ISO MediCal Dentist recommendations!

Hello! My toddler just turned 2 and we are looking for a dentist that is covered by Medi-Cal. Anyone have any great experiences? We live in Oakland Chinatown and the system is a bit confusing and I only seemed to come up with one potential provider in Alameda. Any reccomenations?

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La Clinica Dental on 4881 Telegraph in Oakland accepts Medical. Both my kids go there and although you have a different dentist every time, they are all professional and amazing. 

Hi - Our 8 year old goes to La Clinica Children's Dental of Children's Hospital/UCSF Benioff. It's fine. The negatives: I think we see a different provider every time we go and when he was 4, they were constantly trying to give him flouride treatments, based I think on assumptions made about low income populations and food. I simply refused the flouride treatments until he was older and seemed to need one and have had all positive experiences there. He had two cavities starting last year and they used a paint on treatment that kept them from developing further, so no drilling, which was pretty fantastic.