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We use Dr. Karin Schiffman for our pediatrician and Dr. Vivian Lopez for our dentist. Love them both. They both have great rapport with the kids, and are easy to talk to and very knowledgable.

RE: Seeking a female pediatrician ()

I've loved Dr. Karin Schiffman. She's the pediatrician for our 7 year old and will be for another, to be welcomed in Nov. Highly recommended, She's personable, takes time with the kids, and thoroughly explains things to parents.

We love Karin Schiffman. She's in solo practice. Her office is vey well run. I've never had issues with billing or had to wait more than a few minutes for an appointment. She gives you her cell phone for after hours. She responds to email quickly. She's very evidence based in her practice and takes her time with you. For a newborn your appointments could be 30 minutes or longer if you have questions. I love the solo practice aspect, but it does mean that if you have an emergency after hours you would need to use Urgent Care. I have three kids and we've only had to do that twice. 

Assuming you don't have Kaiser, we love Karin Schiffman. She is in private practice. Very evidence based practice. Never had to wait more than a few minutes for an appointment. Appointments don't feel rushed (she'll often spend 30 mins with you). Gives you her cell phone number for after hours calls. Since she is in solo practice we have had to use Urgent Care a few times on the weekend, but we are okay with that. 

We've been using Karin Schiffman for our almost 1-year-old daughter from the very beginning. She's very caring and takes the time to follow up by phone on more serious issues. Compared to Sutter, having a one-person practice is so rare and special these days. 

We really like our doctor Karin Schiffman. She is in solo practice. Very evidence based advice. I've never had to wait to an appointment. You can call her at night and weekends with issues. 

I will second the vote for Dr. Schiffman.

She is fantastic.  She's responsive, super knowledgeable and relaxed (not time pressured) all at the same time.

She is also in Elmwood, so convenient.

We love Karin Sciffman. She's in solo practice. She's great and the office staff are too. 

RE: Pediatrician in Berkeley ()

We love Dr. Karin Schiffman.  She is a solo practitioner and really knows our family.  My kids love her.  She answers all after hours calls herself, which I appreciate so much.

RE: Pediatrician in Berkeley ()

We love our pediatrician Karin Schiffman. She is in a solo practice, which we really like. I never feel rushed in my appointments, there is never a long wait, she responds quickly to emails via their online system and phone calls, the front staff is great and I've never had issues with billing. 

We love love love our pediatrician -- Dr. Karin Schiffman. She's in private practice in South Berkeley and I believe she's accepting new patients.

We love Karin Shiffman. She has a solo practice, located near Alta Bates. 

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Editor Note (2008): Karin Schiffman was previously with Alameda Pediatrics and past reviews can be found on that page.

April 2015

RE: Pediatrician that takes Cigna insurance?

I would highly recommend Dr. Karin Schiffman in Berkeley, behind Alta Bates. She is accepting new patients and takes Cigna. She has a solo practice, so you aren't shuffled among various doctors in a practice, especially helpful in my opinion for kids with a chronic medical condition. I can't speak to her experience with ADHD, but she's the type of person who wouldn't hesitate to tell you if she didn't think she was the right fit for your son. Good luck!

Looking for a pediatrician near Alta Bates

Sept 2014

We are new in the area and have a three-month old daughter. We live a few blocks from Alta Bates and are looking for a good pediatrician in walking distance. Many thanks for any recommendations about who to seek out.

Dr. Karin Schiffman is very close to you and fantastic. She's a solo practitioner, so she really gets to know her families as well as being extremely knowledgable. Anon

Feb 2014 

RE: In search of Alta Bates pediatrician

I am honestly beyond thrilled with my child's pediatrician, Dr. Karin Schiffman. She meets your needs of being of Alta Bates/Health Net. She is patient, kind, deeply caring, and a lovely mix both knowledgeable & wise. When I was pregnant and meeting with pediatricians to find the right fit, she spent an hour with me, getting to know me and answering tons of questions. Our appointments are un-rushed as she takes the time to thoroughly answer all of my questions. The one time there was a small health concern she gave me options to chose from for treatment. She is supportive of you as a parent and not judgmental about your choices. I feel she truly cares about my child as much as I do. She is very easy to contact, the waiting room is never crowded, my appointments are always punctual and her office staff is warm and responsive. The one time I called with a health concern about my newborn, she returned the call with 10 minutes. Note: Right now the office is on Milvia but will be moving in March of 2014 to Regent Street offices behind Alta Bates. Tonya

Nov 2013

RE: looking for a new pediatrician

My husband and I love Dr. Karen Schiffman. I can't recommend her highly enough. She's the type of doctor who gives facts, does extensive research and supports parents in what they choose for their child. I can't believe how much time she spends with us during office visits - we're talking 20-30 minutes. She answers all my questions (even things about schooling, types of daycare, parenting styles etc), is genuinely happy and excited to see us, remembers things about our family and calls back the same day. She's been a blessing, we've never had such exceptional care. If only she could be my doctor... Lara M

