Jose Enz, MD (Hercules & Oakland)

Hercules, Oakland
  • Hercules: 500 Alfred Nobel Drive Suite 255A Hercules, California 94547 Phone: (510) 964-9647
  • Oakland: 6333 Telegraph Avenue Suite 203 Oakland, California 94609 Phone: (510) 548-8905

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April 2009

Re: Spanish-speaking pediatrician for new baby

Dr. Jose Enz in Berkeley, he also might have an office elsewhere. He was our assigned Pedi. at Alta Bates upon the birth of our son and had to deal with some very difficult issues.We have been with him since for the last 13 years. He has great bedside manner, and generally a very nice guy. He and his staff both speak Spanish. His office number in Berk. is 548-8905. Good Luck tim

linda 8/99

To the parent who inquired about Dr. Enz (among others). Last fall we used Dr. Enz as our pediatrician, and I have both good and bad things to say about the experience. Dr. Enz is a caring person, who has a good manner in dealing with children, and he is a conscientious doctor. He tends to administer antibiotics a little more often than some people might like, but I have no complaints about his care for our child. The thing we did not like about his practice was that it tended to be chaotic -- waiting room with stacked-up parents and kids, no adequate play space for kids waiting, and often a long wait (past the appointment time). Some of this is due to his heavy patient load -- I think that he does not turn people away, and that he will squeeze patients into an already full schedule (a good thing when you think about caring about people, but it sometimes creates havoc). Anyway, we switched this fall because I didn't enjoy the problems I described above. But if you can tolerate the disorder and crowding (and you do not have objections to frequent antibiotics), you will probably find him a good option.

From: Sarah (10/98)

I've been using Dr. Jose Enz for my two kids for three years now. I like him alot. He takes a long time with you and doesn't rush you out at all. Some people may be put off by the fact that his office isn't state of the art. I also take some of his advice with a grain of salt such as starting potty training at 18 months. However, my daughter once had an ear infection for three months and we'd tried five rounds of antibiotics. I finally said I wanted to take her off antibiotics and get a referral to an acupuncturist. He respected my belief that this would work and, since he had no list of acupuncturists, he let me find one and made the referral. He has had the same approach all along of giving me his medical advice but not pushing it down my throat. He's also a very warm, gentle person good with kids.