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1801 Shattuck Ave Suite A Berkeley, CA 94709

Family Medicine MDs (Nov 2020):  Wendy Buffett, Emily Caro-Bruce

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    Has anyone used One Medical group in Oakland or Berkeley? Especially for infant/child health? We have a baby on the way and are looking for a family practice clinic where both mom and baby can be seen. 

    Hi there, 

    I wanted to share our recent experience with One Medical Group in Berkeley, in case you're considering them for primary care, infant or child health. I have two children of my own so I know how important it is to find a doctor you can trust.

    This past week, my husband had stomach upset for a couple of weeks, and finally decided to go the doctor after peeing blood for a couple of days. He went to One Medical because we have new insurance, we didn't have a primary care physician yet, and their office is near our house. The doctor asked him some questions, got a blood and urine sample, and sent him on his way. They said they'd be in touch in 7-10 days. My husband asked them if there was anything more they could do to help him, given his acute condition, and they said no, that they would be in touch with the test results to discuss next steps. After 2 more days went by, and no response from One Medical despite a few phone calls, he finally went to Urgent Care. Within 30 min. they gave him an IV and told him he had an infection, and then sent him to the ER for more tests. They diagnosed him with a severe case of kidney stones. Thank god he is getting the care he needs now. He has since called One Medical and is getting a full refund. 

    Please keep this in mind when deciding which medical practice is the best fit for your family. 

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Our whole family has used One Medical for years, and my three-year-old has had pediatricians there his whole life. They do a great job with virtual care and I’ve been really happy with the pediatricians as well.

I've been really happy with One Medical.  I've seen various doctors there.  It's really efficiently run and they take their time with each patient.  They have offices in Berkeley and Oakland - you can pick a primary care doc at the most convenient one and then if needed make appointments elsewhere too like if you need same day.  They're very responsive by phone and email too.  Good luck!

One Medical has a family practice office in Oakland. Meets your criteria!

This is why we like being a part of One Medical. My husband works in SF, I work in Marin, and we live in the East Bay. My primary doctor is in Marin by my office but if I'm sick at home and need to see someone, I can go to their Berkeley or Oakland location. My husband can do the same. It's really great! 

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+1 for the Oakland One Medical office!  We've seen Emily Caro-Bruce, Sarit Silver, and Kate Murray at that location, and all have been sweet and knowledgable.  Very reassuring for us as first-time parents!

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+1 for Emily Caro-Bruce at One Medical in Oakland. She is amazing with my one year old and so responsive to email/texts. We feel so fortunate to have her as my son's doctor.

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Hi there! We LOVE Emily Caro-Bruce, MD at One Medical on Grand Ave. The scheduling is SUPER easy, every appointment is on time and the lab work is always a breeze. 

Best of luck!!

I couldn’t recommend One medical enough. They have been my general practicioner, prenatal care, and now pediatrician. AMAZING! Offices in Oakland and Berkeley. 

You should look into One Medical Group. They have a primary care office in Berkeley and family practice in Oakland. Easy access, and providers are all very personable and kind.