Joseph Sipin, DDS

Albany, Piedmont

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Jan 2007

Re: Dentist near Solano Avenue
We've been seeing Dr. Sipin on Solano next to Walkers Pie Shop for years. He has done remarkable things with my teeth, and under his care I've gone from having a couple cavities a year to none. And because he also does cosmetic dentistry, he has been able to combine work that needed to be done with improving the appearance of my teeth, and insurance paid for it. He's the best! Joseph Sipin 510-527-0244 nice smile

Re: Dentist for spirited 6-year-old (August 2005)
I love Dr. Sipin on Solano. He has three of his own kids. His wife, Ching is one of the hygienists. They were super gentle with my skittish 3 year old, and got her to take Xrays and do a flouride treatment. The office is brand new and very relaxing. It's family dentistry, so we all go to Doctor Sipin.
Joseph Sipin, DDS - General Dentist 1485 Solano Ave Albany, CA 94706 Ph: 510-527-0244

I love Dr. Sipin on Solano. I go to him, my husband and children go to him, and some of my friends go to him. His office is super high-tech and has all the latest equiptment. He even puts a small camera in your mouth so you can see your own teeth while he explains what you have --or hopefully don't have-- going on in your mouth. His wife Ching works there, too. They are just the nicest people. Dr. Sipin often calls you personally the next day to see how you are doing (if you go under the drill or get your have to get your teeth and gums scraped like my poor husband did)

They have a toy room for the kids in the back, and you can go online or watch a movie or listen to music if you are having something lengthy done.

Here is the contact info:
Joseph J. Sipin DMD 1485 Solano Ave. Albany tel: 1.510.527.0244 email: maildental AT hours: Monday-Friday except thursday 8:30 am-4:30pm