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    My family is moving to Berkeley (Elmwood) next week and would love recommendations for pediatricians. We're currently at UCSF in SF. They're affiliated with Berkeley Pediatrics, so if you have anything good or bad to say about them, please let me know. 

    We have twin 1yo's and a 4 yo. We're a 2-mom family, so LGBTQ family-friendly is essential. 


    I will second the vote for Dr. Schiffman.

    She is fantastic.  She's responsive, super knowledgeable and relaxed (not time pressured) all at the same time.

    She is also in Elmwood, so convenient.

    I can't say enough good things about Private Pediatrics, Dr. Nadoolman.   He has a solo practice in Berkeley.   He is loving, compassionate and a great doctor.  We have been patients of his for 15 years.  I don't know any doctor that will see you anytime of the day or night, make a house call when needed, see you on a holiday.  He is the best. 

    We love Karin Sciffman. She's in solo practice. She's great and the office staff are too. 

    We have a 21-month old at Berkeley Pediatrics, and we've been very happy both with the regular checkups and with their responsiveness for sick appointments.  We mostly see Dr. Learned, who is one of their newer doctors, but we also saw one of the other doctors when my son was sick and we were equally satisfied.

    Dr. Grace So at berk peds is wonderful. It's a rare thing to find an office so welcoming. All the docs there care deeply about the kids and the office staff is really great too. Highly recommended.

    Go to Berkeley Pediatrics and ask for AnneMary Franks as your doctor. She's great.

    We were also at UCSF before moving to the east bay (actually stayed there for some time after #2 was born) but due to high turn over of physicians and the long haul over the bridge for appointments we made the leap to East Bay Pediatrics and couldn't be happier. They have 2 locations Berkeley and Orinda and the physicians and staff are wonderful! We see Dr. Abbott who is caring, kind, charismatic and old school (in a really good way). They have an after hours clinic where both my kids have received excellent care. Overall we have been VERY happy with the switch.

    I had Hill Physicians insurance group and was able to change from Hill Physicians SF to Hill Physicians East Bay with no trouble.

    We've been seeing Lisa Kalar at Berkeley Pediatrics for our 7 month old. Dr. Kalar has been wonderful. She has an excellent bedside manner with our daughter as well as with me and my husband, she seems up on her research and thoughtful about applying it to our particular circumstances, helpful with parenting conundrums without being dogmatic, and responsive with emails/calls when needed. My husband and I feel great about having her care for our daughter.

    We have been very happy with Dr. Lang at Berkeley Pediatrics for the past 6.5 years. She is also a twin mom.

    I have a newborn and just started at Berkeley Pediatrics with Dr. Learned who is rather young/new to the practice. I chose Berkeley Pediatrics because I like their approach, and like that they emphasize having your primary doctor see you as often as possible. So far we really like Dr. Learned (have had 2 visits). I would imagine you would find them completely welcoming to LGBT families but I can't speak to that directly. I also interviewed Sutter East Bay Pediatrics and liked them as well, but the doctor I met with splits her time between their Berkeley and Orinda offices, so I felt it might be harder to see one practitioner consistently. 

    We love Dr. Michel at Berkeley Pediatrics! Really kind and thorough - and is always happy to answer any questions. Also if your kid is sick, I find that I can almost always get an appointment on the same day if you call in the morning when they open. 

    We have been with Berkeley Pediatrics for 17 years. If you stay that long, your children will eventually want a doctor of their same gender. Maybe start off by meeting with Dr. Franks, who is helpful as she is also an experienced mom, but all the doctors there are completely friendly and competent.

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I strongly recommend Dr. Nadoolman!  I searched high and low for a male pediatrician for my boys (now ages 7 and 9.5).  He's a sole practitioner and spends up to ONE HOUR for well checks.  He truly cares for you and your family.  The accessibility to Dr Nadoolman is worth a million bucks!  I have never has any issue getting our boys in when they need to be seen and have always felt confident with his care.  Tammy, his front and back office staff is extremely responsive and great with the kids too!  I would and do recommend this office to anyone looking for a pediatrician in Berkeley.

