Seeking excellent female pediatrician in Berkeley/Oakland

Hello, I am seeking an excellent female pediatrician for my newborn in Berkeley or Oakland who takes Blue Shield PPO.

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You should always call to make sure your specific plan is accepted, but we see Juliana Damon at East Bay Pediatrics  (offices in Berkeley and Orinda) and she is FABULOUS.

We have Blue Shield PPO and use Dr. Lisa Kalar at Berkeley Pediatrics. We absolutely love her and would highly recommend her, as well as the practice. 

We love Karin Schiffman. She's in solo practice. Her office is vey well run. I've never had issues with billing or had to wait more than a few minutes for an appointment. She gives you her cell phone for after hours. She responds to email quickly. She's very evidence based in her practice and takes her time with you. For a newborn your appointments could be 30 minutes or longer if you have questions. I love the solo practice aspect, but it does mean that if you have an emergency after hours you would need to use Urgent Care. I have three kids and we've only had to do that twice. 

Dr. Katya Gerwein at Bayside Medical Group: she identified my son's physiologic heart murmur at week 1 or 2 and heard it whenever she examined him (she sent us to a ped cardiologist, who diagnosed the heart murmur), but few other pediatricians we've seen (we moved briefly across country) recognized it during basic exams.
We also had positive experiences with other docs there, Dr. Boal, Dr. Brinkley, Dr. Perlman and (not a female, but I really liked him) Dr. Linn.

their practice administration used to have some issues, but they've really improved immensely!

I’ve been taking my son to Stanford Children’s on telegraph. We go to Dr. Brinkley, but I know all the other doctor’s are just as friendly. They also have an off hours number to call in case of an emergency, and will also squeeze you in for an appointment if you’re worried about something.

I couldn’t recommend One medical enough. They have been my general practicioner, prenatal care, and now pediatrician. AMAZING! Offices in Oakland and Berkeley. 

We love Kiwi Pediatrics. They keep up-to-date on best practices, can get us in when we need to be seen (including after hours for urgent issues), and have had us send pictures of rashes, etc. when we are traveling to let us know if we need to take the kids to a local doctor or if it can wait until we get back.

We love Dr. Petra Landman at Alta Bates. Very respectful, takes time for any questions / concerns, sweet with kids. We also have Blue Shield PPO.

Dr. Charles-Mo has been my daughters' pediatrician since they were newborns. We have weathered vaccines, sprains, new vaccine studies, flu, strep throat, acne, etc. throughout the  20 years with her. I trust her implicitly. We have Blue Cross now and had Healthnet in the past.

My daughters are now in college and do not want to see anyone else. She said she can keep seeing them until 28 I believe.

Berkeley Pediatrics Medical Group (BPMG) near Virginia near Shattuck.  We love Dr. Franks but everyone we have seen there is good.  They have a website so you can see the doctors profiles.