Seeking a Pediatrician Who Speaks Spanish

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Spanish-speaking pediatrician for new baby

April 2009

I am looking for recommendations for bilingual (Eng/Spanish) pediatricians in the Oakland/Berkeley area. My baby is due in a couple of months and will most likely be on MediCal or Healthy Families. Any suggestions? New Momma

Dr. Laura Grunbaum is a bilingual (English/Spanish) pediatrician in San Leandro. Betsy

All of the pediatricians through La Clinica de la Raza are bilingual -- some speak English/Spanish, some speak German, Vietnamese, Chinese, etc.

I have a private PPO and still opted to go through the San Antonio Neighborhood Clinic (which is part of La Clinica) because I found their system of doctors, OB/GYNs/Midwives to be really great and their pediatricians are equally good, IMO.

My daughter is now 17 months old and always gets walk-ins if she's sick without any problems, they have a whole team of people to field triage calls after hours for emergency and non-emergency questions (which I had a lot of after she was first born ''she's got gunk in her eye! is that normal?!'')

Our regular pediatrician there is Dr. Amy Feldmann and we've also seen Dr. Katzenberger on those urgent walk-in days and both have been great. I think Dr. Katz is on leave since she recently had twins. They work with Alta Bates Berkeley and Children's Hospital in Oakland, depending upon the situation. Haven't had a problem yet!

Oh yeah, and we're a bilingual household -- husband and nanny speak exclusively Spanish to our daughter and I speak English/Spanglish so it's nice to go to the doctor's and be able to have things discussed in either/both languages and they also have lots of freebie board books they give at most visits in both languages too. Bonus! Love my Spanglish peds

We have a great Pediatrician, Dr. Jim Eitel, who is bilingual and works at La Clinica de la Raza at the Fruitvale office. It's right there at the BART station, they take Medi-Cal and Health Families, and you can get all your bloodwork, prescriptions, etc, right there. He is very thoughtful, gentle and good with parent issues as well. I met with him before my son was born (I'm sure he'd be happy to do the same for you) and he has been following my son the whole time. My kid is now 13 months. Good luck! Carmen

Dr. Jose Enz in Berkeley, he also might have an office elsewhere. He was our assigned Pedi. at Alta Bates upon the birth of our son and had to deal with some very difficult issues.We have been with him since for the last 13 years. He has great bedside manner, and generally a very nice guy. He and his staff both speak Spanish. His office number in Berk. is 548-8905. Good Luck tim

Pediatrician in Contra Costa who speaks Spanish

March 2009

Dear BPN parents, Due to a recent change in our medical insurance, we had to switch pediatricians and are still on the look out for a great pediatrician for my two sons: 5 and 1. Our ideal pediatrician would be in the county of Contra Costa (we are in Richmond), would be one of those pediatricians that parents would say is ''fantastic,'' ''caring,'' ''available to us at all times,'' ''treats our kids like they were his/her own.'' If there is anyone that you can recommend, I would be very grateful! A benefit to being all of the above is if they were bilingual (Spanish) and took Medi-Cal. Thank you. Claudia

I know a Great pediatrician at Hilltop Pediatrics. I am a pediatrician and trained with him at Children's Hospital Oakland. He is fluent in Spanish too. I'm 95 % sure that his practice takes Medi-cal. Here is his info: Dr. Justin Sweder Pediatrics - specializes in the physical, emotional and social health of children from infancy to young adulthood. Hilltop Pediatrics (510)222-5437 2970 Hilltop Mall Rd Ste 305 Richmond, CA 94806-5274 Would trust him 100% with my kids

I strongly recommend Dr. Michael Linn at Bayside Pediatrics, which has an office in Pinole just off of Hwy.80 (phone 724-8300). He is kind, patient, thorough, and exceedingly competent. He is also quite fluent in Spanish. I think he would more than meet your requirements. another pediatrician

Hispanic Pediatrician who takes Blue Cross PP0

Nov 2004

My 4 year old boy is Hispanic and it would be great to find a pediatrican who is Hispanic or other minority. Mostly I'm looking for a very competent, thoughtful doctor, who is sensitive to questions about medications, and with whom I can talk comfortably when I have a concern. We live in Oakland. Many pedicatricians do not take Blue Cross PPO, but I'm hoping there is a one for us out there who will be a good fit.