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    Editor Note: Dr. Nadoolman previously practiced with Rainbow Pediatrics (now called Bayside Pediatrics). Previous reviews can be found on that page.

    Feb 2015

    RE: Looking for a great Oakland pediatrician

    Check out our wonderful pediatrician Dr Wolffe Nadoolman on Telegraph, near Altabates. Our children have been his patients for over 10 years. Small practice, just himself and the nurse assistant. Always return our calls and he even does house calls! One could never asked for a more caring, smart and professional doc. Simply the best, we love, love Dr Wolffe! 1-888-254-3950

    Jan 2013

    Re: Fabulous pediatrician needed!
    Dr Wolffe on Telegraph in Berkeley is the best pediatrician in this area! Adriana V.

    Dec 2012

    Re: Intellectual Pediatrician near Berkeley?
    Run, don't walk to Dr Wolffe Nadoolman. He is the most amazing practicioner I've ever met. He practices solo, but don't let that put you off. He's super-available to his patients - even answers his own phone out of hours (yep, really!), will see you child (willingly) at the weekends if needs be and even makes house calls. On top of all that he is smart, and thougthful. Cornell and Harvard educated. A career in finaance before he trained to be a pediatrician. And, even more amazingly he is awesome with the kids. My boys LOVE him and ask to go and see him. Sometimes we just pop in and say hi if we are passing - its that kind of office and Dr W is always happy to see them. He takes plenty of time for each appointment and really listens to you and your child. We have often been there for 30 minutes, even an hour. We recently had to switch to Kaiser, and it was a heart wrenching decision, just because of Dr W. Amazingly, his response was that my boys will always be his patients, and we make sure to see him at least once a year, just to check in, and I know he has my back if I have a problem (particularly a complicated one, or something I feel I'm not quite getting to the bottom of at Kaiser). He is amazing. Check out his blog... http://www.drwolffe.com Love Dr Wolffe

    Oct 2012

    Re: Pediatrician who is smart and available
    We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Dr. Wolffe Nadoolman, or Dr. Wolffe -- we have been seeing him for about 3 years now after we switched from a horrible experience with one of those group practices. He is a FABULOUS diagnostician, ALWAYS respects the mom's gut feeling, ALWAYS takes the time to talk things through, NEVER pressures anything on the parent or the child. He sees our three kids, ages 7, 5, and 1 1/2 years, and they LOVE him. He has multiple waiting rooms so that a very sick child is never in the same room as all the others. He always manages to squeeze us in the same day or next day at the latest. He is available on weekends, and he makes house calls!! If he is not available, he has an equally great doctor cover for him -- I never had to be on one of those phone calls again where after 1/2 hour of questions the answer is ''go to the ER.'' He is somehow part of Children's and always tries to show up if we have to make a trip to the Emergency Room. And there is parking in the back of his building -- its not free but at least we haven't had any tickets anymore just b/c after 2 hours I was still not seen at the group practice! Give him a try: 1-888-254-3950. Happy, happy client

    My son was seen by him from day one, then we moved our two daughters from Kaiser to his practice. Dr. Wolffe was able to treat a condition my daughter had had for five years in six months, being that those said to be especialists were never able to cure her. I am devastated our insurance company no longer covers Dr. Wolffe, but he is trult truly the BEST. A rare GEM i might add Adriana

