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October 2004

We're looking for pediatricians in the Albany/Berkeley area. Blue Shield recommended Dr. Grace Martin and Dr. Juliet Greenberg. Does anyone know anything about these doctors?

We have seen Dr. Granberg for many years and been happy with her services. Although insanely healthy, we feel she really takes the time on physicals to examine the childen thoroughly and answer parents' questions. She did refer us to specialists and follow up on our one real medical issue. Caveats: this is a basic, no frills office, but the wait time is minimal and she will see you when you need her. long time clients

May 2004

I am looking for a pediatrician for my imminent baby, and really liked Pat Granberg MD but am a little concerned re: her being in very solo practice (not even a medical assistant or nurse/NP at this point). There are a few old postings on the website but none that apply to her current practice situation (4.5 days/week but no support staff except for her receptionist). Does anyone have any recent experience with her, positive or negative, particularly as regards availability for quick advice and also care of sick children? dranna

We've been taking our 3.5 year-old daughter to Pat Granberg since she was a newborn and have been very happy with the care we've received. Dr. Granberg has always been very responsive to our concerns and, even though in solo practice, she's never acted rushed during our appointments. When I call with questions, I usually have gotten a call back from her within 2 hours.

Her views seem to be very moderate in terms of medical intervention and alternative medicine. We did all vaccinations but waited until our daughter was a bit older for some of the shots and Dr. Granberg did not have any objections to our decision. When I've had questions about some of the softer issues of parenting (when should we be potty train?, etc.) she will ask me ''What do you think is best ?'' - pretty much telling me to follow my instincts. She doesn't overdo it on parenting advice which I like. We will be having another baby soon and will stay with Dr. Granberg. That all said, we've been blessed with a healthy child and have only seen Dr. Granberg once on an emergency basis (and our daughter was seen promptly). She also made a follow-up call the next day to our home to see how things were going.

Downsides are that dealing with her receptionist can be trying. Her offices could also use a bit of an update. They put sick children in the waiting room and well children in exam rooms which seems counter-intuitive to me but that's how they do it. I wasn't aware that she no longer had a nurse practitioner - she used to have a wonderful woman, Yolanda. Good luck with your decision. R.K.

My son has seen Dr. Granberg since his birth alomst twelve years ago, and we are very pleased with her. She has a great bedside manner, both with babies and kids. She gets to know all of her patients and their parents. She takes her time and really listens. She's very knowledgable, and has gone out of her way to research some more complicated issues that have arisen with my son. The office mostly runs on time. The exceptions are when she has been delayed at the hospital. As for immediate access to advice, I think everyone in the Alta Bates Medical group can call the advice nurse hot line at any time of the day or night. Helene

Jan. 2003

We have recently moved to the Rockridge and are 3.5 months pregnant with our first child. As we prepare for the next step - - finding a pediatrician - our fabulous OB has recommended three pediatricians who are covered by our insurance plan. I am interested in having a pediatrician who is smart, on top of the field, caring, has the ability and patience to listen, is open to alternative therapies where helpful for healing. Thanks so much for your thoughts!! Kelly

We have been with Patricia (Juliet) Granberg since our 2.5 year old was a newborn and have really liked her. One of the biggest selling points was that she is a lone practitioner. Whenever we've had concerns or problems, she is the one to call us (and right away) - not the person ''on call'' who has never even seen or met our daughter. She has never acted rushed or uninterested during our visits and has been kind and attentive. When our daughter was born she came by the hospital twice to see how everything was going. That made a big difference for my husband and I (being nervous new parents). We have been really impressed with her. I could not really tell you much about her alternative medicine approach but she has been receptive to any ideas that we have had about raising our daughter.

