Great primary care doc in El Cerrito/Berkeley?

Looking for recommendations on a great primary care doc for my parents who live in El Cerrito. They have PPO. Any recommendations in El Cerrito or Berkeley are so appreciated!! Thanks!

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I like the office of Dr. Andrew Wallach near Albany Bowl. I usually saw the nurses rather than the dr because it was faster to get an appointment.

I recommend Dr. Francine Yep and her group in Berkeley on San Pablo Ave. Nice new offices, easy parking, everything under one roof, and a good experience with all staff involved in my care. Others have had similar positive experiences. Highly recommend!

I've been really happy with One Medical.  I've seen various doctors there.  It's really efficiently run and they take their time with each patient.  They have offices in Berkeley and Oakland - you can pick a primary care doc at the most convenient one and then if needed make appointments elsewhere too like if you need same day.  They're very responsive by phone and email too.  Good luck!