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My kids see Denise Bass Allen in Uptown Oakland, and she was very open to letting us decide whether or not to use nitrous. (That said, we did opt not to do it for one filling, and although the shot went seamlessly with no tears, the high-pitched noise of the drill turned out to be really unsettling for that particular child, who was preschool-aged at the time--had not anticipated that. In retrospect we probably should have done the nitrous.) At one visit we also watched an upper elementary-aged child come in and have a conversation with one of the dentists about whether or not she wanted to do the nitrous and what the pros and cons might be before she decided, which I appreciated. So I'd say they're certainly open to families choosing not to go the nitrous route, although I have found that they assume you will choose to do it when preparing estimates. That's probably par for the course, though.

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Highly recommend Dr. Denise Bass Allen with Uptown Pediatric Dentistry in downtown Oakland. I was dreading taking my daughter to the dentist for the first time when she was about 1 1/2, so I was delightedly shocked when Dr. Denise (as she has the kids call her) was able to get through the whole cleaning and check up without any tears. Now, she still loves going to the dentist and our second goes there, too! 

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We love Uptown Pediatric Dentistry on Broadway, in downtown Oakland. All of the dentists there are fabulous! I'm not sure which insurance they do & don't take, though. Good luck!

My kids and I love Denise Bass Allen, DDS, who is in downtown Oakland. 

She's amazing with kids, the office staff are very nice and organized, and the kids always enjoy going. (We've been taking each once since they turned 1.) The practice only serves pediatric patients and they really have it down to a science.

Can't recommend her highly enough!


My family loves our pediatric dentist in downtown Oakland. Its the practice of Dr Denise Allen Bass on the corner of 21st and Broadway. They are amazing. My 2 1/2 year old son has had an exam and they brushed and counted his teeth. My almost 5-year-old daughter has had that, as well as two or three cleanings. Neither one of them had any problems (aside from anxiety beforehand). The staff and the doctors are all pleasant and friendly and they talk in a mild tone. There are toys/books out front and a giant fish tank, through which you can see the exam/cleaning room. They will give your kids toys. My children beg me to go to the dentist because the bribery has work on them completely.

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May 2012

Re: Sedation dentist for ASD 4 year old
Denise Bass Allen is an experienced pediatric dentist who is able to get the most severe special needs children through the dental experience with flying colors. Her staff is also experienced and knowledgeable and knows how to support you and your child. If sedation is needed, she will do it, but it's amazing what they are able to accomplish without sedation. I worked at a group home where all our children saw Ms. Allen and even some of the young men with severe emotional disturbances were able to get through the dentist without sedation- young men weighing 200 lbs. She also takes Medi-Cal, which makes her one of the few local pediatric dentists outside of Alameda County dental services that does. She's in downtown Oakland on Broadway. Rachel

March 2012

Re: Pediatric dentist recommendation?
I highly recommend Denise Bass Allen Pediatric Dentistry. She is a warm, wonderful dentist and all of her team is friendly, flexible and helpful. They work very well with all kind of kids, include those who are nervous or sensitive. jen

Sept 2011

Re: Pediatric dentist
Hi, I'm not sure about her stance on pacifiers, per se, but Dr. Denise Bass-Allen and her staff are amazing! Her practice is specifically pediatric and my kids absolutely LOVE to go get their teeth cleaned (I promise, I'm not exaggerating). The people are friendly and there is so much kid-cenetered stuff there that they don't mind getting their teeth cleaned. They are located at 2100 Broadway in downtown Oakland. (510) 763-2022 happy kids

Jan 2011

Re: African-American Dentist
We love Dr. Denise Bass-Allen and her dental practice. We use her for both my children. She's located in located in Oakland on Broadway and 20th. The hours really work for our family (early before school and enabling getting to work. She is responsive and her staff is terrific. http://denisebassallendds.com Good Luck!

