Denise Alexander, DDS


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March 2009

Can anyone give me info about Dr. Denise Alexander, in Berkeley? I'm looking for a dentist for my three year old and there's just one very brief and very old recommendation for Dr. Alexander. Thanks! seeking a dentist

Dr. Alexander is a nice dentist and her assistants are friendly. The care was excellent & professional and my dentist fear was taken seriously, which was relaxing. However, the space seems old and somehow not that clean: floors, surfaces, and the immediate environment around the chair are quite off putting. I went there 3 times last year to get some old fillings fixed, but didn't feel like continuing there. anon

Feb. 2003

Re: African-American Family Dentist
I just saw an African American family dentist last week in Berkeley. Her name was Dr. Williams and the dental office is listed as Denise Alexander (didn't see Alexander so I can't confirm her ethnicity). I had a good experience there and they take Delta HMO. Phone number is 486-1813.

Jun 1997

I have found Dr. Denise Alexander at 2522 Dana (486-1813) to be a very good family dentist. Ella