Oct 2012

Re: Pediatrician who is smart and available
A few years ago, we left a very popular multi-doctor practice because the whole process was impersonal; different departments in different cities, nobody coordinating with each other, etc. We switched to Dr. Karen Schiffman in Berkeley. She is a one-doctor office, with everything (including billing) happening in her office. We have never had an issue with same-day appointments or billing. Dr. Schiffman is always available to talk to us after hours, too. In fact, I once called her at night for a very obvious and common childhood problem, and she called in a prescription to our pharmacist without making us wait for an office visit in the morning. She is very knowledgeable and wonderful with the kids and parents. The only thing she does not have is the separate waiting room for sick kids, but she doesn't need it because there is almost always a room ready for you to wait in. Her phone # is 510-845-0300. dawn

July 2010

Re: Looking for a hassle free pediatrician's office
Worth Driving For: We really like Dr. Karin Schiffman with a private practice at Alta Bates in South Berkeley. FRIENDLY office staff--doctor very personable and exceptionally competent. I just searched for some reviews online, and here's the link: http://www.yelp.com/biz/karin-schiffman-md-berkeley All the Best, Thankful

Feb 2010

Hi , Can parents who use Dr. Shiffmann as your pediatrician share their experience? I would like to hear how supportive/helpful she is with regards to breastfeeding, co-sleeping and delayed vaccine schedules. Have you found her available when you needed her? Has she handled your medical issues well? Has anything ever gotten lost in the shuffle? Thanks baby coming soon

We love Dr. Schiffman.

First off, she is an extremely dedicated and capable doctor. She's up on all the research, really listens/notices, asks the right questions, and explains options very clearly.

Also, her practice is extremely well-run. Her office is immaculate, and we have never waited even five minutes for an appointment. We've had about 3 things come up where we needed to call her off-hours, and again, she called back within five minutes (they were all fine). We always see her, never a nurse. And she always seems to have the time to spend with you and your baby.

Our daughter was born breech and had a hip dysplasia. Dr. Schiffman diagnosed it right away, which was fabulous, since it's one of those issues where early intervention is the key.

I think we went with her after reading Berkeley Parents listings and have been very, very pleased. Chris

Dr Schiffman is wonderful. Extremely personable. Takes time to get to know you and your kids. Her appts last about 30 mins as opposed to about 10 with my previous pediatrician and she took even longer when my baby was a new born. Her style is more conservative that mine - I don't think she would encourage co-sleeping or skipping vaccinations but I was very up front with her about what I do and I told her straight up that she was more conservative than me and she was respectful of any decisions I made.(we coslept for a few months and did vacinations but delayed them). I am willing to put up with her more conservative style because I think her level of care is way more of an upside than that is a downside.

Very organized office, great staff - I think she is in a league of her own with the service she provides. very happy customer

Choosing Dr. Karin Schiffman as our pediatrician is one of the best decisions we ever made. She is an intelligent caring doctor who listens carefully to all of our questions and gives us thoughtful, complete answers. We never feel rushed at appointments and we are always amazed at how much time she spends with us. She diagnosed a very rare medical condition in our two month old baby and she has been extremely supportive and helpful. She has helped us get appointments to see specialists when we were told that no appointments were available. We had some concerns about going with a solo practitioner in terms of off hours coverage, especially as a pediatrician, but this has never caused any difficulty getting the care and information we have needed. We can't recommend her enough, if only more doctors still practiced this way.

Love Dr. Schiffman.

Interviewed 3 pediatricians, before selecting her. She was the most thorough. as one little example, she explained *why* the medical community is shifting to infant Hep B vaccines, as opposed to just saying that she would support an alternative schedule. Great facts, research, knowledge on all kinds of topics. And she give you the time to pass that information along. (saves me time. I trust her and she tells me where to look if I want more info, she's open to sharing both sides.)

We selected her before we realized this. as a highly analytical engineer / business woman, her Stanford & UCSF pedigree (& connections at Oakland Children's Hospital) gives me that extra bit of comfort that she's thorough, detail oriented, & can find outside resources if she needs them. a Schiffman fan

My son, thank goodness, has not been sick too often to justify frequent vists but I'm not crazy about Dr. Shiffman. We use a lot alternative modalities and nutrition to stay well. Maybe its because my son does not seem too thrilled with her or chemistry but something is off. On the plus side her office is clean, no long waits, and referrals have been quick. Just writing this I ask myself what more can I ask for but I feel repore is important. We have delayed some vaccinations and I did not appreciate her initial attitude so that was that. I hope this helps. Still considering a move

