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    Oct 2011

    Re: Anyone have a great dentist?
    Dr. Laurie Shepherd in Montclair is simply wonderful -- the best dentist I've had. I found out about her here after a not so great experience with a Rockridge hipster dentist. I think if you check the archives you'll find other posts recommending her. Though she is not a pediatric dentist, she's been caring for my 10 yr old son for several years as well. Office (510) 339-1045 actually has parking too. Please tell her I happily sent you... Basha

    August 2008

    Re: Dentists in Montclair
    Dr. Laurie Shepherd in Montclair is absolutely wonderful: warm, communicative, extremely knowledgable of updated dentristry practices, and an excellent clinician. I have a difficult set of teeth and Dr. Shepherd has attended to my ''issues'' and concerns superbly. Her office is right next door to the Montclair donut shop and Chevron gas station (with free parking in the lot behind the office). Her hygenist Michelle is wonderful. Her office is very updated and pleasant. Her techs are gentle and friendly. Can't recommnend her highly enough. Laurie E Shepherd, DDS - General Dentist 2087 Mountain Blvd Oakland, CA 94611 Ph: 510-339-1045

    August 2008

    Re: Family Dentist with Delta Dental
    Dr. Laurie Shepherd in Montclair Village is AMAZING!! Cindy

    May 2008

    Re: Looking for Dentist for 3year old
    I would recommend Dr. Laurie Shepherd. She's in Montclair on Mountain Blvd (#510-339-1045.) I actually found her through many recommendations on BPN. She is a family dentist. My four year old son loves her and she is patient, gentle and explains what she is doing as she does it. She has all kinds of little treats she gives the kids (new toothbrush, toothpaste, stickers, etc.) so they look forward to going. She is also great with adults (and I am not a big fan of going to the dentist.) Good luck! Sarah

    August 2005

    Re: Dentist for spirited 6-year-old
    We are extremely happy with Dr Laurie Shepherd, who also takes care of our teeth too. She's in Montclair at 510-339-1045. My daughter actually likes going to her!!! We have a very spirited child who was very afraid of the dentist, even more so after we tried a visit to Dr. Denise Bass-Allen. That visit traumatized my child for months-- Denise was rude to her, made us wait a long time, and the office layout was terrifying to my 3 year- old, since all the chairs are in the open, and you can watch all the other kids. Some of those kids were not exactly enjoying their visit...
    Fan of Dr. Shepherd

    June 2004

    Re: East Bay woman dentist
    I've been happy with my dentist of 4 years, Laurie Shepherd in Montclair. She and her staff seem pretty relaxed and friendly, with a good emphasis on preventative care, and happy to answer questions. I've got Delta Dental, which they've billed with no problems. I've not needed any major work, just cleanings and a few fillings. Evette

    We love Dr. Laurie Shepard-Page as our family dentist. She is smart, thorough, and informs you about what she's doing every step of the way. Very kid-friendly office with great staff. And she does take Delta. She's located in Montclair Village at 2087 Mountain Blvd. Her office # is 339-1045. anon

    May 2004

    I cannot recommend LAurie Shepard enough. SHe is a fabulous, gentle and caring dentist for adults and especially for children. My kids actually love to go see her, and ask to go. She is very personal and really spends time to talk about dental care or whatever the issue is. She is also very pragmatic and helpful in terms of advising what treatments to do when according to your needs and your dental insurance coverage. we wouldn't go anywhere else! kristin

    July 2003

    RE: Dentist who doesn't push x-rays
    Have you called Laurie Shephard Page to see what she says about X-rays? I've found her to be very helpful and her staff very responsive. Maybe that would be a good first step.

    I am a patient of Dr. Laurie Shepherd-Page, and love her. I have been through multiple crowns and root canals, so I do want her to take yearly x-rays to evaluate deeper than just surface cavities and gum disease, but I have also heard her discuss with other patients skipping x-rays as their choice. What most appeals to me about Laurie is that she is willing to discuss issues with you as a patient- tell you her opinion, but also really listen to yours. From the discussions I have overheard, she is willing to skip x-rays, but will bring them up again if there is something she thinks she really needs or should investigate. I have been to a lot of different dentists over the course of my life, and am really happy I found Laurie. I would highly recommend her as a dentist. My mouth is happier now

    May 2003

    Our entire family sees Dr. Laurie Shephard in Montclair, she is very good with our five year-old. JB


    Please respond. I found Dr. Laurie Page-Shephard's (Montclair) name in the archives, with one very brief note about a nice crown she gave someone once. I'm wondering: does anyone have any long-term experience as her dental patient? I am very dentist-shy, having just come off a year of near-constant dental work with a San Francisco dentist that has left me in a lot of discomfort. I need to have a bunch of dental work redone (a crown, a filling, and an assessment of whether I'm allergic to certain dental materials), and am nervous. Lisa

    I was the person who posted on the website originally. My husband and I have been going to Laurie for about five years and have been very pleased with the care we've gotten. I've gotten two crowns, my husband has gotten one and one filling. The work has been excellent, fast, with as little pain as possible and administratively flawless. Laurie herself is a very nice person, and refers out what she is not comfortable doing (root canals, for example). Cindy who runs the business side of the office is very good, calls to remind you about your appointments, and submits the dental insurance claims so that they get paid the first time. Myriam

    I cannot recommend Laurie Shepherd Page more highly. We, too, are very dentist shy ... to the point that we neglected our dental care terribly upon moving to the Bay Area. Tried a local dentist out, were very disappointed, and couldn't get a recommendation for a good one that was convenient (this was before I discovered the UCB Parents' Network!). then some friends in San Francisco recommended Laurie. They go all the way to her Montclair office from the city for their dental care -- that seemed like a stellar recommendation to us! We've now been going to her for 3 years. she and all her assistants are fabulous. our 4 year old loves going to the dentist. When he first went, barely 3 years old, he made me wait in the waiting room and went with Dr. Laurie himself (she's excellent with kids as well as adults). You won't be disappointed! Dmeasham

    My husband and I have been going to Dr. Laurie Shephard-Page for about 4 years now. She came highly recommended and we think she's terrific. She has a great manner--very informative, very calm, and will talk with you for as long as you need it. I imagine this would help reassure a dentist-shy person. We mostly have had routine cleanings, but also fillings and I had a gold crown put in last year. I was very pleased with the procedure, which hardly hurt, and the crown itself. Her staff is also quite good, especially regarding pain issues!

    Myriam (6/00)
    Laurie Shephard-Page is my dentist and I have been very pleased with the care I've received from her and from her office. She did a crown for me last year and the procedure was quick and relatively painless and the crown is holding well. She's a very nice person, who seems to treat her staff very well as they stay with her for a long time. Her hygenists are great, and gentle, and the woman who runs the office extremely efficient and very nice. She also offers 7:00 am appointments and some Saturday hours. Her credentials are excellent: UCB Undergraduate, Northwestern University Dental School. She used to work with Ann Becker, another of the dentists on your list. She also seems quite good, though I have only seen her once. Marinoff, if I've got the right guy, is an old fashioned dentist with a pretty established practice.