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Medi cal dentist for my toddler?

May 2012

I have medi cal for myself and my two year old son. I think medi cal will cover dentistry for my son. Does anyone have experience with this? Amy recommendations for a dentist in Oakland and Berkeley? I only want his teeth examined and cleaned. I am also looking for a dentist to clean my teeth, any suggestions for high quality care for a small budget would be much appreciated. Thank you!

We recently took my daughter to the La Raza Dental Clinic at Childrens Hospital Oakland. They were very, nice, did a thorough job and my daughter was comfortable. Making the appt was easy. They had the ability to look up her Medi Cal infor right on the spot and were very helpful. I highly recommend them. I tried Longlife Dental and it was a nightmare. VERY long phone wait and then the person was unable to do anything efficiently.
fan of La Raza Dental

Try Dr. Robert Aubuchon, pediatric dentist (510) 452-4466. He is near Summit Medical Center in Oakland. I took my kids to him for several years and was very happy with his care. I just looked up a list of DentiCal providers (the dental coverage for MediCal) and he is on it. anon

Denti-cal dentist near Richmond

Oct 2011

Hi - I'm looking for a verrry gentle and non-judgmental dentist for my two sons, who are fearful of dentists after some bad experiences. We've avoided going for a while so the trauma could subside...but now it's been long enough that they're even more worried about what the dentist will find! They're both on Denti-cal, which limits the choices a bit, and we're in Richmond, so north of Berkeley would be preferable. THanks so much! Terri

Dr. Yu , a very gentle Burmese dentist at El Cerrito Dental, helped my two extremely dental-phobic children. I am sure he accepts Denti-Cal. His office is calm, without any of the bells and whistles at pediatric dentists (no germy toys, no Hawaiian print on the walls, no treasure chest of plastic trinkets after the visit). He has very kid-friendly assistants as well, who (refreshingly) do not use falsely cheerful baby talk during dental procedures (that always creeped my kids out!). 510-527-5944 Dental Phobic Family

Dentist for special needs child who accepts medicare

Oct 2011

Hi, I am looking for a dentist who works with children with special needs who takes Med-i-cal. Thank You anon

Please go to La Clinica Dental at Childrens Hospital Oakland. They happily take MediCal, have excellent dentists (Dr. Rothman is the head dentist and very experienced and kind, if you want to specifically ask for him), and take care of kids with a variety of special needs. I think you will be happy with the services you receive. Call 510-428-3316

Pediatric dentist that accepts Medi-Cal

April 2009

I wonder if anyone can recommend a good pediatric DDS that accepts Medi-Cal? Thanks Oakland Mom

I love Dr. Phillip Saddler on Alcatraz at San Pablo--a wonderful, family-run dental office that takes Medi-Cal. I always feel great after an appointment (and during, too!) Happy to support an excellent dentist

Dentist for 3-year-old who accepts MediCal

Nov 2008

My family and I just moved to Oakland and are looking for a dentist for my 3 yr old that is good with children and accepts MediCal. Thanks for any suggestions! :) Joy

Medi-Cal has a dentist referral service. I don't know the number, but it is named something like Denti-Cal and is an 800 number. I believe our pediatric dentist takes Medi-Cal, Dr. Vivian Lopez on Telegraph in Berkeley at Stuart. - social worker

Try 208-5910 Healthy Kids, Healthy Teeth; Denti-Cal for MC members 1800 952 5253 and Dr. Aubuchon 452-4466. He's by Pill Hill. I've sent several children to the office. Youthful Tooth in Hayward or by Hegenberger as well. anon

Medi-Cal Dentist for 17-year-old niece

Sept 2008

I am foster parenting my niece, who has Medi-Cal, and who needs a good deal of dental work. She is 17, which is over the age limit for many pediatric dentists who take Medi-Cal. The only referral we've received is for Western Dental, and based on friends' experiences, that is not an acceptable option. Can anyone recommend a decent dentist who accepts Medi-Cal? Anna

La Clinica de La Raza has two great Dental clinics in Oakland, both in the Fruitvale neighborhood. Their dentists and staff are well trained and well equipped. They certainly take MediCal, and they treat people of all ages, so there are no problems with treating teens. There are also clinics available in Pleasant Hill, Pittsburg and Vallejo. Call (510 )535-4200 for the clinic on Fruitvale Ave or (510) 535-4000 for the clinic at Fruitvale Village (right by the BART station). If she's going to age out of MediCal on her 18th birthday, be sure to tell the people making appointments, so they can get her in quickly. love La Clinica

Dentist who takes Medi-Cal

June 2008

Does anyone have any experience with dentist Dr. James Lin, DDS, who is at 2844 Summit, #207 in Oakland? And, if you know of a dentist who takes Medi-Cal, please let me know. Thank you. anon

Children's hospital and UCSF will take Medi-Cal/Denti-Cal. My son goes to UCSF, there's free parking in the back. We saw the same dentist for each visit this past 2 years. She's great and has gentle touch with children. Their staff is very supportive, as well.

Friendly dentist who takes Medi-Cal for 3-year-old

April 2007

I am looking for a good and friendly pediatric dentist in Oakland/Berkeley who accepts MediCal. My daughter just turned 3 and is ready for her first dental appointment. Kate

I am a public health nurse in the City of Berkeley. We can give you a list of pediatric dentists in the area who accept MediCal. Please call 981-5300.

Pediatric dentist who takes Medi-Cal

Dec 2005

Does anyone have any recommendation for a pediatric dentist who takes Medi-Cal? How about Dr. Phillip Saddler, or Dr. Robert Aubuchon in Oakland? There's nothing recent on Dr. Aubuchon (the last rec. was 1999), and nothing at all on Dr. Saddler-- I got both of their names through the Medi-Cal office. Can anyone tell me anything about these dentists, or does anyone know of any other good Medi-Cal dentists? Thanks. anon.

As a medi-cal (denti-cal) patient, I was very pleased with Dr. Dr. Phillip Saddler and his staff when I needed treatment for an abcessed tooth followed by a teeth cleaning about 6 months ago. My 6 year old, who has delta dental, sees Meeta Doshi, on Regent Street, and though she is not a pediatric dentist she is fantastic with kids; I expect Dr. Saddler would be competent as well (there were people of all ages in his office). Having said that, when I called Denti-Cal I was also given the name of Don Laston--who indeed specializes in pediatric dentistry, and has an excellent reputation (as a kid my now-38 year old brother saw him because he just couldn't tolerate our sweet old family dentist). Laston is in Berkeley on Telegraph and Oregon. Assuming he hasn't retired or stopped taking medi-cal in the interim, you might wish to check into that possibility for your child. But I would feel fine about taking my daughter to Dr. Saddler were I seeking a new dentist for her. By the way, and perhaps irrelevantly to all but a few dentistry seekers, Dr. Saddler is a second-generation African-American dentist in Oakland-Berkeley; his twin brother, also a dentist who mostly manages their office, is married to Rosa Parks Principal Pat Saddler; and their sister is an administrator in OUSD, formerly principal at Chabot Elementary. Jenny

Endodontist who takes Medi-Cal

May 2005

My 14 year old son needs a root canal. He has Medi-cal, but his Medi-cal dentist won't do it, and referred him to an endodontist who doesn't take Medi-cal. Does anyone know of a local endodontist or a dentist who does root canals who takes Medi- cal???

Try either Dr. Love in Oakland or Dr. Laston/Lopez's office in Berkeley. Dr. Thomas Love is an oral surgeon. Laston and Lopez's office is a peds clinic. If all else fails there is also Children's hospital. I think they still might have a dental clinic. once a medi-cal mom