Seeking new PCP "UC Care" preferred provider in Berkeley area

My insurance is changing.  I need a new primary care doc.

I have a number of minor medical issues that need oversight.  I see specialists but it really helps when the primary doc understands all the variables.  Because of these conditions I am someone who does responsible research on my conditions so I want someone who is not put off by my googling my health conditions.  I'm over age 50 and dealing with all the medical joys that brings.  I'm not into alternative medicine, but I love the way alternative medicine doctors listen and imagine possibilities.  If I could have that in a standard western doc that would be amazing.  Berkeley area.  Thanks so much in advance!

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It took me a long time to find a PCP I liked, I I finally found Avis Logan, MD with John Muir Health in Berkeley. I, too, am over 50.

I love my PCP and I think she is as you describe. I am also 50 and have a few minor medical issues. I don't know if she's in the UC Care network, nor do I know if she is accepting new patients. Dr. Emily Caro-Bruce at One Medical in Berkeley.