John Muir Berkeley Center

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3100 San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94702

Family Practice Physicians (Nov 2020): Audrey D'Andrea, Andria Johnson, Avis Logan, Kathryn Malone, Elsa Tsutaoka, Francine Yep, Caroline Schreiber

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  • John Muir Healthcare

    Aug 5, 2021

    Good evening everyone,

    My family and I will be enrolling in John Muir HMO and we wanted to know what doctors you recommend there for primary care doctor and pediatrician. Thank you! 

    Both my sons see Dr. Dovichi as their pediatrician. We highly recommend her.  

  • Anyone familiar with these two newish medical care centers in the Berkeley/Emeryville area? After being a Kaiser member for years, I needed to switch, and joined One Medical because I was looking for integrated care. I was disappointed with the difficulty of getting appointments at One Medical, with the hassle of going to lots of different places for x-rays, specialists, etc., and when my 2nd PCP in two years left the practice, I decided to switch. I have Medicare, so I can go pretty much anywhere, and I’m interested in hearing people’s experiences with either of these facilities. How hard is it to get appointments? Are you able to get referrals easily? Is it easy to go from a PCP appointment to get labs or x-rays? How have you felt about the facility as a whole? Do you have a doctor you love and would recommend?


    My primary care physician is now at UCSF/John Muir in Berkeley (office building at 3100 San Pablo Avenue).  I just checked, and she is not accepting new patients.  She's terrific, which is why it's always difficult to get an appointment with her for something urgent (this was also true at her previous practice, from which I followed her to UCSF/JM).  However, there is an Urgent Care facility on the same floor as my doctor's office, and I have always been able to get an appointment to see someone the same or the next day.  In fact I was there yesterday (day after Christmas) with a bad cough.  The doc I saw diagnosed bronchitis, but because I have a history of cancer, he also ordered a chest x-ray to rule out anything besides bronchitis, which gave me peace of mind.  

    My husband has Stanford in Emeryville. Mostly it’s been ok but for certain specialists we’ve had to go to Palo Alto, or to negotiate with them for someone in the area. Also his PCP is good but the practice is not well coordinated and another doctor we saw in Emeryville when she wasn’t available seemed pretty clueless. 

    I wonder if "Stanford" in Emeryville is really affiliated with the real Stanford in Palo Alto other than their accounting/billing system.  I know of an independent medical group in Oakland that is now renamed Stanford, yet all the doctors are the same as before for many years.  Check their credentials and see if any of them attended Stanford or is in anyway affiliated with Stanford in their actual medical practice.

    I think in recent years, Stanford bought out a lot of independent medical groups around the bay area, and thus changed their names.

    I don't know if it is the same with UCSF.

  • John Muir Berkeley

    Nov 2, 2018

    We are switching primary care docs and are considering John Muir Berkeley outpatient clinic. Anyone have experience with this practice? We are looking for a family medicine provider for me, my husband, teen and toddler. I’d also like to hear about experiences with making urgent care appointments and communications with front desk and phone staff. Thanks!

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In the John Muir Medical system outpost on San Pablo just north of Alcatraz I can recommend both Talia Gracer MD and Sebastian Groot MD.

I have Anthem/John Muir HMO and use Berkeley Outpatient. My kid sees an endocrinologist through Children's/UCSF and is in the John Muir group. so no guarantee but John Muir might also contract with the doctors you want to use. I'm so sorry for this headache. Isn't our medical system ridiculous???


I really like Sarah White NP at John Muir medical on San Pablo Ave in Berkeley.  She specializes in women's health, is an excellent listener, and has been willing to try off-label meds that I introduce to her.  I don't know if they take MediCal.  510-985-5020

I use John Muir for my PCP, and they have same day appointments for urgent issues (not sure about after hours though). And Milvia obgyn, which is sutter affiliated for my OB. They are busy but I’ve never had to book that far out. 

It took me a long time to find a PCP I liked, I I finally found Avis Logan, MD with John Muir Health in Berkeley. I, too, am over 50.

Primary Care Doctor (Mar 22, 2021)


I had to switch my primary care physician last year and chose Dr. Andria Johnson with John Muir Health.  Her office is located in the John Muir Health/UCSF Health Berkeley Outpatient Center. I found her very thorough and personable.  The office is modern and the office procedures are very up to date (email notifications, patient online portal for test results and appointment scheduling.

Best of luck in your search

Hi there!  We see Dr. Andria Johnson (Family Practice) and Dr. Jianyu Xu (Endocrinology), at John Muir Health in Berkeley. We also have Cigna PPO.  They're both caring, kind and knowledgeable physicians. Highly recommended!

The John Muir/UCSF Berkeley outpatient center at 3100 San Pablo has Primary care and specialty care along with urgent care and imaging all in one building.

I've been happy with my care there so far.

Hi, there. We are a UC family who has had Healthnet Blue & Gold for quite a while. We previously had Brown & Toland Medical Group because that's who our Doctor and her practice belonged to. But when the practice was sold, she moved to a new group, and we followed her there. We adore Dr. Audrey D'Andrea; she is now with Canopy Health/John Muir Network; they are on San Pablo just south of Ashby. This is super convenient for us; we can walk there, there's a parking garage with validated parking. There's a lab in the building. There's an urgent care facility in the building. Fantastic! Overall much more convenient for us than the old location in Oakland. A few things are less convenient: I now to go to Orinda for my mammogram, instead of to the lovely facility in Oakland. When my husband needed hand surgery, he had to have it in San Francisco. But overall, we are very happy, and we would follow Dr. D'Andrea pretty much anywhere!

My daughter has been seeing Dr. Andria Johnson at John Muir (3100 san pablo) in Berkeley since she was born (5 years old now) and we love her! She’s also a family doctor so my wife and I see her as well.

I recommend Dr. Francine Yep and her group in Berkeley on San Pablo Ave. Nice new offices, easy parking, everything under one roof, and a good experience with all staff involved in my care. Others have had similar positive experiences. Highly recommend!

Francine Yep, at Sutter Oakland (pill hill). I was referred to her by someone who has chosen not to give some vaccines to her child. Dr. Yep (who goes by Frannie) is a family physician, so I see her too. I struggle with chronic inflammation and gut issues. Since I had already tried her first-line approach (diet), she gave me a referral to a functional medicine doctor in Berkeley. Insurance doesn't pay for that, but I mention it because this shows that she is not locked into a narrow medical model. I think she received some training in traditional Chinese medicine, though I may be misremembering.

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Nov 2007

Re: Looking 4 General Practitioner-Berk Oak
Kathryn Malone, MD, youngish African-American family practitioner (mostly adult medicine) in Oakland on ''Pill Hill''
Happy Patient