Fred Conrad, DDS

Berkeley, CA
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Re: Dentist for spirited 6-year-old (August 2005)
I can wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Fred Conrad on Durant Street in Berkeley for your spirited child. I have two of them, ages 9 and 4 1/2, and we have tried 3 of the pediatric dentists in the East Bay, and have had the same kinds of problems that you describe. My daughter, who is nearly 5 now, became very afraid of dentists after a nightmarish experience having some cavitites filled by a local pediatric dentist. (Why do dentists go into pediatric dentistry if they don't like kids, I wonder? But I digress.) I am so glad to have found Dr. Conrad. He is calm, focused and an excellent dentist, and doesn't do any procedure if it's not necessary. Actually, a friend recommended him to me approx. 5 years ago (I am a bit of a denitist-phobe) and I found him to be so nice and non-judgmental that I decided to bring my kids to him. They love him and now ask to go in for check-ups. My son described him as the ''nicest grown-up I've ever met.'' I am not exaggerating when I say that nothing seems to phase him and that he is always in a good mood. His staff is super- friendly and get this--they don't ask about your insurance everytime you have an appointment, and they don't send you to billing before services are rendered, etc. like some local pediatric dentists do. As it turns out, many of Dr. Conrad's patients are kids. His phone number is(510)848-8606. E-mail me if you want to talk further. Karen

June 1999

I highly recommend Dr. Fred Conrad who has an office on Durant Street a few blocks from campus. He has been my kids dentist for several years now. He re-constructed my daughter's front tooth and did an excellent job. You can't even see where it's attached and it's lasted several years where the dentist's work before only lasted 1 year. He is the nicest person