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  • Hi, does anyone know of a holistic dentist that works with children with special needs?  (my son is 14yrs.old) Thank You.

    My kids love Dr. Denise Bass Allen (510) 763-2022.  One of my kids has Sensory Processing Disorder and ADHD, and the whole office staff is really wonderful when working with him.  The dentist cheerfully lets me sit right next to my kids and hold their hands the whole time, which really helps.  

    I'm not sure what you mean by a holistic dentist, though.  Dr. Bass Allen and her staff does a thorough medical history before each exam, and she takes it into account when making treatment recommendations.  She does not use amalgam fillings.  

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Pediatric dentist for special needs 2 year old

Nov 2011

Can anyone recommend a pediatric dentist who is good with special needs children? My 2 year old daughter needs to visit a dentist for her first real checkup, and I want the experience to go smoothly. Also, if anyone has experience with oligodontia and can recommend a dentist for this condition, I'd love to hear about that too. Many thanks! a mom

My daughter sees Dr. David Rothman : 333-6811, in SF on Ocean Ave. We went to several other dentists before we found him. He sees patients in his office and also can do hospital dentistry if your chuld needs that at CPMC in SF. I strongly strongly strongly recommend you see Dr. Rothman. It is well worth the drive to SF if you live in the east bay. Anonymous

Another BPN post recommended Dr. David Rothman on Ocean Ave. in SF for a special needs child, and I would heartily second that recommendation; he is a wonderful pediatric dentist. I worked with him in the past when he was affiliated with Oakland Children's Hospital, and choose to make the drive from the east bay to bring my own (not special needs) children to his office. He's well worth the drive! His office staff is great, too. Anon

I asked Alameda Pediatric Dentistry and Pleasanton Pediatric Dentistry about treating special needs children and while the practice does treat special needs children, it, like many practices and clinics does not accept Medi-Cal. Most of the clinics that do are hospital based (Clinica de la Raza in Children's Hospital in Oakland) or university based (University of San Francisco, Pediatric Dentistry Clinic). There is a clinic in San Francisco called Discovery Pediatric that accepts Medi-Cal. You could also look in Medi-Cal's medical directory. Miriam

Dentist for special needs child who accepts medicare

Oct 2011

Hi, I am looking for a dentist who works with children with special needs who takes Med-i-cal. Thank You anon

Please go to La Clinica Dental at Childrens Hospital Oakland. They happily take MediCal, have excellent dentists (Dr. Rothman is the head dentist and very experienced and kind, if you want to specifically ask for him), and take care of kids with a variety of special needs. I think you will be happy with the services you receive. Call 510-428-3316

Older teen with mental disability panics in dental chair

May 2011

My 15 year old is very frightened in dental chair. Dentists apparently wont sedate over 10 years old. Does anyone have any suggestion where to take her? We live east bay Kate

i would talk to your teen's primary care physician about an anti-anxiety medication (shortterm, non-addictive) like ativan. this worked wonders for us with MRI-panic. best of luck

April 2009

Re: Dentist for fearful 11-year-old
The Ca. Foundation of Dentistry for the Handicapped can help you! They will refer you to a dds who is aware of special needs kids (and elders) near your home. They are located in Sacto. I have used them before: 800-872-6176. Anon

Dentist for preschooler with CP

June 2009

My son has CP and currently looks like he has a few cavities. We have MetLife as our primary dental insurance, he also has MediCal. We have had no luck finding a dentist that accepts our insurance and MediCal. His dentist at Oakland Children's Hospital said that he would have to be put under general anesthesia in order for them to work on his teeth. Unfortunately, he also state that there is a 1 yr waiting period. I know there is UCSF, however, I am a bit leery of having a student dentist working on my 3 1/2 year old son. Do any of the parents know of any dentist that can see my son and work on the problem? Troy

Do take your son to Dr Paul Easton in Richmond - he is THE BEST, and he accepts metlife. He is no-fuss, very gentle, very caring. My son and I have been going to him for years. It is a pokey little Richmond office - not the fancy kind ? but the dentistry is excellent and his entire staff have lovely personalities. 5102353557. Philippa

You might check with Dr. Nathan Yang & his partner, Dr. Jeng. 380 20th Ave San Francisco, CA 94121-2221 - (415) 752-4150 They are in San Francisco Richmond District--not close to you but better than waiting a year. I have friends with 2 kids, one of whom is a severely disabled special needs child, who've been very happy with him. My husband and I recently started going to this practice as well since my friends sang their praises.

Don't know if they do anesthesia or accept your particular insurance but we had a complex insurance issue and we've been very impressed with how they've worked with us. Nice people. Laura