Sept 2009

Re: billing problems at another practice
Dr. Schiffman has a one-doctor show, although she retuens calls on weekends and always follows up with us about test results. She has her own opinions about vaccines, but she lets the parents make the decision. We are also on a delayed schedule, and she has no problem with that. We have never had a billing problem with her office, but if we did, I have the feeling that it would be taken care of right away, just like everything else in her practice. She is great with my daughter, too! Good luck. dawn

April 2009

Re: Pediatrician for 14 and 18 year old daughters

Both of my teen daughters, aged 16 and 19, go to pediatrician Dr. Karin Schiffman in Berkeley on Milvia. They appreciate her very warm,respectful and informative manner. Her office number is 510-854- 0300. karen

Karin Schiffman, 2500 Milvia St, Ste. 102, 845-0300. Fabulous. Love her. I've posted multiple times recommending her--I can't recommend her enough. She just helped us through an extremely scary health issue (requiring a hospital stay) for my 10 year old. She was responsive, thorough, and understanding through it all. My daughters (10 and 13) think she's the best. I agree wholeheartedly. Holly

Dec 2008

Re: Doctor for nine-year-old girl
My daughters, 13 and 9, LOVE Dr. Karin Schiffman. She is fabulous! For at least the last few years, she has spent part of my older daughter's appointment times meeting with her alone. They have talked about puberty--both the physical and the emotional changes. Peer pressure, depression, boyfriends--all are subjects that Dr. Schiffman has brought up and discussed with my daughter in private. Amazing. Dr. Schiffman is extremely responsive. She always returns emails and phone calls promptly. Monica, in the front office, is friendly and so efficient. Dr. Schiffman is in Berkeley, 845-0300. Call her, meet her and see for yourself. She is the best! Holly

Jan 2008

Re: looking for a new pediatrician
My girls have a fantastic pediatrician in Berkeley. Her name is Karin Schiffman 2500 Milvia 845-0300

October 2007

I am wondering if anyone has had Dr. Robin Meezan or Dr. Karin Schiffman as a pediatrician. Dr. Meezan is new to the Pediatric Medical Group on Woolsey in Berkeley (she's been there about a year). Dr. Schiffman has been written about in the archives BUT there is a big change in her practice - she's gone into private practice and moved to Berkeley, so I'm wondering if anyone has experience with that. I am torn between having a kind of old world experience with one doctor...but am wondering if it's wiser and more practical to go with a group of doctors, as is the case with Dr. Meezan. Plus, I'd like to know if anyone has feedback on Dr. Meezan in general. She seems youthful and kind, ... but this is my first child and I would like to be reassured that people have trusted their children with her, medically! Thanks! --Didn't even know you had to ''interview'' pediatricians

After interviewing a large number of pediatricians, we selected Dr. Karin Schiffman for our twin girls (born March 2007). We have been extraordinarily pleased with our decision. We wanted someone who would give us all the information we ask for, and the information that we didn't know to ask for( being new parents and all), and who would then respect our choices for our girls. Dr. Schiffman does that about medical issues and about general developmental issues. I also wanted to have a pediatrician for the girls that they could develop a real relationship with (like when we were kids) so that they'd be comfortable talking to her, getting advice from her, etc. Dr. Schiffman is that kind of a doctor. When you make an appointment, you get Dr. Schiffman, not whichever doctor is on call that day. She opened her own practice in Berkeley about a year ago, and provides fantastic care. We never have to wait when we get there (she respects our time) and her office staff is wonderful, too. I was also hung up on what happens off-hours...I didn't want to have a pediatrician who we'd have to go through a nurse-service gauntlet to talk to if we really were concerned about something. Dr. Schiffman responds to her own afterhours calls. She has made time to see one of my girls on a weekend and on an evening. Perhaps as important, when we were at Alta Bates for the girls' birth, and then a week or so later when one of them had to go to Children's, she was completely on top of the situation. She helped manage the hospital care, and really made sure that we knew all of the issues and options we had to work with. We got far better care in both places, I am convinced, as a result of her involvement. We could not be happier with Dr. Schiffman. Kara

I love ''Dr. Karin'' (Karin Schiffman). She was my daughter's pediatrician for over a year. We switched from a family practice in Alameda to her practice after I ''interviewed'' her. I talked to her for over an hour during this process; she encouraged it and was very generous with her time. I met another Alameda doc that I also liked a lot, but my daughter instantly clicked with Karin. By age 2, she had become frightened by going to the doctor, but immediately trusted Dr. Karin - I really appreciated her kind and caring manner and her way with kids (as well as with parents)! She cares about getting to know the kids and doesn't treat anyone as another patient (or worse, a ''number'') she is interested in having a relationship with the kids so they don't feel intimidated. I don't know what the structure of her new practice is, but I wish she would've stayed in Alameda. I have 2 kids now, and I want a local doc, otherwise, I'd have followed her!! Alameda mom of 2 kids