Jan 2009

Re: Pediatric Dentist in Oak Berk Emvl
We love Dr Denise Bass-Allen on Broadway (510) 763-2022 She keeps current on the latest information about pediatric dentistry and she is clearly educated and experienced about how to interact and communicate with young children and children in general. My son is a screamer and panics, and she is very firm and soothing and appropriate with him. She has done major work on his mouth, and we feel lucky to have found her. She is also great about parent education and feedback, and I always feel as if I have been through the procedure, too, since I am the one caring for his teeth at home, so the feedback is very valuable. Besides all that her office is extremely fun and kid friendly, with a large wall of a fish tank, games and books, prizes etc. and her staff is VERY professional and kind. Bonnie

Nov 2008

Re: Need family dentist recommendation
I don't have any experience with any of the names you've listed but my son's dentist (since he was 2; he's now 13) is the BEST DENTIST anywhere! Her name is Dr. Denise Bass-Allen and her practice is on Broadway at 21st in downtown Oakland. I drive/BART from San Leandro to bring my son to her--THAT IS HOW GOOD she is! Her number is 510-763-2022. She takes most insurance. Dawn

Feb 2008

Re: Can anyone recommend a dentist
We have been very happy with Dr. Denise Bass Allen's practice. She and her her partner are calm, always attentive, give excellent care, and she is just a great person. The office is efficient but friendly, multicultural and helpful. Our teenage son has had teeth extracted recently, and they were very careful to anesthetize him for a long time: the extractions were fast and painless. They definitely take Delta. Avi R

Oct 2007

Re: Dentist for kids that takes Delta Dental
Hi - I recommend Dr. Denise Bass-Allen. She's great with my three year old! She's located in Oakland on Broadway at 21st.

May 2007

Re: Need a warm and competent pediatric dentist
Hi - I'd like to recommend Dr. Denise Bass-Allen. She's great with my toddler. Pleased with my Dentist

Re: African-American Doctor and Dentist (Jan 2006)
Dr Dennis Bass Allen on Broadway is the perfect option for dentist, she is wonderful with kids!

Re: Dentist for spirited 6-year-old (August 2005)
Hi. We have found Dr. Denise Bass-Allen to be WONDERFUL with our daughter and some other friends kids we know of all different personalities! She has been around awhile and is very mellow, non- judgmental and easy going but determined and very trained. Give her a try... Dr. Denise Bass-Allen D.D.S. #(510) 763-2022 address is: 2100 Broadway in Oakland ( cute office too ) and great staff!!! Good Luck! Melinda

Oct 2006

Re: Dentist good with toddlers who accepts CIGNA
Hello, My 7 year old daughter has been going to Dr. Denise Bass-Allen for the past 5 years and we love her, she is located downtown Oakland on Broadway near the Paramount Theather. The office is very child-friendly and the parent can go into the exam area with the child. I'm not sure what dental coverage they accept though. Her number is 510-763-2022. Good luck Stephanie

July 2005

I want to highly recommend a wonderful pediatric dentist here in Oakland, CA! Her name is Dr. Denise Bass Allen D.D.S. and her phone number is # (510) 763-2022. She is really good and helped my 2 yr. old daughter out with a broken tooth this last week. We will be seeing her for many years to come if we have anything to say about it. She was great as was her staff!!! Melinda

December 2004

There are no recent recommendations for these two dentists, but both have older, fairly postive recs. Anything recent? Bass- allen is on Broadway near the Paramount, and parking is not great. Mendoza-Sobel was suggested by my dentist, and the neighborhood has easier parking. How did you like the offices and the staff? How did your young kids react? My 2-yr old actually enjoys brushing and flossing(!) but doesn't usually want strangers being too invasive. She'd probably like it if the office was pleasant and the people are pleasant. We don't have dental insurance, so Mendoza-Sobel is more expensive, but more convenient. This will be our first visit. Thanks! Janet

After two and a half years as a family with a young patient (started at age 2) we have just recently decided to discontinue dental services with Dr. Bass-Allen. She is a great dentist, very nice and her dental assistants are all also very nice and great with kids, so we will miss them. However, this past summer, her rates went up dramatically. Unless your dental plan has a high coverage allotment per treatment, you can expect to be billed for a significant difference. Lastly, I think the set-up of the exam area is great for some kids and terrible for others. There is no privacy--it is one dental chair after another. Therefore, you sit there and watch all the other kids have their procedures. Our first visit, I thought this was great as I said to my child, ''Look at what the dentist is doing--see, it doesn't hurt.'' Five appointments later, I have found that for every three or four kids having a good appointment, one looks like he/ she is being tortured and is being held down (gently, but visibly) in a struggle. There are other great dentists, good with children but not necessarily pediatrc, that you may want to consider. anonymous

