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  • Pediatrician & Dentist who accept Medi-Cal

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    New to Oakland with a child in foster care.  Seeking recommendations for pediatricians and dentists who accept Medi-Cal.  Thank you!

    I know this is not what you asked for because they don't accept Medi-Cal, but we are also a foster family and found Uptown Pediatric Dentistry (Dr. Denise Bass Allen) to be fabulous. If you can afford it I highly recommend them. Maybe they could recommend someone that does take Medi-Cal.

    Hello,  I am a foster parent and for medical care, you can take your children to the Primary Care Clinic (or Teen Clinic for older youths) at Children's Hospital.  If there are more complicated issues, you can also sign up through the Center for the Vulnerable Child at Children's.  These are all located near each other on Claremont/Telegraph. 

    Primary Care Clinic:  (510) 428-3226

    Teen Clinic: (510) 428-3387

    Ctr for the Vulnerable Child:  (510) 428-3783

    For dental, you can sign up through La Clinica Dental.  They have one near Children's Hosp at 4881 Telegraph, (510) 428-3316; and another near the Fruitvale BART station (510) 535-3302.  There are a couple more, depending where you live.


    La Clinica Dental on Telegraph accepts Medi-Cal. You can also your Medi-Cal provider and they can send you list of doctors/dentists that accept Medi-Cal. 

    For a pediatrician, I highly recommend connecting with the Center for Vulnerable Child. It is a clinic at Oakland Children's Hospital specifically for children currently and formerly in foster care. Our doctor is Diane Halberg and she is wonderful. We also get support from a social worker and psychiatry through the clinic.

    I'm also a foster parent and have been really happy with Kiwi Pediatric (on the border of Oakland and Berkeley). I've only tried one medi-dent provider and didn't feel good about it and there seem to be very few out there. I decided to just pay out of pocket for dental for now. 

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Editor note: Prior to 2013, when children became eligible for Medi-Cal, the Healthy Families program provided health insurance for children in California.


MediCal Pediatrician for foster child in Hayward 

March 2014

Looking for an experienced pediatrician for a young foster child in the Hayward area - must be knowledgeable about foster/adoptive issues and take MediCal. I am familiar with good ones in Berkeley/Albany, but looking for one closer to the San Leandro/Hayward area.

Highly recommend Castro Valley Pediatrics. Despite the name, they are located in Hayward at Plaza Center. 510-581-1446. They see lots of foster kids, all their doctors trained at Children's Hospital Oakland, and they are knowledgeable and caring. Happy parent

Pediatrician in Oakland who accepts Healthy Families

Sept 2012

It's been awhile since someone asked for recommendations for pediatricians who accept Healthy Families. Right now my infant has Kaiser and none of the Oakland Kaiser peds who come highly recommended on BPN are currently accepting new patients. I chose one who is and didn't really like her. So, does anyone have a recommendation for a good pediatrician in Oakland (either Kaiser or not)? I'd be particularly happy to find someone to advise me about sleep issues. thanks!

I love my pediatrician, Dr. Janet Perlman at Bayside Pediatrics . They accept MediCal so I'm assuming that includes Healthy Families. She helped me with sleep issues with my 5 month old as well. L

We are very happy with Kiwi Pediatrics . My son has been going there since infancy, and we have actually turned down Kaiser insurance for him so we can continue there! All the docs are good and the nurses are very helpful too. We go to their location that is on Alcatraz, not sure if it's south Berkeley of north Oakland. Like Kiwis

I like the doctors at Bayside Medical in Berkeley. Janet Perlman accepts Healthy Families; you could call their offices to find out what other pediatricians there also accept Healthy Families. There is also an office in Oakland, though I am not sure if the same doctors practice out of that office. My son has been seen by several doctors at the Berkeley Office and I have been happy with all of their care. anon

Does your pediatrician take Medi-Cal?

Sept 2011

I got laid off two months ago and have been approved for medi-cal. does anyone have a pediatrician (that you can recommend) in the berkeley/oakland area that takes medi-cal? I have a one year old and would like to get him in for his one year old check up. Thanks! anon

We would highly recommend Dr. Robert Nicholson . When our children's pediatrician (who had been my pediatrician as a child) finally retired, he recommended Dr. Nicholson to all of his patients. I know Dr. Nicholson takes Medi-Cal. Plus, he has a wonderful staff, is very responsive to parent concerns (no matter how crazy), has a 24-hour nurse advice line, and you can get appointments when you need to! His address is 400 - 29th Street, Suite 204, Oakland. His phone number is 510-893-8426. Kristin S.

My son has Medi-Cal. We go to Kiwi Pediatrics . They have an office in Berkeley and one in Albany. Medi-Cal mom

Try Bayside Pediatrics . My son's pediatrician is Dr. Perlman, but because it is a clinic, we've seen several of the doctors there, all really nice. We are on Alameda Alliance for Health through no-cost MediCal, which might be the plan you need to sign up for to be accepted there. I go to the office in Berkeley, but they also have an office in Oakland. happy with my pediatrician

Our doctor takes Medi-Cal: Kiwi Pediatrics (652-1720). We particularly love Dr. Liz Salsburg and Dr. Benjamin Jarrahi, but really like the other two as well. Everyone there really takes the time to listen, they are good about calling/emailing back to answer questions, they will give me and my husband various shots (e.g. flu) to save us a trip to our doctor. They really focus on treating the whole child and whole family.

One of the things we particularly like about them is that they DO take Medi-Cal. They recognize the importance of health care for all and don't just limit their practice to people with good insurance. Kiwi Fan!

Woman pediatrician who takes Medi-Cal

Feb 2011

Hello! I was wondering if anyone could give me a recommendation for a good pediatrician in the Berkeley/Albany area that accepts Medi-Cal. I am hoping to find a woman doctor for my daughter. Thank you so much for your time . Priya

The primary care clinic associated with Children's Hospital Oakland take Med-Cal. There are many female pediatricians there. Myself, Dr. Mandel, others: Dr. Marbin, Dr. Shrestha, Dr. Noor, Dr.Lewis, Dr. Meade, Dr. Simms-Mackey, Dr. Chase, Dr. Halberg, and others. I think we do good work at the clinic and we would love to see you there. I take my daughter there too! Amy Mandel-Burington

Try Kiwi Pediatrics (652-1720) in Berkeley. They used to take MediCal, not sure if they still do. We've gone to them for years and adore them. There are two female doctors, Dr. Salsberg and Dr. Winokur, both of whom are great. They call us back, give sane advice, and are great with our kids. (We also like the two male doctors in the practice.) Anon

Pediatrician in Alameda or Oakland that accepts Medi-Cal

Jan 2008

I am expecting a baby on March 4th and looking for a kind, patient, intelligent pediatrician in Alameda or the Fruitvale District who accepts Medi-Cal. Even better if the doc is bilingual, because my husband's English is not so good. Does anyone have a recommendation? Anyone had any experiences with the pediatricians at La Clinica de la Raza? Any advise is highly appreciated! e

Saw your post looking for pediatricians who take MediCal -- I can highly recommend La Clinica de la Raza . [Caveat: I worked for them for 10 years and may be slightly biased. On the other hand, I know the day-to-day inner workings of the organization and am still positively biased, which says a lot!]

All La Clinica sites gladly accept MediCal -- ''straight'' or managed MediCal, such as Alameda Alliance or Blue Cross. The pediatricians at all the Oakland sites are just excellent, as are the nurse practitioners, physician assistants and family practitioners, all of whom see children. All the providers speak at least medical Spanish, and many of them are bilingual and/or bicultural.

I would recommend going to the San Antonio Neighborhood Health Center site, at 1030 International Blvd, which is part of La Clinica. They are currently expanding and will have lots more room for pediatric patients. They are a great group of people. If you have any concerns or problems, the on-site coordinator, Lupe Elizondo, is just excellent, and she is a bilingual Latina. The main phone number there is 510-238-5400.

Please feel free to e-mail me with any further questions. Philippa

I LOVE Dr. Carol Glann or Dr. Julian Davis at East Oakland Pediatrics . They are located at 5461 Foothill Blvd. I have regular insurance but I know they take Medi-Cal. Dr. Glann is EXCELLENT but Dr. Davis has been good too when I've seen him. Their number is 510 532-0918

Pediatrician that accepts Medi-Cal Sharlene

Congratulations on your baby! I never went to La Clinica de la Raza , but I went to their other branch, San Antonio Clinic (on International Blvd near 10th ave)for over 10 years, and my husband and kids went there too for several years. We all saw Dr. Kelly - she was wonderful with all of us! She saw me through my teenage years, then through two pregnancies and deliveries, and she got my kids through positive TB tests, elevated blood lead levels, heart murmers, and any number of earaches. Unfortunately I no longer have Medi-Cal, and am instead forced to deal with Kaiser. I sincerely miss my days at San Antonio clinic, where there is no nonsense to deal with, just easily accessible, very good medical care. They even have a pharmacy right inside the clinic so if your doctor prescribes anything, you can just get it right there without having to make another trip to Walgreens or whatever. Trust me, that is a sanity saver when your baby is sick. Also, they have a ton of t! ranslators on staff - most of the doctors and nurses speak spanish in addition to english, but they also have translators for many Asian languages that are there all the time too. Other things I LOVED about San Antonio clinic: they have a counselor on staff in case you get PPD or anything, there is a 24 phone number you can call to talk to a nurse about anything, they automatically give you the little paper you need in order to get WIC (their office is right down the street too), and they handle ALL of the medi-cal paperwork for you. If La Clinica de la Raza is anything like San Antonio clinic you and your baby will be very well cared for there. Good Luck!

