of toys and a TV in both the outer and inner waiting areas. Its not that bad of a drive if you go right after rush hour, I make my appointments for 11/11:30.( I live in North Berkeley) We often go to the Whole Foods across the street for a treat after her appointment. A Fan of Dr. Haeberlein (August and November, 2008)

Jan 2008

My kids are covered under the Healthy Families Delta Dental program. Does anyone have a recommendation of a dentist that is good with kids and takes Delta Dental through Healthy Families? Thank you. Emily

i take my daughter to dr haberlein's office in sf. i originally looked for a dentist in the east bay since we live in berkeley but i had a disappointing experience with the one healthy families dentist here. dr haberlein is so amazing. we have also seen dr parea who i love. she sings to my daughter while she works on her.! they are very used to dealing with scared kids and do everything to help calm them. the office is very kid friendly with toys and books in the waiting areas. all of the hygienists are sweet and work quickly and as gently as possible. they are at 1700 california at van ness. phone number is 415-441-7766

Sept 2007

We've just been approved for Healthy Families and got the Delta Dental coverage-unfortunately not all Delta Dental Dentists take the Healthy Families Coverage. So, we're looking for a great dentist out there for our son who liked going to see the dentist we had. Do you have any great kids dentists that take Healthy Families Delta Dental? Thanks! Celana

My son sees Dr. Marinella Carter in Oakland, and she's just fine. It's not a fun and games office like some pediatric dentists', but she's good and nice. anon

My daughter has Healthy Families too. I first took her to Dr Laston...the only ped dentist that takes Healthy Families that I could find in Berkeley or Oakland but we did not have a great time there. Now I take her to the city to Dr Fred Haeberlien 's office. we see Dr Parea (sp?) She is amazing. She sings to my daughter while she's working on her and stops to help her calm down if she gets scared. They're at 1700 California at Van Ness. A bit of a schlepp but worth it...and not that bad of a commute if you go after rush hour. Their number is 415-441-7766. Take Care Stacia

March 2006

Need feedback from anyone who has had experience with any of the dentists in the Healthy Families program of Delta Dental - none of them are listed as pediatric dentists. Or does anyone have any idea of possible cost (ball-park figure)to pay out-of-pocket for initial dental exam & at least one filling if we go to one of the recommended pediatric dentists. This is for a 4 year old's first visit so we want it to be as easy as possible and certainly not traumatic in any way. Concerned Grandmother

There is a dental clinic in Oakland Children's Hospital which takes Healthy Families Delta Dental patients. They are an awesome group of dentists who make time to treat children through this program. They are kind and really worth going to. The clinic is Clinica Dental at Children's Hospital Oakland and their phone number is (510) 428-3316

We use a dentist in Berkeley. I don't know if she is still taking new healthy families pt but you can call and find out. My son has seen her for 4 years and we are very happy with how she and her staff deal with kids. Her name is Madaline Ballard . # 510-845-2350 Good luck happy kids

My kids see Dr. Madelyn Ballard (510) 845-2350. I believe she only charged us $75 for our visit before we got our insurance. She is great with kids. Ariel