New Pediatrician in the East Bay

Hello, We just moved to Albany and need to find a pediatrician ASAP for our 4 kids (7, 5, 3, 4 months). The youngest needs shots in a week for her 4 month appointment and I don't want to mess with her shot schedule. Any recommendations for a good family pediatrician in Albany/ Berkeley/ El Cerrito? Thanks in advance!

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We love Karin Shiffman. She has a solo practice, located near Alta Bates. 

We love love love our pediatrician -- Dr. Karin Schiffman. She's in private practice in South Berkeley and I believe she's accepting new patients.

We have been seeing Dr. Petra Landman since 2004. My kids, now 15 and 17, still go to her and Dr. Landman has been perfect at adjusting and meeting them "where they are" developmentally since they started at 3 and 5. Both kids, boy and a girl, are comfortable. She gives us all the information we need and in a clear fashion. Her office, with Sutter East Bay is on Milvia, just south of Dwight. She asks about diet and health habits, school, developmentally appropriate questions about friends, school, and now - drugs and sexuality. We have a good experiece throughout their childhood. 

We love Berkeley pediatrics