My daughters LOVE Karin Schiffman. I do, too. We met her at Alameda Pediatrics and followed her to her private practice in Berkeley. We live in Alameda, so it would have been easier to choose another pediatrician in Alameda, but we decided that it was more important to continue to receive her great care rather than just go with what was convenient. She is wonderful--caring and knowledgeable. She relates really well to my daughters--talking directly to them and explaining medical ''stuff'' to them in ways they can understand. I recently scheduled annual physical exams for them, and she scheduled and spent one hour appointments for each. Amazing and thorough! Monica, her office manager, is efficient and friendly. Yet another aspect of her office that I love (though I haven't used it yet) is that Dr. Schiffman doesn't use an answering service. She has a voice mail system that gives you the option to page her directly if you have an urgent matter, and she'll return your call--herself. I recommend her whole-heartedly. If you have any questions about how her office operates, I would suggest you call her office and ask. Feel free to call me if you have any questions. She's so wonderful--I only wish I could find a doctor just like her for myself... Holly

[Editor] Reviews were also received for Robin Meezan

May 2007

Re: Primary care physician referrals
We have recently discovered a fantastic new pediatrician for infants and adolescents. She has a warm and welcoming manner and is incredibly thoughtful and thorough. My daughters ages 14 and 17 highly recommend Dr. Karin Schiffman 2500 Milvia Berkeley 845-0300. Karen S.

Feb 2007

In search of a Pediatrician w/a holistic approach
My daughter will be coming into this world next month (yay!) and we are looking for a pediatrician in the Berkeley/ East Bay area who uses a human/ holistic approach. We are delivering with midwives and have found their care to be in this genre. Her daddy and I are very much for traditional medicine, but we are looking for a great doctor who considers the emotional aspects of our bodies, has a great bedside manner, will take time to ask questions and do a thorough visit, and is not to narrow minded to consider how other types of medical practices (like Eastern medicine) might evaluate the situation. Of course, at the base, we want a competent and careful doctor. Are all of these too much to ask? If you have a rec., would you also speak to appointment availability, parking, or any other issues I might not have thought of? Thank you!! snapmama

Dr Karin Schiffman 510-845-0400 in Berkeley. She really takes her time with people, she seems to be always available and parking is easy. Also she referred out to John Nieters, Licensed Acupuncturist. as an alternative to drugs for food allergies and asthma related chronic issues. When my son fell and cracked his head, we had an ambulance ride to Children's Hospital she met us there in ER. Jen

Our beloved pediatrician has recently started her own practice so she can provide exactly the type of service you are asking about. Her name is Karin Schiffman. I am including below a posting she recently sent to BPN to let people know about her new practice:

I'd like to welcome you all to my new pediatrics office! My name is Karin Schiffman, and I'm a primary care pediatrician who has been practicing in the east bay for many years. As many of you know, I finally decided to open my own practice so that I can provide the type of personalized care that I think people like best. My philosophy is that you deserve to have a pediatrician who understands what is important to you and can help you sort through the most current medical information in a nurturing environment. Some families prefer a ''just the facts, ma'am'' approach, and others prefer more guidance and emotional discussion; my goal is to work within your values to help you make the best decisions about your child's health, development, and emotional well being.

I graduated from UCSF School of Medicine with honors in 1994 and completed my residency in pediatrics at UCSF in 1997. After two years of additional training in children's cancer and blood diseases at Stanford, I realized that I really wanted to focus my career in primary care. I have been in a group practice for most of the last seven years, but I frequently felt limited in my ability to tailor my practice to the needs of the families I served. I have spent the past year planning to create an environment where children and families come first, where expert medical guidance is easily accessible, and where you can consider your family to have a medical home. I have also continued to work and teach in the emergency department at Oakland Children's Hospital. Although my training is in western medicine, I am always delighted to coordinate care with other complementary types of medicine.

If you would like to make an appointment to meet with me and tour the new office (with no charge for the visit), please call my office at 510-845-0300.

I look forward to seeing you in Berkeley! Karin Schiffman, MD (510) 845-0300


Feb 2007

Re: Looking for a Wise and Supportive Pediatrician
There is a great Pediatrician in Berkeley. She has been our Dr. since our first Daughter was born. She just opened her own practice in Berkeley. She has been a rock and shelter when we have needed her. Our second daughter was born needing special care and Dr Karin Shiffman has been at our side (literally) making sure we get the best care that is possible. She is what a doctor should be, loving and attentive and extremely knowledgeable and caring. She loves her patients as if they were her own. She always has the time for you and never ever makes you feel like even your silliest question is unimportant. Dr Karin Schiffman 510-845-0400