    Nov 2011

    Re: Looking for Pediatrician in East Bay for newborn
    Our pediatrician is amazing! I had a very long labor and our daughter was born with a fever so Alta Aates wanted to put her on 72 hours of I.V. antibiotics. He came immediately after she was born and supervised her the first 3 days in the hospital. Everyone at Alta Bates knew him and we were able to avoid doing the antibiotics. He also does house calls, and is available for phone consultations (we called him this Sunday because our daughter was sick and he was able to tell us exactly what to do and calm us down considerably). He helped me with post partum and got us through some developmental issues we had early on. I could go on, but the point is that I know that our pediatrician loves his job. The only thing is he is pro vaccine, although we have avoided a few and done a modified schedule. If you are not opposed to vaccines, definitely check out Dr. Wolffe Nadoolman, I absolutely trust that my daughter is getting good care from him and often wish he were my doctor. Saneta

    Nov 2010

    I'm looking for a recommendation for a pediatrician. We recently moved to the area and have been going to Kiwi Pediatrics, but I was discouraged to discover last night that they don't have anyone on call overnight. My two-year-old daughter has asthma that only acts up when she has a cold, so we'd like someone who is familiar with asthma issues and who will be available to us when she's in respiratory distress. And we definitely need someone who will be around to answer questions after hours. We live in Albany, so someone here or in Berkeley would be ideal, though we'll travel as far as we need to for excellent care. Thanks! Albany Mom

    We switched to Dr. Wolffe Nadoolman (1.888.254.3950) about a year ago and we could not be happier! There are just not enough good things to say about him and his super friendly sfaff. Besides the obvious which is being an excellent, excellent pediatrician, he is super patient with both the children and with explaining stuff to parents, he is reachable by phone around the clock including weekends, he makes time to see sick patients on weekends, he makes HOUSECALLS if the patient is too sick to travel, he has a separate wait room for very sick children (not that he needs one -- there is never a wait longer than 5 min), he is on staff at Children's Hospital so he has shown up at the emergency room to check in with us -- in the middle of the night! He is funny and goofy with the kids and they LOVE him -- in fact if I have to take one of them to see Dr. Wolffe, the other one will immediately come down with a fake cough so she can be ''seen'' too! He practices medicine with much caution, persistence (in case of stubborn symptoms) and a lot of commonsense. He never overrides the mom e.g. when she suggests that it can't be xyz because if the child has xyz he or she reacts differently (in contrast, at Bayside my son's ear infection was declared ''just teething'', causing him to have surgery and a speech delay) We LOVE Dr. Wolffe and we are so happy we found him!! Best Pediatrician!

    July 2010

    Re: Looking for a hassle free pediatrician's office
    Sounds just like the nightmare I had been through with our previous pediatrician... You might want to try Dr. Wolffe Nadoolman (888.254.3950). We switched to him 1/2 year ago and we could not be happier. The kids LOVE him -- when I announce that we have a doctor's visit for one kid, the other one will come down with a fake ''cough'' so he or she can come too. The staff is super friendly and responsive. There is never a wait, and if there happens to be another, sick patient present he has families wait in different rooms. He is available and reachable around the clock. He has seen us on Saturdays and Sundays. HE MAKES HOUSECALLS even though he has huge trouble getting reimbursed for them by insurance companies, he just believes that this is how medicine should be practiced. He is so amazing that I can't believe he exists :-) His office is a block away from Alta Bates and has (paid)parking. so happy to have switched

    April 2010

    Re: Need a new pediatrician
    Dr. Wolffe Nadoolman is an amazing pediatrician. My 20-month old son looks forward to seeing him, and my partner and I always leave our appointments feeling like better parents than when we walked in! He never watches the clock during our appointments and is endlessly patient with our questions. I think once we waited 5 minutes for our appointment -- otherwise he's been on time each time! He gives his patients his cell number for outside office hour calls -- we usually reach him directly, and if we leave a message we get a call back within 20 minutes. He's opened his office on the weekends to see our son when he was sick. He is non-aggressive with antibiotics -- he's not against them, but as he explained to us, he makes a point of being accessible to his patients so he can follow the progression of illnesses closely and intervene when appropriately needed, rather than over prescribe because he won't be seeing you again for another month. ... We kind of think he's too good to be true and didn't get the memo on how doctors are supposed to behave. Don't tell him, okay? Dr. Wolffe Nadoolman Phone: 888-254-3950 Address: 3031 Telegraph Avenue Suite 235 Berkeley, California 94705


