Seeking a Black Dentist

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Jan 2011

Hi, Looking for hearty recommendations for either or all of the following, preferably in Oakland/Alameda/San Leandro area:
- African-American FEMALE pediatrician for my 2yo. Seeking someone who is a traditional western physician but is open to alternative medicine and is totally cool with the family bed. Looking for a lifetime relationship with a loving person who can be a positive African-American female role model for my biracial daughter
- African-American Male or Female pediatric/adult dentist
- African-American FEMALE general practitioner Kim

[Editor note] see this page for African-American doctors.

My family has seen Dr. Madelyn Ballard as a family dentist for years. Recently I've started seeing Dr. Markus Watson at South Beach Dental in SF. My kids had been seeing him too, but recently he hired a pediatric dentist so I'm not sure if he's still seeing children.

For a wonderful dentist who happens to be an African American woman, check out Dr. Madelyn Ballard in Berkeley. Anon

We love Dr. Denise Bass-Allen and her dental practice. We use her for both my children. She's located in located in Oakland on Broadway and 20th. The hours really work for our family (early before school and enabling getting to work. She is responsive and her staff is terrific. Good Luck!

Jan 2006

I'm looking for and African American dentist and family doctor in the Oakland/Berkeley area but I'm willing to drive. mc

Recommendations received: