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Jan 2011

Re: African-American Dentist
My family has seen Dr. Madelyn Ballard as a family dentist for years. Recently I've started seeing Dr. Markus Watson at South Beach Dental in SF. My kids had been seeing him too, but recently he hired a pediatric dentist so I'm not sure if he's still seeing children.

For a wonderful dentist who happens to be an African American woman, check out Dr. Madlyn Ballard in Berkeley. Anon

Jan 2009

Re: Good Delta Dental Dentist
We go to Dr. Maddie Ballard in Berkeley (across from Whole Foods on Telegraph). She is wonderful and has been great with my daughter who is 2. Anne

March 2006

To all of the posters who were looking a good family dentist in Berkeley/Oakland, I strongly(!) second the archived recommendations for Madelyn Ballard (510-845-2350). Her office is on Telegraph near the Berkeley-Oakland border, near Alta Bates and Whole Foods. I recently took my 4 year old for his first cleaning, and my first since he was born. Dr. Maddie was fabulous with both me and my son; she let him watch cartoons and sit on my lap for both of our cleanings, which she did herself. Afterwards, he could go to the ''magic room''--filled with toys--to choose a prize. My son said his appointment was fun! For the poster concerned about cost: we didn't have X-rays, so i'm not sure what the office charges for those. The cleaning was reasonable, though, and as with any office, it's probably worth calling to see if they'll work out something for folks without insurance. The entire staff is incredibly nice. Dr Maddie fan

March 2006

Re: Healthy families dentist
We use a dentist in Berkeley. I don't know if she is still taking new healthy families pt but you can call and find out. My son has seen her for 4 years and we are very happy with how she and her staff deal with kids. Her name is madaline ballard # 510-845-2350 Good luck happy kids

My kids see Dr. Madelyn Ballard (510) 845-2350. I believe she only charged us $75 for our visit before we got our insurance. She is great with kids. Ariel

Jan 2006

Re: African-American Dentist
We really like our dentist who is African-American (also her staff).
Madelyn Ballard 3031 Telegraph Ave #108, Berkeley 845-2350

July 2004

Re: Female dentist for a fearful person
I have a great female dentist who really helps me feel comfortable about the whole thing. I love her staff too. Her name is Madelyn Ballard and she's on Telegraph Ave in across from the Whole Foods in Berkeley. She also happens to be African-American. Good luck. fearful of the dentist too

May 2004

Re: dentist in Berkeley from HMO list
Hi there, My family goes to Madelyn Ballard's office and we all love it! Both my children, ages 8 and 6, love going to her, even begging me for appointments before their due. Its a small, family practice and everyone there is really nice. In fact, the reason i chose her years ago , blindly off my HMO list, was that the receptionist who answered the phone was the most pleasent of all the dentists i had called. I cant say enough things to support her, cris

July 2003

RE: Dentist who doesn't push x-rays
I have always had good experiences with Dr madalyn Ballard in oakland, (right across from whole foods). I have not had any x- rays since being with her, over a year now, and she has always supported me in wanting to wait on x-rays for my kids. Her number is 845-2350. cris

Feb. 2003

Re: African-American Family Dentist
Madelyn Ballard is at 3031 Telegraph Ave, Suite 108, across from Whole Foods in South Berkeley. I've just seen her once, but she seemed quite good. Lesley

Re: African-American Family Dentist
I have been going to Madelyn L. Ballard, D.D.S. 3031 Telegraph Ave. Suite 108 Telephone: (510)845-2350 They are awesome! They are two sisters and come to think of it I think the entire staff may be African American. My daughter is 3.5 years old and she and I have been going there regularly since she was 2 years old. They are great with kids and adults! We both look forward to going to our visits. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions. I really couldn't say enough good things about them. Marcela

Re: African-American Family Dentist
I just took my 5 year old daughter to Madeline Ballard. I got her recommendation from the network (she shows kids videos). At first I was a bit skeptical because the waiting room had no kids toys, books or magazines, but she was great with my daughter (who has had a bad experiences with another dentist). I highly recommend her. Ariel

Nov 2002

Does anyone have any opinion, good or bad, about this particular dentist, specifically if she and her office are good with children? My son is almost four. Thank you in advance for your helpful feedback. Marianne

Dr. Ballard has been my wife's dentist for several years now, and we've been taking our 3.5yo twin daughters to her for about a year (3 times). Dr. Ballard & her staff are really great with kids. The first couple visits Dr. Ballard let our kids help with mommy's cleaning - they got to squirt water, blow air, and wipe mommy's mouth and watch the whole thing. That really put them at ease with the whole process. For their first exam they laid on mommy's lap and they did great! The next times they first helped with mommy, and then sat in their own exam chairs. They gave our girls cute plastic sunglasses to wear during the exam so the bright light wouldn't bother them. And they gave have a great toy basket to choose from when they're done. They also have TV's above the exam chairs with various cartoons and such if your kids are into that type of thing (ours aren't).

We've been very happy with Dr. Ballard & her office, and our kids are now excited when it's time to go to the dentist again! Mike

My daughter has been to Dr. Ballard's office three times starting at age three and she looks forward to going to the dentist. In her case, it has everything to do with picking a prize out of a toy basket and the cartoons overhead. She loves getting a new toothbrush too. The first time my daughter sat on my lap (it was her first dental visit) and now she sits on her own. Having my kid like the dentist has been a great thing and indeed for many months after our first visit, we played dentist as a way of getting through teeth brushing at night (including my daughter picking a prize from her bookshelf, saying goodbye to the dentist, and then pretending to come home and show her prize). This said, my daughter hasn't had a cavity so we can't judge what our experience would be like under those circumstances. An adult in my family did have a filling by Dr. Ballard and wasn't 100% pleased with the result (but didn't go back to get it checked or leveled either). It is also difficult to reach them on the phone to make an appointment, the answering machine is mostly on. anon