    June 2009

    Re: Pediatrician who takes Blue Cross HMO
    Dr. Wolffe Nadoolman is an amazing pediatrician who takes a variety of insurance (he is part of Alta Bates Medical Group) including BC HMO. I recommend him highly and am happy to speak to anyone regarding my specific experience. He is an incredibly competent and attentive physician whose philosophy is geared towards prevention -not crisis- care and fostering a functional family unit. He is the anchor for our insurance choices (we will not switch to an insurance where our son can't see Dr. Wolffe). He has made house calls, hospital visits, and has participated in vital decision-making with the utmost respect and attention given to both my husband and my concerns. He has provided resources so we could easily make informed decisions and has consistently supported our son's health, well being, and comfort. His blog is http://www.drwolffe.blogspot.com/ He also met with us while I was pregnant at no cost, which was really helpful. Also (and probably most importantly) from what I have seen, kids love him. deepti

    Feb 2009

    Re: Looking for a good Pediatric doctor
    Dr. Wolffe Nadoolman is the best pediatrician I have ever met and I highly recommend him. He has his own practice down the street from Alta Bates in Berkeley. He's been our pediatrician for over 3 years, we tried several others before finding Dr. Wolffe. He is extremely responsive, professional and caring. He is so wonderful with both of our children (3.5 year old son & 7 month old daughter) that my son gets mad if I don't take him with us for our daughter's shots and check-ups - he loves visiting Dr. Wolffe. Dr. Wolffe spends a lot of time with you during each appointment, but schedules them appropriately, so you are never left waiting - which is a problem with a lot of good pediatricians. He does home visits - yes, home visits! He's even offered to visit our daycare, and has evening hours so parents who work can schedule appointments outside of working hours. Here are a few examples of why I am so impressed with Dr. Wolffe and consider him an important part of our family: he always answers or returns his cell or office phone calls within minutes (any time of day or night); he recently was traveling and changed his return flight so he could get back early to see my daughter who was sick (he drove to our house directly from the airport); he visited me in the hospital after my daughter was born (he has no affiliation with the hospital, so he came as a ''personal'' visitor - on his own time and with no intent to bill us); when my daughter was 6 days old she had a high fever & so I called Dr. Wolffe and he advised us to go to Children's Hospital, he called ahead to the hospital & they were ready for us; when my daughter was at Children's he personally came twice a day every day and directed the care of my daughter (the nurses at Children's Hospital said they almost never see that kind of involvement); he has met us at his office on weekends and evenings; he helped diagnose/treat my son's reflux at 5 weeks old (which was almost identical to colic); he's extremely cautious with all treatments; he makes foll ow-up calls after every medical issue; and most importantly, my kids absolutely love him and going to see him is something they really enjoy. His medical education is equally impressive - graduate of Yale medical school. Dr. Wolffe truly loves what he does and it shows. Melissa

    Jan 2009

    Re: Pediatrician friendly to attachment parenting
    I have to recommend our pediatrician, Dr. Wolffe Nadoolman in Berkeley. His website is www.private-pediatrics.medem.com Our kids absolutely love him. He knows them and practices what he believes about taking time to make the children feel open and secure. They look forward to seeing him. The level of care is like something from a different generation.

    That said, I have no idea what he knows about elimination communication. I think he'd be ok with adjusting the vaccine schedule, but I know he is firm on kids getting vaccinated. Go and talk to him, and ask him. Frank

    Nov 2008

    Re: looking for a good pediatrician
    Looking for a pediatrician? Go straight to Dr. Wolffe Nadoolman (do not pass go, do not collect $200)! His office is right by Alta Bates.

