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    Dec 2011

    Re: Pediatric dentist for special needs 2 year old
    My daughter sees Dr. David Rothman: 333-6811, in SF on Ocean Ave. We went to several other dentists before we found him. He sees patients in his office and also can do hospital dentistry if your chuld needs that at CPMC in SF. I strongly strongly strongly recommend you see Dr. Rothman. It is well worth the drive to SF if you live in the east bay. Anonymous

    Another BPN post recommended Dr. David Rothman on Ocean Ave. in SF for a special needs child, and I would heartily second that recommendation; he is a wonderful pediatric dentist. I worked with him in the past when he was affiliated with Oakland Children's Hospital, and choose to make the drive from the east bay to bring my own (not special needs) children to his office. He's well worth the drive! His office staff is great, too. Anon

    Oct 2011

    Re: Dentist for special needs child who accepts medicare
    Please go to La Clinica Dental at Childrens Hospital Oakland. They happily take MediCal, have excellent dentists (Dr. Rothman is the head dentist and very experienced and kind, if you want to specifically ask for him), and take care of kids with a variety of special needs. I think you will be happy with the services you receive. Call 510-428-3316

    August 2008

    Re: Dentist for Autistic Child
    My friend with a 9 yr old son on the autism spectrum has previously waxed poetic about his son's dentist in San Francisco. This dentist has a special understanding of the needs and concerns of kids on the spectrum. Here is what my friend says: ''It's Dr David Rothman and he's on both Ocean and Union St. (in San Francisco) 415-333-6811. And he's terrific.'' signed - a friend of kids on the spectrum, and their parents

    Nov 2006

    Re: San Francisco Pediatric Dentist w Saturday hours
    I've been taking my daughter to Dr. Rothman since she was less than 2 years old. They are very gentle and patient, have lots of toys and play games with the kids during exams to make it less scary. I don't think they have Saturday hours, but they do see patients until fairly late in the day. Dr. Rothman himself is terrific; I look forward to my daughter's appointments as much as she does. He has two offices, one on Union St. and one on Ocean Avenue. I take MUNI to the Ocean location and have never been to the Union office - I wold think that unless you live in the northern part of SF, Ocean would be better for both transit and parking. Good luck! Sophie's Mom