I work at La Clinica de La Raza , so I might be a bit biased, but I'm also a parent of two young children. I know most of the pediatricians very well. They are all wonderful providers, and fully bilingual in Spanish, which will make your husband very comfortable. I ask the pediatricians questions regarding my kids' health all the time, and I feel 100% confident in their abilities to manage a wide variety of patients. It's hard to know who to recommend specifically, without knowing if you're looking for someone older or younger, what your philosophy is, what your child's specific health concerns may be, etc. but I think that you can not make a bad choice. There are always urgent care appointments available if something comes up, along with triage services and emergency phone service at night and on weekends. If your child is in the hospital, s/he will be lovingly cared for by La Clinica pediatricians.

When you call, you won't be able to make an appointment right away, you'll need to go through registration first. This is definitely worth doing!

Good luck with your search. I can't imagine that there is a better place for a child with MediCal and a Spanish speaking parent to get health care in the Fruitvale area. I often wish my kids could be seen at La Clinica! love La Clinica de La Raza

Looking for a pediatrician, my wife is on Medi-Cal

Nov 2007

Ok, so we're about to have our first, and we're scrambling looking for a pediatrician. My wife is on Medi-Cal but it looks like all we can find is Blue Shield Medi-cal Alliance stuff... Maybe this is a huge can of worms, but I feel like I'm in a barrel of worms now. Should we go through a hospital, or are there any pediatricians out there who just take medi-cal and are open to non-vaccinating? thanks!

Dr. Nadoolman is a great pediatrician and I believe he takes your insurance. You will need to check. His phone number is 1888-254-3950 and his office is across from Whole Foods in Berkeley. anon Mom MD

Bayside Medical Group takes Blue Cross Medi-Cal and Alameda Alliance Medi-Cal as well as other insurances. Pediatricians Janet Perlman, Katya Gerwein, and Jenna Seiff in Berkeley (and JP and KG in Oakland) are open to all families regardless of vaccination schedule. Our phone numbers are 510-843-4544 (Berkeley) and 510-452-5231 (Oakland). We welcome you and your child. Katya Gerwein, MD

Need to switch to Healthy Families; can you recommend a doctor?

May 2003

Hi, I am in need of switching my high cost insurance as I'm having another baby and my husband is also going to provide insurance for his other 2 children...this makes insuring 4 children very very expensive but....I love my pediatrician at East BAy PEdiatrics and will need to switch if I utilize the Healthy Families program...can someone reccomend an office in Oakland/Berkeley area that accepts this program? Other feedbac/expereince welcome too...thanks, Angela

My daughter is with Healthy Families, on their Blue Cross HMO ( I think) program - she's goes to Berkeley Pediatrics on Walnut - as far as I understand it's often not that docs do or do not take Healthy Families at all - it is that there are certain insurers who have contracted with Healthy families and the docs then contract to take those specific plans- so my daughter could not choose HealthNet within the Healthy Families program and be covered at Berkeley Pediatrics, but if we went with Blue Cross she was fine. - The best thing is to ask in detail at your docs' office and find out specifically which Healthy Family plans (if any) they accept - good luck! Gabriela

Bayside Pediatrics (offices in Berkeley, Oakland, Walnut Creek, Pinole, Alameda, San Ramon, Livermore, Pleasanton) accepts all insurance including Healthy families. anon

Recommendations received:

Philip Rush Pleasant Hill

Pediatrician for Student Family with Healthy Families


We're attempting to survive on a GSI-ship with two kids; our CaliforniaCare insurance just increased to $468/mo. for me and the two kids (husband is covered through SHIP). This and the rent in UC Village just about equals the monthly GSI-ship.

Up until now, we've bit the bullet and paid for the insurance because of the absolute faith I have in the kids' pediatrician, Richard Oken of East Bay Pediatrics. I HATE to think of changing, but we'll be faced with taking out yet another student loan just to cover about $5,000 worth of insurance for the next 10 months.

I've checked the web page, and there are wonderful recommendations for many of the pediatricians participating in the Healthy Families program -- but many of them are over 2 years old. Does anyone have any experience with the Healthy Families program in general, or comments (positive or negative) about the following MDs? Bean, Enz, Granberg, Kittams and Winokur?

This is a wrenching decision -- thanks for any input you can give.

Replies: see the following recommendations

We were in the same situation as you: living on one GSI and paying for SHIP for 2 kids, not wanting to give up our current pediatrician. When I applied for Healthy Families we were given No-cost Medi-Cal instead. Our pediatrician accepts Medi-Cal for continuing patients (I think they all do) and we now pay nothing. Are you sure you don't qualify for Medi-Cal? If your income is less than around $1940/month for a family of 4 and your children are under 6 yrs old, you do. I don't know about other situations. It takes a couple of months to get into the system and you need to mail in proof of income every 3 months, but I believe it's worth the trouble.