    Our fabulous pediatrician, Dr. Wolffe (as he's known) is a doc that practices medicine the way it should be. There is no short 3-minute visit, he actually spends the time to talk with the kids and talks with the parents. When we walk in, we're greeted by name. He's accessible, day or night. I called one morning at 7:00 and he answered the phone. Plus, he does house call! His philosophy: 'a child doesn't get sick during office hours from 9-5 and when a child is sick (especially a small child), the last thing they want to do, and the last thing the parents want to do, is wrap 'em up and schlep to the doctor's office.' He has a mobile clinic in the trunk of his car.

    He's an amazing pediatrician. It's what he does, it's what he thinks about, it's his life (maybe not good for him, but great for us). He's reads everything and anything about pediatrics. He's often an early adaptor with evidence based treatments. He incredibly smart (I believe he has 3 graduate degrees from 3 ivy league schools ' Cornell, Yale and Harvard), he respects the kids and parents. He can work with the younger set and works really well with the adolescent set as well. He's a true family doctor - remember those?

    I travel internationally for work and when I do, he lets the kids know that they can call him anytime and he means it. I have a friend (who also goes to Dr. Wolffe) who's adolescent was having a really difficult time and Dr. Wolffe told him to call him anytime. I believe the agreement was, ''don't do anything you'd regret, instead call me (Dr. Wolffe) and we'll have dinner at Denny's.

    My 9 year old says, ''He's great and goofy.'' My two 14 year old daughters say, ''He rocks.''

    Dr. Wolffe Nadoolman 3031 Telegraph Avenue. 888) 254-3950. www.private-pediatrics.medem.com

    What more do I need to say? Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. cindy

    May 2008

    Re: new to the area, looking for a pediatrician
    Do not pass go, do not collect $200, go directly to Dr. Wolffe Nadoolman in Berkeley. He's fabulous. He's smart, caring, thorough, and he does house calls! He has his own practice so it's just him and his medical assistant/office manager, but I can always get a hold of someone (even at non-business hours). He's able to work with all age ranges. (I have 3 kids, two of which are teenagers and they think he's great - that's a pretty big endorsement!) He's right across the street from Whole Foods on Telegraph, 3031 Telegraph Ave #235 / 888) 254-3950 / www.private-pediatrics.medem.com. Feel free to contact me for more information. cindy

    June 2007

    Re: Pediatrician for 8 & 13 year olds
    While he's not a female doctor, Wolffe Nadoolman is the best pediatrician I've found. He is caring and funny, and very supportive of both parent and child. He has lots of experience with teenagers and teenage questions/issues. He is very smart, and assumes you are too! And he's in Berkeley next to Alta Bates. 510 848-5572. http://www.private-pediatrics.medem.com/ Best, Duncan

    April 2007

    We love our son\x92s pediatrician. I\x92ve noticed the other postings for him are out of date. He has recently opened his own practice just down the street from Alta Bates after the practice where he worked in Pinole closed. Dr. Wolffe Nadoolman (or Dr. Wolf) is amazing because he is so totally devoted to his patients and his profession. We can reach him at all hours of the day. Our doctor visits are never rushed and usually take the better part of an hour. He makes house calls. And he\x92s funny, too. Dr. Wolf has a website: http://www.private-pediatrics.medem.com/. His phone number is 888-254-3950. Airdri

    May 2007

    I, too, can recommend Dr. Wolffe Nadoolman, who now has his own practice in Berkeley (across the street from Whole Foods). A woman in my birthing class recommended him 3 years ago, and he's been our pediatrician since Alex was born. Yes, he does house calls and consistently follows up on all matters --- big or small. And he has a wonderful way with kids -- our son responds very well to him, and our son is ''discerning'' (read ''picky''). My husband and I enjoy his sense of humor, intelligence, and patience. Oh, and yes, he takes Blue Cross / Blue Shield. Pat, Eric & Alex