Seeking Berkeley Pediatrician Recommendations

My family is moving to Berkeley (Elmwood) next week and would love recommendations for pediatricians. We're currently at UCSF in SF. They're affiliated with Berkeley Pediatrics, so if you have anything good or bad to say about them, please let me know. 

We have twin 1yo's and a 4 yo. We're a 2-mom family, so LGBTQ family-friendly is essential. 


Parent Replies

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We have been with Berkeley Pediatrics for 17 years. If you stay that long, your children will eventually want a doctor of their same gender. Maybe start off by meeting with Dr. Franks, who is helpful as she is also an experienced mom, but all the doctors there are completely friendly and competent.

We love Dr. Michel at Berkeley Pediatrics! Really kind and thorough - and is always happy to answer any questions. Also if your kid is sick, I find that I can almost always get an appointment on the same day if you call in the morning when they open. 

I have a newborn and just started at Berkeley Pediatrics with Dr. Learned who is rather young/new to the practice. I chose Berkeley Pediatrics because I like their approach, and like that they emphasize having your primary doctor see you as often as possible. So far we really like Dr. Learned (have had 2 visits). I would imagine you would find them completely welcoming to LGBT families but I can't speak to that directly. I also interviewed Sutter East Bay Pediatrics and liked them as well, but the doctor I met with splits her time between their Berkeley and Orinda offices, so I felt it might be harder to see one practitioner consistently. 

We have been very happy with Dr. Lang at Berkeley Pediatrics for the past 6.5 years. She is also a twin mom.

We've been seeing Lisa Kalar at Berkeley Pediatrics for our 7 month old. Dr. Kalar has been wonderful. She has an excellent bedside manner with our daughter as well as with me and my husband, she seems up on her research and thoughtful about applying it to our particular circumstances, helpful with parenting conundrums without being dogmatic, and responsive with emails/calls when needed. My husband and I feel great about having her care for our daughter.

We were also at UCSF before moving to the east bay (actually stayed there for some time after #2 was born) but due to high turn over of physicians and the long haul over the bridge for appointments we made the leap to East Bay Pediatrics and couldn't be happier. They have 2 locations Berkeley and Orinda and the physicians and staff are wonderful! We see Dr. Abbott who is caring, kind, charismatic and old school (in a really good way). They have an after hours clinic where both my kids have received excellent care. Overall we have been VERY happy with the switch.

I had Hill Physicians insurance group and was able to change from Hill Physicians SF to Hill Physicians East Bay with no trouble.

Go to Berkeley Pediatrics and ask for AnneMary Franks as your doctor. She's great.

Dr. Grace So at berk peds is wonderful. It's a rare thing to find an office so welcoming. All the docs there care deeply about the kids and the office staff is really great too. Highly recommended.

We have a 21-month old at Berkeley Pediatrics, and we've been very happy both with the regular checkups and with their responsiveness for sick appointments.  We mostly see Dr. Learned, who is one of their newer doctors, but we also saw one of the other doctors when my son was sick and we were equally satisfied.

We love Karin Sciffman. She's in solo practice. She's great and the office staff are too. 

I can't say enough good things about Private Pediatrics, Dr. Nadoolman.   He has a solo practice in Berkeley.   He is loving, compassionate and a great doctor.  We have been patients of his for 15 years.  I don't know any doctor that will see you anytime of the day or night, make a house call when needed, see you on a holiday.  He is the best. 

I will second the vote for Dr. Schiffman.

She is fantastic.  She's responsive, super knowledgeable and relaxed (not time pressured) all at the same time.

She is also in Elmwood, so convenient.