Pediatrician & Dentist who accept Medi-Cal

New to Oakland with a child in foster care.  Seeking recommendations for pediatricians and dentists who accept Medi-Cal.  Thank you!

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I know this is not what you asked for because they don't accept Medi-Cal, but we are also a foster family and found Uptown Pediatric Dentistry (Dr. Denise Bass Allen) to be fabulous. If you can afford it I highly recommend them. Maybe they could recommend someone that does take Medi-Cal.

Hello,  I am a foster parent and for medical care, you can take your children to the Primary Care Clinic (or Teen Clinic for older youths) at Children's Hospital.  If there are more complicated issues, you can also sign up through the Center for the Vulnerable Child at Children's.  These are all located near each other on Claremont/Telegraph. 

Primary Care Clinic:  (510) 428-3226

Teen Clinic: (510) 428-3387

Ctr for the Vulnerable Child:  (510) 428-3783

For dental, you can sign up through La Clinica Dental.  They have one near Children's Hosp at 4881 Telegraph, (510) 428-3316; and another near the Fruitvale BART station (510) 535-3302.  There are a couple more, depending where you live.


La Clinica Dental on Telegraph accepts Medi-Cal. You can also your Medi-Cal provider and they can send you list of doctors/dentists that accept Medi-Cal. 

For a pediatrician, I highly recommend connecting with the Center for Vulnerable Child. It is a clinic at Oakland Children's Hospital specifically for children currently and formerly in foster care. Our doctor is Diane Halberg and she is wonderful. We also get support from a social worker and psychiatry through the clinic.

I'm also a foster parent and have been really happy with Kiwi Pediatric (on the border of Oakland and Berkeley). I've only tried one medi-dent provider and didn't feel good about it and there seem to be very few out there. I decided to just pay out of pocket for dental for now.