Dr. Bass Allen and her staff are great. I have never had a parking problem- we just park on the street. Dr. Bass Allen has treated our kids since they were babies, and they're now teenagers. I highly recommend her. Diane

We love ''Dr. Denise'' as she has the kids call her. We took our now 3 1/2 y.o. son there for the first time when he turned 2. Her whole office is completely set up for children, from the waiting room to the exam room. All the staff are great - child- friendly, very warm and patient, with great chair-side manners. They are very used to young children who are scared, and can vary their procedure depending on the child's behavior and the parent's wishes. The first two times we went our son was very scared and all they did was exam his teeth. The last time he was able to sit there quietly for the whole exam and even let them clean his teeth. They encourage the parent to lay down on the exam chair and hold the child on top of you to help comfort him/her. They give away a goody bag with toys, toothbrush, floss, toothpaste at the end. There's a climbing tower and a huge fish tank in the exam room. Dr. Denise's mom works as the billing person so it's a family affair. Because its located in downtown Oakland there's a great cross-section of families - all races, family make-ups, etc. A big factor for us in choosing Dr. Denise was because she is African- American and we were looking for more positive black role models for our son. The parking is easy - street, metered parking, and it's always been easy to find parking. We wouldn't go anywhere else! Ellen

July 2004

Re: Worried first dentist visit will be traumatic
I took my son to a pediatric dentist today. The office was very kid-friendly - stuffed animals/fish/toys all over the walls and ceiling. The staff were friendly, knew how to talk to children, and easily convinced my wary son to open his mouth for the cleaning and fluoride treatment. He didn't want to lay back in the chair for the cleaning, so the hygienist cleaned his teeth while he sat up. They didn't force anything on him, and my son said he had a good time and would go back again. The entire procedure was very quick. The dentist he went to is Denise Bass Allen (510 763-2022) at 2100 Broadway. We saw Dr. Chang. I wouldn't bring both children at the same time, even with 2 adults. If one gets upset, the other may get upset too, and then you have two upset kids to deal with. Good luck - it was easy and painless. Lynn

July 2004

Re: Worried first dentist visit will be traumatic
My kids go to Denise Bass Allen, a pediatric dentist in Oakland, and both went for the first time at 2.5 years of age. It was and remains all very calm and reassuring, and in the 4 years or so we've gone, I have never seen ANY child strapped down or even anything remotely like that, and the first exam is more or less just counting the teeth and a very simple exam. Not scary, and neither of my kids were worried about it at all. Indeed, they've both been downright cooperative. From the tone of your post, it sounds as if you may have had some bad experiences at the dentist, but if you don't tell your kids, they sure won't learn to be frightened from any present-day real-life experiences. Go ahead and phone for an appt., and tell the kids how swell it'll be. Wendy

May 2003

Well, to me, the best is still Denise Bass Allen on Broadway. 510-763-2022. Tunisha

March 2003

Re: Dentists Favorable to Breastfeeding
This may sound like an advice reply, but my son has stains on his teeth too. He got them from iron drops (prescribed for anemia when he was 12 mo.) Some kids' teeth stain more easily. In January I took him to Dr. Denise Bass-Allen in Oakland when he was 28 months old -- we were still nursing. I got a bit of a lecture, but was NOT told I HAD to wean by any means. I really liked Dr. Denise and she had a good manner with my active toddler. Sharon

Feb. 2003

Re: African-American Family Dentist
Denise Bass Allen. She was terrific with our kids and is located on Broadway near the Paramount Theater. We have since moved to North Berkeley or we would still be going there. Judith

