Pediatrician close to Rockridge


My wife and I are expecting our first kids (twins) in the next few months and were wondering if anyone had a pediatrician they recommend? We live in rockridge so ideally one close to that neighborhood.


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We love Dr. Katya Gerwein at Bayside Medical, but we've also been very happy with Drs. Linn, Boal, Brinkley, and Perlman whenever we haven't been able to get in to see Dr. Gerwein. Their practice used to be a bit frustrating, but they've actually really impressed us lately with communications and ease of reaching them.

Assuming you don't have Kaiser, we love Karin Schiffman. She is in private practice. Very evidence based practice. Never had to wait more than a few minutes for an appointment. Appointments don't feel rushed (she'll often spend 30 mins with you). Gives you her cell phone number for after hours calls. Since she is in solo practice we have had to use Urgent Care a few times on the weekend, but we are okay with that. 

Lisa Kalar at Berkeley Pediatrics is fantastic. We’ve been nothing but thrilled with her care, and the practice is pretty good in general too.