Seeking a Dentist for Spirited Child

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August 2005

We've been patients in the Drs. Wampler, Katsura, Miyahara, Khalil, Nakazato, Khosrovani practice for almost 2 years. My child is 6, and during our last visit, I had some uncomfortable comments from one of the newer dentists along the lines of ''Did he have problems in school? You know, you need to get a handle on his behavior otherwise he'll run the house'' all said in a gentle tone, which I felt were completely unwarrented (he didn't want to have x-rays taken of his back teeth, though he did try). The dentist has been incredibly patient and sweet, on every visit, but I feel an older, more experienced dentist wouldn't let my child's squirminess, reluctance, and the occasional ''Blech! That tastes horrible!'' phase them. Is there another dentist in the same practice that would be better? Or a different dental practice entirely? Thanks.
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We also use the same dental office (I have three sons). My own experience is that it has not so much to do with the dentist but the child. My middle child just had a hard time from about 4 - 6 going to the dentist. They were very patient and I mostly cared that they get a look to make sure no cavities. My youngest son, now 6+, is very spirited and also had trouble for several visits. In both cases, neither the dentist nor I pushed it and almost magically, eventually they just came around and did cleanings, x-rays, etc. You might just try going every 6 months, don't make a big deal out of it, and see what happens. Good luck. Another mom