Oct 2002

Re: dentist in Alameda
Dr. Denise Bass Allen is very close to Alameda, in downtown Oakland near Broadway & 20th. She's very calm and cheerful with all the kids, and very communicative with parents. When she has to do an extraction, she or her equally-good associate Dr. Chen spend a looong time getting the kids numb and comfortable: taking the teeth out is very quick. The office is helpful and efficient, they answer the phone or return messages promptly, billing is easy to understand, they take Delta. We had a bad experience with our son and adult dentists, so much prefer pediatric specialists, especially Dr. Denise. Avi

Lorraine (Apr 00)

My daughter's dentist, Dr. Denise Bass Allen of Oakland, is terrific, as are her hygienists and office staff. My daughter was three at the time of her first visit and very nervous, but Dr. Allen let me sit in the chair with my daughter on my lap, which she found comforting. By the next visit, six months later, I don't think my daughter even knew I was there! The office is bright and open (with a gorgeous aquarium). Dr. Allen's office is in downtown Oakland, very close to the Paramount Theatre (and BART); phone: 763-2022

mabel 7/99

Denise Bass Allen is great. Very receptive to parents entering the examination room. My son had a tooth extraction that went very well and Dr. Allen also referred my son to an oral surgeon that did very good work. Very patient and talks the child through whatever she is doing. My kids look forward to receiving the pre-packaged toys at the end of every visit. My older son had seen a pediatric dentist in El Cerrito before going to Dr. Allen. Dr. Allen is definitely a better match for my son. Good luck!

Jane 7/99

Dr. Denise and her staff are very patient with the kids. My daughter is four and just had her second cleaning. Before they do anything, they introduce all of the instruments they will use and show what they plan to do on my daughter's fingers. Unfortunately even with all of this prep, my daughter remembers her first visit vividly when her gums hurt from the cleaning, and therefore was not very cooperative. Throughout the cleaning, Dr. Denise keeps explaining and reassuring my daughter that she's doing a great job and that it'll be over soon. Now we just have to work on a better job of daily brushing and flossing so that maybe the next visit won't be as traumatic because her teeth will be in better condition.

June 1999

Denise Bass Allen and her staff at 2100 Broadway are great with kids. And they have lots of stuff to keep them occupied. My only complaint is that they charged more for an exam and cleaning than allowed by their contract with Delta Dental. Delta advised that they agreed to only charge what was allowable by the contract, but they didn't reverse the extra charges and asked me to pay them on our next visit which I did. I have recently written them asking that they reimburse me, and hopefully it was an oversight on their part and I won't have any problems.

Date: 8 Jan 1998 From: Mirium We go to Denise Bass-Allen, a very energetic African- American woman dentist in downtown Oakland. She was good with my son, the office was busy but not chaotic, and the care seemed good. She has some very cool looking Dental Hygenists. My son threw up on her and she seemed to take it with equanamity. The office seemed very well run... No problems with billing any insurance. I also liked the role model. I talked with our ped. about it afterward, and he said that she was a great dentist but they don't usually recommend her since people tend not to want to go in down town Oakland. I think she may also take Denti-Cal patients which is really unusual.

Date: 14 Jan 1998 From: Dianne I second the recommendation of Dr. Denise Bass-Allen. We never have any problem in going to her office- it is near the up end of downtown Oakland, not far from the Oakland YMCA and Pill Hill. One of my daughters is blind and Dr. Bass-Allen scrupulously describes for her everything she is going to do and lets her feel the instruments before she does any procedure. This allays any fears my daughter has. The great thing is that her staff also does the same. My other sighted daughter also likes Dr. Bass-Allen and her staff. They are very nurturing. They let you stay with the kids if you want (lately we have found that it's not necessary).If you can believe it, both of my kids like going to the dentist and do not dread it. Another wonderful thing is the atmosphere. It is very class, culturally, and racially diverse. There are usually in the waiting room at various times African-Americans, whites, Asians, mixed-race, and other racial and cultural groups. The families range from professional (lots of attorneys and doctors kids go there) to (I believe) MediCal clients. Dr. Bass-Allen's mother runs the business side, knows us well, and makes us feel like family. We never have any billing problems.