Downsides are that her offices are kind of campy (or, a little run down) though she does have well baby and sick baby entrances. Sometimes (though not often) she is backlogged and you will have to wait. This hasn't been a problem because she's never acted rushed when it came to our turn. Her nurse, Yolanda, is great and upbeat but her reception staff is a bit spacey at times. We consider this a small price to pay for a great doctor. Congratulations on your coming arrival and good luck choosing your doctor ! - Rockridge Mom

December 2001

Hallo, I am looking for recent reviews about the pediatric doctor Patricia Granberg. I have looked at the parents website but all the information about docs seem on average 2 years old....If anybody can say something, share an opinion experience etc ...thanks! cz

My step-son (8) recently became a patient of Dr. Grandberg and we have been very satisfied with the experience. She seems to reserve morning hours for emergency appointments, so it is fairly accessible to have those urgent needs answered. She's a bit older and seems to have a good rapport with the kids. Her office was also helpful in negotiaing the red tape (I hate HMOs)to get my son seen by an orthopedic specialist when he broke his hand (the insurance group wanted him to wait a week until he could be seen by someone in the group to put it in a cast, but her office helped escalate it so that he was able to get a cast put on the next day). toni

My kids have been going to Dr. Granberg ever since they were born. My oldest is now nine; my youngest 6. I really like Dr. Granberg and the kids do too. She is warm, funny, and knows her stuff. (She used to be the head the neonatal unit at Alta Bates) The only thing you should consider is that she is a sole practitioner, sort of the old school variety. When your kid gets sick on the weekends, her service refers you to the Children's Hospital advice line, where you first talk with a nurse and then get a call from the doctor. When Dr. Granberg goes on vacation she brings in a doctor to look after her patients. The plus side to all this is you don't feel like you are going to a factory. Dr. Granberg always seems to have all plenty of time to give your kids and I never feel rushed out of an appointment Frances

I used her for a short time - she has *very* limited office hours and days, so I found it extremely difficult to get care when my child fell ill. For example, if he got a cold over the weekend, I often couldn't get an appointment until Thursday or Friday! That was hopeless. Also, if you work, it is almost impossible to get a work-friendly appointment time like first or last thing in a day. I recommend Primary Pediatrics on 30th street in Oakland. They have drop-in clinic every weekday AND Saturdays, and the doctors are usually very available. I liked Dr. Salvidar, she was great. Good luck. Annonymous Mom with 2 little ones.

Patricia Granberg was the pediatrician for our first-born, a daughter. I think she is wonderful. There is something very old-fashioned and comfortable about her practice, and her staff really seemed to know us. Unfortunately, at the time she was only in practice on a part-time basis. At one point I had to get my daughter in for a same-day visit for an ear infection, and ended up having to see another doctor in Oakland vs. Berkeley. Logistically, it was too problematic. I don't know if her situation has changed and whether or not she has taken on a partner since that time. We did end up moving to another practice, but I was rather sorry we had to leave. I am supportive of part-time work and wrote her a letter thanking her. She is a very kind and concerned physician, and I'm glad to hear that she is still practicing in the area. Sarah

We have seen her a half dozen times for a second opinion or such. I primarly use alternative practitioners, such as accupuncture or homeopathy. We transferred from a arge medical practice to her primarily because she runs a one woman office. Dr. Granberg seems to know traditional medicine well, and my son (almost 4 yo) likes her well enough. She accepts children in her practice who haven't been fully vaccinated (unlike some practices) but she heavily pushes the vaccines. She doesn't seem to have much regard for alternative medicine, and at times I feel she makes light of it. But she has a good set up for sick kids vs. well baby visits, and is available M - F, and returns call promptly. Maria M.

Aug 1999

RE: pediatricians for Healthy Families Program: I have had some experience with all of them except Enz, and I reccommend that you choose Granberg. I had some negative experiences with the others, but have really enjoyed watching Dr. Granberg with my son. Marco

We have been going to see Dr. Granberg since shortly before our now 15 mo. old daughter was born, and we like her very much. She has a very helpful attitude; we always feel as if we have lots of time with her and she encourages questions. Our daughter has been very healthy so far, so I don't know what Dr. Granberg would be like in a crisis, but I assume she would continue to be level-headed. We have disagreed with her on occasion (she recommended ferber method to us, and we are family-bed style) but that hasn't been a problem. Her approach to new vaccines and antibiotic-type things is to be cautious, she doesn't seem to be a pill-pusher and she always discusses each side of a question. I recommend her highly, with the caveat that we haven't actually faced anything more serious than a brief bout with diarrhea. Marco